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Midi Songs of Celtic Caverns

HighFarwellKat.mid Highlander.mid
Now playing......"Farewell to Glenlogie"

Amazing Grace 
Annie Laurie
Auld Lang Syne
Banks o Loch Lomond 
Battle of Harlaw 
The Black Bear 
Black Mary
Blue Bells of Scotland (Nut Brown Maiden)
Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Boar and the Fox 
Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
Bonnie Doon 
Bonnie Dundee 
Braveheart Theme 
Caller Herring
Cock "O the North
Comin' through the Rye
Corn Rigs are Bonnie
Cumberland Reel 
Dark Island
Devil Among the Tailors 
Duncan Davidson
Drunken Piper 
Dumbarton's Drums
Eriskay Love Lilt
Fair Fa' the Minstrel
The Fallen Hero
Fear A' Bhata
Flow Gently Sweet Affton
Flower of Scotland
Flowers of the Forest
Four Marys
Gala Water 
Glasgow Lasses (and more) 
Green Hills of Tyrol
Harvest Home
Hen's March
High Road to Linton 
Highlander series theme
Highland Laddie
Inverness Gathering 
Isle of Skye
Jesse, The Flower of Dunblane 
Jock O' Hazeldean
Lads O' Th' Fair 
Leazie Lindsay
Neil Gow's Lament for Death of His 2nd Wife*
Lord Perrin*
Please, let me know if you want some I don't have or want to add some you have.

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