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Cliff's RoboRally Boards
Here are four of my favorite home-made RoboRally boards. Each board was designed to be a stand-alone board for a complete race, but that doesn't stop you from combining them with other boards. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger view of the board, which you can print out from your browser. If you have trouble printing from your browser, try downloading the file and printing it from a graphics program. I used Norbert's RoboRally Board Editor to create these boards. There's a link to his page below; I highly recommend it. If you already have Norbert's editor, you can download my boards in his format (*.rrb) so you can tweak them any way you want.

Prepare for a dizzying race around and around (and around and around) the figure 8.

Click here to download the Figure Eight board in *.rrb format

If you can make it into the narrow corridor with the express conveyor belts, you can save some time; but the other route will take you to the same place.

Click here to download the Choose Wisely board in *.rrb format

Tight positioning for advanced play; loaded with opportunities to pick up options.

Click here to download the Tough Maze board in *.rrb format

Jump the conveyor belt hurdles and race to the finish.

Click here to download the Hurdle Race board in *.rrb format

Note on my variation of play: I usually dispense with virtual robots. The robots start on adjacent squares; the player who picks a higher random card from the deck gets to pick which of the adjacent squares to start on. If you play with more than two robots, just use more starting squares. You can run a marathon without everyone starting at exactly the same place, why not RoboRally? You may also notice that my boards only use a few kinds of board elements (primarily walls and conveyors). That's simply my preference, although there are plenty of very interesting board elements available, both on the internet and in RoboRally expansion sets.

  • The Official RoboRally Home Page
  • Norbert's RoboRally Board Editor (Check it out, it's excellent!)

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