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Update added July 13, 2007.


Words accepted by many authorities as having biblical authority speak to both sides of the issue. Although there are various forms of the Bible, there remains a unifying thread in each version.

The agreement is also found in governmental law. It is a choice. In other words it is a change. We personally each have a choice. Often this choice is between {good} and {bad}. And often this choice is between {acceptable} and {new & improved}.

The Bible contains a clear statement about creation, that God created man. The Bible contains many clear statements.

There are other worlds, such as heaven, and people can instantly evolve into new creatures and enter heaven.

Jesus Christ walked as a person, and also stood on a mountain and was transfigured.

An egg was transformed and became a baby. A baby became an adult.

When the first and only man known as Jesus Christ was born and breathed his first breath of life provided by the self-same God (or Godhead), he became a new creature; nearly identical with his former state, yet tremendously different.

Once born, Jesus Christ did not act as a conqueror and subdue Mother Mary, but although very different, Jesus Christ was similar to Mary, a human. Physically equal in every way to other humans. Just as Adam was, just as you are.

Christ said, Before Abraham was, I am. Christ could have said, Before Adam, I am.

And before there was an earth, there was God. On the first day God created the heavens and the earth. And as God had separated heavens from earth, likewise separated waters from waters. Step by step God continued a perfect process of choosing and changing. It might be compared to a small rudder controlling the path of a great ship.

God made creatures to rise forth from the primordial ooze. God separated male from female.


God created peaceful sheep. And God created sheep eating lions. God saw that it was very good. What do you see?

God created evolution and God created creation. Do you see that it is good?

A car tire does not contradict the road, and the road does not contradict the car tire. Each is a tool provided by God for us to use to help others for good.

This sermon covered much regarding creation and evolution, yet there is much more to be discussed.

You are invited and requested to write your own sermon for others on the topic of The Rib. You walk with God when you do God's works. Step lively and have a very good time.

Sermon by Bob Benchoff

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Update 7/13/9:

Today God told me to "Tell the truth.", and today Jesus Christ said to me "I love all Christians."

How do I know God said it?, the same way a juror may be presented evidence of a phone call in testifying someone is reasonably who they seem to be.

Truth is of One Source Lord Jesus Christ

Faith in Jesus Christ as of any Christian is a strong indicator. Evidence of things seen is also a strong indicator. The evolutionary trend pertaining to truth is from seen to faith in Jesus the Christ, from seen to higher unseen, from varying degrees of truth evidence to more reliable or most reliable evidence (reference the GodMath Testament for Holy Trend details).

When police track a criminal, the police gain clues teaching the police about that criminal's patterns of behavior, learning about that criminal's behavior and what to expect next predictably from that criminal typically. Similarly concerning patterns, the higher legal pattern, and the Christian Faith Trend toward God and Oneness in Jesus Christ (ibid.) is the evolving spiritually, the transformation of the mind, the transfiguring of the human software spirit, which directly effects the human mind, which therefore directly effects the human brain as the person becomes a new creature permanently (see ICCDBB Sermons on Baptism) in Jesus Christ.

Such faith trend reveals more previously unseen in the world per person. Yet together of Christians, the higher trend advancement realm is of greater than police / criminal predictability, since it is of the Perfect Trend that after the fact can be Witnessed as true.

In hindsight if it came true, then it was not merely predictable, it was also that part of the field of prediction known as prophetic.

To be able to be a Holy Prophet is a trait that can be learned. If there is talent already, then for such people the learning to prophesize may be easier.

To the higher evolved, the more truth is given, that is, the more truth is comprehended. The more highly developed in Christ Jesus has the greater responsibility burden of enlightening more properly, more effectually, more prophetically correct of the future, and with greater certainty increasingly consistently.

To learn to create and evolve is a matter of truthful responsibility, yet that means more properly prioritized faithful love. It is of love greater than any other, previous or to come.

The more evolved faith finds no greater love than Jesus Christ God, therefore none else and nothing else are better equipped to conquer such perfect first love. The creating living growing evolving of such highest love is such, the same, unchanging from the position of the highest love, unchanging from Jesus Christ.

Yet such includes that you are invited to become One Jesus Christ according to the truth in Jesus Christ; it is the great invitation.

The new creature not merely can evolve from below, yet of more important greatest responsibility from above is the responsible granting of highest matters unto the invited chosen, responsibility not found in the less responsible, rather of the more.

Similarly the future is hardly of prediction, rather it is of more austere responsibility, the greater responsible leap of faith. It is not just any leap into the future, it is the highest responsible leaping that yields future awareness now.

As if already past, as if already in hindsight, as if already created and evolved, the past is coming from the front. It is a great glory for the steadfast fellowship of love of Jesus Christ. It is not glory according to less responsible, rather the more advanced properly, of the One Prioritized Comprehensive Standardization, PCS, the most responsible of human wisdom, the love of Jesus Christ with consistent responsibility.

The yet to evolve might turn on it's own. In the most evolved there is no turning. All turn to God, whether of love or by law. Under law is tied to various degrees of responsibility, ranging from the unevolved cast of lots, to the higher agreed methodologies. Yet the higher PCS Methodology is of the GodMath rather than the relative. To be relatively tied to the modestly evolved body is hardly the higher position of only being tied to the risen Lord beyond the body of evolving flesh. Even to grow and even prophecy turns for the Lord.

Is there one growing, is there one prophetic vision?: yes there can be yet the highest is for the love of Jesus Christ, for the loving of Jesus Christ: loving Jesus Christ. In truth and in deed, as the Holy Word is no longer of changing to become One with Jesus Christ, so it is the hardly changing living loving growing perfecting Jesus Christ without measure, without comparison, without anything left to predict, without need of prophecy, without need of other growth support, without need of any created evolved outside support because there is none.

There is the invitation and the love, faithful and true, yet the highest is to love Jesus Christ (reference 1 Corinthians 13.4-8). To grow perfectly includes to invite, hence to grow is to be incomplete save of One Highest Love community, family, even rather One Jesus Christ. To have faith is to grow, save if One already grown in faith and mature. To do many other things is not as great as love: Jesus Christ.

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