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=A9 anomalies-unlimited =

This is a list of known or suspected U.S. Underground Bases, = the=20 purpose of each (hey, I'm just passing on the reports...), how = they're set=20 up and any other info known about them. Although most of these are = supposed to be a secret, this list is culled from publicly = available=20 records (is that good or bad?) and of course people who worked in = them,=20 live by them or those who have retired and offer info. Some wish = to remain=20 anonymous. Some have written to me with stories that have been = terrifying,=20 just to tell me, not meaning for me to put them up. I have a bad = habit of=20 keeping secrets, which is good. The map, which is large, = has been=20 made into a pop-up window so you can minimize it as you read the = list, and=20 not have to flip between pages. Mouse over the pins for the = location.=20

I found some interesting stats in my digging - the Government = (federal=20 and/or federal and state) is the biggest landholder/owner in the = states=20 that the underground bases are purported to be in.
Top 10 = ranked in=20 order of % of state land owned (acres) by federal - states=20 governments:

% = of state=20 acreage federally owned
% = owned by=20 federal and state gov. combined =
1 =
Nevada - 89.2%
Alaska - 96.8%
2 =
Utah - 67.9%
Nevada - 87.8%
3 =
Alaska - 67%
Utah - 75.2%
4 =
Idaho - = 65.2%
Idaho - 70.4%
5 =
Oregon - 55.5%
Oregon - 60.4%
6 =
California - 49.9%
Arizona - = 56.8%
7 =
Wyoming - 49.7%
Wyoming - 56%
8 =
Arizona - 44.3%
California - = 52.1%
9 =
Colorado - 38.9$
New Mexico - = 47.5%
10 =
New Mexico - 36.2%
Colorado -=20 43.3%

Much of the US is honeycombed with naturally occurring caves = and caves=20 systems, sinkholes and abandoned mines, especially in the West - = so it's=20 not all that far-fetched when you think about it. Presented for = your=20 perusal is the whole mess, for your own conclusions. I thank those = who=20 sent info in. All email addresses on file and rabidly protected as = I do=20 everyone's privacy. Any others with info, you're cordially invited = to dish the goods, = too.

U.S. Underground = Military=20 Facilities . . . click for map


1. Brooks = Range,=20 Alaska

2. Delta = Junction,=20 Alaska

2a. Fort = Greeley,=20 Alaska (reported by Peachy)
In the same Delta = Junction=20 area


1. Arizona (Mountains) (not on=20 map)
Function: Genetic work.
Multiple levels

2. Fort Huachuca, Arizona = (also reported detainment = camp)
Function: NSA Facility
Notes: = (I lost the=20 name of who sent me this..let me know..)
"Having spent the = better part=20 of my life there I can assure you of only one thing, it is THE=20 communications command central for the entire US Army (and rumored = to be=20 for the entire US forces) No phone call, two way radio = transmission,=20 satellite transmission, fax, etc., within the Army goes = undocumented and=20 un "cleared" by this facility. It is VERY high on the "first to be = hit in=20 a nuclear war" list, (as supposedly most communications with the = Army are=20 actually routed though there) thus all the missile silos that were = (not=20 really) deactivated around Tucson, some 75 miles to the = NW".

"As=20 for any underground activity, I have no idea, but I do know this, = they=20 also do "radar testing" there. They put "planes" on a tower and = fire a=20 radar at them to "get a reading"(?) from a HUGE (I'd say 10 story) = microwave radar dish. (it was visible from the highway several = miles=20 away). The whole facility sat out in the middle of a several = hundred (or=20 possibly thousands) acre field, oddly devoid of most all naturally = occurring groundcover, bushes and trees for the area except for = wild=20 grass, and even that was very seldom green. HMMMM. My Dad used to = work the=20 crane lifting these "planes" onto the tower, a duty they only = allowed each=20 person to do for a few weeks and then only one or two rotations in = a=20 lifetime - can you say radioactive sickness? By the way, he = recently went=20 though his THIRD fight with cancer in 8 years). He had to have the = highest=20 level clearance ever given to any civilian in his branch of the = civil=20 service. He said many times these "planes" were under tarps, = (which were=20 never lifted while he was present) and didn't have any shape he = recognized=20 as an airplane at all, but when they did put an actual plane up = there,=20 they were usually older and even many times, out of service = models. Now=20 why would they need radar info on those? Can you say = smokescreen?
I was=20 constantly amazed how many times my friends and I would go out = 4-wheeling=20 MILES in the opposite direction of the Fort, and would run into = locked=20 gates with "No Entrance, Govt Property" signs on them! Needless to = say,=20 the Govt owned much of the land around the Sierra Vista/Ft = Huachuca=20 area.
Just thought you'd like to know."

2. Luke Air Force Base

3. Munds = Park,=20 Arizona highway rest = stop=20 (reported by Dumpgoddess. Verified by Sid and also Becky, who says = she was=20 almost arrested asking what the hell they were doing there when = they were=20 building this thing)

Dumpgoddess told me she used to work at a highway rest area = known as=20 Munds Park. One day some military trucks and men pulled in and = pretty much=20 said OK, thanks for working here, we're closing the place, = Buh-bye!" They=20 spent years expanding the site and then left. The rest stop is = still=20 closed to any traffic and the entrance and exit road to it from = the=20 highway have been ripped up. Another person I know in that area = said there=20 are unmarked military trucks and vehicles parked in the back now = and the=20 place "is huge" compared to what it was, and looks quite deserted = in spite=20 of the construction.

"I live 20 miles out of Flagstaff AZ. .There is a rest area 1/2 = mile=20 away. When the government was building this rest area it took = almost 3=20 1/2yrs to complete, and there were tall fences with dark = canvas-like tarps=20 all the way around the area so no one could see what was going on = .There=20 were also big army looking trucks pulling in and out all night, = every=20 night. Everyone in Munds Park could hear them coming and going. = Now the=20 govt. is closing the rest area for good. I'm told the fences will = be put=20 back up. I would bet my life on the fact that there is something = under=20 this rest area. You see I worked at Christensen (name of rest = area) up=20 untill a week ago.

4. Page, Arizona =
Tunnels to: Area=20 51, Nevada Dulce base, New Mexico

5. Sedona, Arizona (also reported = detainment=20 camp) =
Notes:=20 Located under the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. There have = been=20 many reports by people in recent years of "increased military = presence and=20 activity" in the area. A local resident, Deana, told me her and = her=20 husband are thinking of moving because it's gotten so intrusive. = Sedona is=20 felt to be a very spiritual area and was (is) a cultural and holy = area for=20 Native Americans and is stunningly gorgeous.

6. Wikieup, = Arizona
Tunnels to:=20 Area 51

7. Yucca (Mtns.), Arizona =

1: 29 Palms,=20 California
Tunnels to: Chocolate Mts., Fort Irwin,=20 California (possibly one more site due west a few miles)
Notes: = Some=20 Alien autopsies said to have been performed at 29 Palms.

2: Benicia, California

3. Catalina Island, California=20
Tunnels to: I was told by someone who worked at the = Port=20 Hueneme Naval Weapons Division Base in Oxnard that they have heard = and it=20 is 'common rumor' that there is a tunnel from the base to this = Island, and=20 also to Edwards Air Force Base, possibly utilizing old mines. . =

4. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing=20 Center

5. Chocolate Mountains,=20 California
Tunnels to: Fort Irwin, California

6. Death=20 Valley,California
Function: The entrance to the = Death Valley=20 Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the = range=20 near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. The = bottom of=20 the shaft opens into an extensive tunnel system

7. Deep Springs, California
Function: = Supposed=20 home to alien species working with government
Tunnels to: = Death=20 Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City

8. Edwards AFB,=20 California
Function: Aircraft Development - = antigravity=20 research and vehicle development
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels = to:=20 Catalina Island Fort Irwin, California Vandenburg AFB,=20 California
Notes: Delta Hanger - North Base, Edwards AFB, Ca. = Haystack=20 Buttte - Edwards, AFB, Ca.

9. Fort Irwin, = California (also reported = detainment=20 camp)
Tunnels to: 29 Palms, = California=20 Area 51, Nevada Edwards AFB. California Mt. Shasta, California =

10. Helendale, California=20
Function: Special Aircraft Facility
Helendale = has an=20 extensive railway/shipping system through it from the Union = Pacific days=20 which runs in
from Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Los Angeles = and=20 Chicago

11. Lancaster, California=20
Function: New Aircraft design, anti-gravity = engineering,=20 Stealth craft and testing
Levels: 42
Tunnels To: Edwards = A.F.B.,=20 Palmdale

12. Lawrence-Livermore International = Labs,=20 California
The lab has a Human Genome Mapping project on chromosome = #19
and a newly=20 built $1.2 billion laser facility

13. Moreno Valley, California=20
Function unknown

14. Mt. Lassen, = California
Tunnels=20 to: Probably connects to the Mt. Shasta main tunnel.
Notes: Two = alien=20 races living inside mountain.

15. Mt. Shasta=20 (click=20 for photo of rays coming out of cave).
Function: Genetic=20 experiments, magnetic advance, space and beam weaponry.
Levels: = 5
Tunnels to: Ft. Irwin, California North (maybe to Klamath = Falls or=20 Crater Lake, or both.

16. Napa, = California
Functions:=20 Direct Satellite Communications, Laser Communications. = Continuation of=20 Government site.
Levels: Multi-level
Tunnels to: Unknown =
Notes:=20 Located on Oakville Grade, Napa County, Ca. 87 Acres

17. Needles, = California
Function=20 unknown

18. Palmdale, California=20
Function: New Aircraft Design, anit-gravity research

19. Tehachapi Facility = (Northrop,=20 California - Tejon Ranch
Function: Levels: 42
Tunnels to: = Edwards,=20 Llona and other local areas
Notes: 25 miles NW of Lancaster = California,=20 in the Tehachapi mountains.

20. Ukiah,=20 California
Function unknown


1. Near Boulder, Co. in the mountains
Function unknown

2. Cheyenne Mountain -Norad -Colorado = Springs,=20 Colorado
Function: = Early Warning=20 systems - missile defense systems - Space tracking
Levels: = Multiple=20
Tunnels to: Colorado Springs,
Function: Early warning = systems,=20 military strategy, satellite operations
Levels: = Multiple
NORAD is a=20 massive self-sustaining 'city' built inside the mountain =
Tunnels to:=20 Creede, Denver, Dulce Base, Kinsley

3. Creede, Colorado
Function unknown
Tunnels to: = Colorado=20 Springs, Colorado - Delta, Colorado - Dulce Base, New Mexico

4. Delta, Colorado
Function unknown
Tunnels to: Creede = Salt=20 Lake, Utah

5. Denver International Airport = (also a detainment camp)
Function: Military research, = construction,=20 detainment camp facilities
Levels: 7 reported
Tunnels to: = Denver=20 proper, Colorado and Rocky Mountain "safehousing", Colorado = Springs,=20 Colorado (Cheyenne Mtn.), Riverton, Wyoming Notes: Constructed in = 1995,=20 the government and politicians were hell bent on building this = airport in=20 spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. Charges of corruption, = constant=20 construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they = had=20 built a section of their work was reported so that no "one" group = had any=20 idea what the blueprint of the airport was. Not only did locals = not want=20 this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to = make sure=20 it was, period. Masonic symbols and bizarre artwork of dead = babies,=20 burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive mural as = well as=20 a time capsule - none of which is featured in the airport's web = site=20 section detailing the unique artwork throughout the building. DIA = is=20 reported to serve as a cover for the vast underground facilities = that were=20 built there. There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations = which=20 make some people sick and cause headaches in others. There are = acres of=20 fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as = if to=20 keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble = mini-cooling=20 towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent = underground=20 levels.

See site article and photos at Denver Airport

6. Falcon Air Force Base, Falcon, = Colorado=20
Function: SDI, Satellite Control
Levels:=20 Multiple
Tunnels to: Colorado Springs, possibly more.

7. Fort Collins,=20 Colorado
Function: Suspect high precision equipment=20 manufacturing for space.

8. Grand Mesa, = Colorado
Function=20 unknown

9. Gore Range Near Lake, west of = Denver,=20 Co.
Function: Library = and Central=20 Data Bank

10. San Juan Valley,=20 Colorado
Hidden beneath and in an operating = Buffalo=20 Ranch
Function unknown

11. Telluride, = Colorado
Function=20 unknown

12. University of Denver, = Co (Boulder area)
Function: Genetics, = geology/mining=20 as related to tunneling and underground construction.

13. Warden Valley West of Fort = Collins,=20 CO
Function Unknown
Tunnels to: Montana

Dobbins Air Force = Base,=20 Marrietta GA
Function: = test site=20 for plasma and antigravity air craft, experimental crafts and = weapons

Kokomo,=20 Indiana
Function=20 Unknown
Notes: for years people in that area have reported a = "hum" that=20 has been so constant that some have been forced to move and it has = made=20 many others sick. It seems to come from underground, and = "research" has=20 turned up nothing although it was suggested by someone that = massive=20 underground tunneling and excavating is going on, using naturally=20 occurring caverns, to make an underground containment or storage=20 facility.

1.=20 Hutchinson, Kansas
Function=20 unknown
Tunnels to: Kinsley, Nebraska

2. Kansas = City,=20 Kansas
Function = unknown
Notes:=20 Entrance near Worlds of Fun

3. Kinsley, Kansas=20
Function = unknown
Tunnels to:=20 Colorado Springs, Colorado; Hutchinson, Kansas; Tulsa Kokoweef = Peak, SW=20 California
Notes: Gold stored in huge cavern, blasted shut. = Known as=20 the "midway city" because it's located halfway between New York = and San=20 Francisco

Edgewood Arsenal, = Maryland=20 (from Don)
Martins AFB, = Aberdeen=20 Proving Ground, Maryland

Don wrote: I was just looking at your satellite photo of the = chem=20 trails over the East Coast (Maryland in particular), and I noticed = a=20 strange coincidence. I'm from Maryland and I noticed that the two = streaks=20 over the state seem to run next to major military installations. = The more=20 eastern of the two runs over Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood = Arsenal,=20 and Martins AFB. The more western of the two runs near Ft. Meade. = Aberdeen=20 Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal seem to have a lot of strange = or=20 peculiar things about them as well. I live near both and often can = hear=20 the weapons testing. I know for a fact that there are large = storages of=20 chemical weapons at Edgewood. In high school, we had to do = pressurization=20 drills once a month where the entire school would pile into the = gym and we=20 would seal the gym and pressurize it to keep the gas out. There = are sirens=20 all over the community they test once a week (every Wed. at 4) = that are to=20 alert of potential chemical weapons leaks. There is constant = military air=20 traffic all over the area, and chemtrails are a regular occurrence = (until=20 I was about 18, I thought it was normal for contrails to stay for = at least=20 6 hours!). These two bases are always heavily guarded and secured, = even=20 before 9/11. One of my friend's dad is an army chemist out there, = and he=20 is not allowed to even discuss what he does. The only way I knew = that he=20 was a chemist was because he is a doctor and the insignia on his = uniform=20 is from the chemical corps. He is very secretive and often = disappears late=20 at night to go to work, apparently at a moment's notice (he has = two=20 pagers, a govt. one and his regular one). Aberdeen Proving Grounds = is the=20 United States' largest military testing facility, and Edgewood = Arsenal is=20 it's largest store of arms. I could fill a book with the = peculiarities of=20 these two installations.

Bozeman,=20 Mont.
Function: Genetics

Area 51 - Groom Lake - Dreamland - Nellis Air = Force=20 Base
Area 51 was said to exist = only in our=20 imaginations until Russian satellite photos were leaked to US = sources and=20 it's amazing how you can get photos all over now of it, and even = posters.=20 It's also amazing how much they've been busy little bees building = this=20 base up.

Function: Stealth and cloaking Aircraft research &=20 development
"'Dreamland (Data Repository Establishment and = Maintenance=20 Land)
Elmint (Electromagnetic Intelligence), Biological weapons = research and genetic manipulation/warfare storage, Cold Empire, = EVA,=20 Program HIS (Hybrid Intelligence System),BW/CW; IRIS (Infrared = Intruder=20 Systems), BI-PASS, REP-TILES,
back engineering of captured = space craft=20 propulsion systems, holding area of all alien materials and=20 bodies/prisoners,
Security: Above ground cameras, underground = pressure=20 sensors, ground and air patrol
Notes: Operating rooms on = several=20 floors, - Complete hospital, fully staffed and has everything = imaginable.=20 - The person who gave this info worked as a locksmith in Area 51 = for 12=20 years. He did not see any creatures while on any of the levels, = but admits=20 that there were many closed areas that he was not allowed into and = he=20 talked to others who said they had seen either actual captured = UFOs or own=20 own UFOs and that some thought they had been given freely in an = exchange=20 program as it wasn't possible so many UFOs could n't have crashed = and been=20 recovered in such pristine condition.
Tunnels to: Ft. Irwin,=20 California - Page, Arizona - Tonopah, Nevada - Wiciup, Arizona =
S-4=20 Area in Area 51 Function unknown
Addendum: I have been told by = many=20 people (all military) that Area 51 isn't really where much is = going on -=20 or at least the whole "aliens/crashed saucers are there" mystique = is a bit=20 hyped because the area is able to be so secured. That illusion is=20 "allowed" and encouraged to focus the energy of the "Conspiracy" = people on=20 it and divert snooping into the real hub of action elsewhere (most = say=20 Dulce).

The Air Force recently managed to withdraw 3,972 acres of = public land=20 from the surrounding desert and absorbed it into the Groom Lake = area,=20 making it prohibited to civilians and under military protection. = This was=20 in answer to the (government's) endless battle to keep people from = sitting=20 on a ridge that was 10 miles away with telescopic lenses "spying" = on the=20 goings-on of the Area and trying to see what all the massive = paranoia was=20 about. Double Dog dares, you know....
Also, a bit bizarrely = for a=20 place where "nothing is going on", after the New York 9-11 attack, = President Bush the Second issued a statement that would exempt = this=20 installation "from any Federal, State, Interstate, Local or = hazardous=20 waste laws that might require the disclosure of calcified = information=20 concerning that operating location to unauthorized = persons...information=20 concerning activities at the operating location near Groom Lake = have been=20 properly determined to be classified and disclosure would be = harmful to=20 national security. Continued protection of this information is in = the=20 paramount interest of the United States".

2. Blue Diamond, = Nevada
Function=20 unknown

3. Fallon = Air Force=20 Base area (the flats, near Reno)
"American=20 City"
restricted military sites southwest of Fallon =
Function:=20 Suspected Underground UFO Base
Levels: At least seven = underground=20 levels

4. Henderson, Nevada=20 - Naval Base
This one's interesting. I was in = Henderson on=20 May 3-4, 1988 on one of my Death Valley/Ghost = Town/Photography/Screw the=20 World jaunts. (I love Death Valley). I remembered it vividly = because I=20 just got tired of driving and happened to turn off for the night = and there=20 I was in Henderson. It was a sleepy, dusty town. I ended up in = this=20 strange hotel that seemed like part of an old 1940s horror movie, = run by=20 the nicest people you'd want to meet. I love stuff like that. They = were so=20 surprized to see a visitor they gave me the room for a few bucks. = The next=20 morning (May 4) I left and was about two hours from town, trying = to get=20 anything on the radio but static, when I heard a news report that = there=20 had been a terrible accident in Henderson and the "marshmallow = factory"=20 had blown up, killing several people and causing a massive fire. I = couldn't believe it...I was just there! I just missed it. If I had = been my=20 usual Never In A Hurry self, I'd still be there. I saw the smoke = not too=20 long after, still driving; Henderson burning hours away.
Then = I heard=20 that what had in fact blown up was a government chemical/bomb plant. I was stunned. = This=20 sleepy little dusty town had a bomb plant? Huh? I couldn't find a = thing=20 online about the original lie that it was a marshmallow plant. I = KNOW they=20 said that - in fact I had called home a few hours after this = happened to=20 let them know I was OK because I had called the night before and = they knew=20 I's stayed there. I asked them, now - if they remembered me = calling and=20 this story? and they did. It made no sense at all to me. What also = doesn't=20 make sense is how 4,500 tons of ammonium perchlorate can be in the = middle=20 of a town and now it's surrounded by homes. In May, 1991 a huge = release of=20 chlorine occurred in Henderson - are we that expendable?

Brian sent me this:
".... Do you know anything about a NAVAL = base=20 out in the middle of the Nevada desert? I want to say Hawthorn, or = Henderson, or something like that? About half way between LV and = Reno. I=20 was up that way a couple years ago helping out with tech = inspection for=20 <a popular auto race out there> while making the drive from = Vegas to=20 Reno, out in the middle of nowhere, is this damn NAVAL base! Wow, = that's=20 strange I think, so I go though the little town of the same name, = and then=20 I see a HUGE lake, also "in the middle of nowhere" and not really = looking=20 developed for "public use". What really weird is that the entire = lake=20 looks as if it could be only a few feet deep, VERY slightly angled = shores=20 (no steep inclines, like a boat ramp, except from the cliffs of = the=20 mountain it sits against) and actually could almost pass for = simply a rain=20 or run off"pond" if its acreage wasn't so big. Yet, out in the = middle of=20 this "shallow" lake (starting at the shore of the shallowest = looking end),=20 is an almost perfectly straight, dead centered, dead calm "strip" = of water=20 (you now the "still waters run deep" expression, its true). = Coincidentally=20 enough, this entire end of the lake (about 80% of the lake in = fact) is=20 posted,,,yep, you guessed it,, "OFF LIMITS" with the familiar red = and=20 white govt issue signs.
Well, the guy that was riding with me = to Reno=20 grew up in the Vegas area, and says the rumor is that the Naval = base=20 designs/builds super secret submarines, and the "trench" at the = end of the=20 lake is in fact the opening of a long underground water tunnel = leading=20 back to the base, so they can test the subs in the lake, and = "supposedly"=20 this is the deepest lake in the US, or maybe the world".

4. = Mercury,=20 Nevada
Function unknown

5. Tonopah,=20 Nevada
Function unknown

69: San Gabriel (mountains) = On=20 Western side of Mojave Desert
Function unknown
Notes: Heavy = vibrations coming from under the forest floor which sounds like = geared=20 machinery. These vibrations and sounds are the same as heard in = Kokomo,=20 Indiana and are suspected underground building/tunneling = operations.


1. Albuquerque, New Mexico (AFB) =
Function=20 unknown
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: Carlsbad, New Mexico = Los=20 Alamos, New Mexico Possible connections to Datil, and other = points.

2. = Carlsbad, New=20 Mexico
Functions: = Underground=20 Nuclear Testing
Tunnels to: Fort Stockton, Texas. Roswell

3. = Cordova, New=20 Mexico
Function unknown

4. Datil, = New=20 Mexico
Function unknown =
Tunnels to: Dulce Base

5: Dulce = Base, New=20 Mexico
While some are spending their time = scrutinizing Area=20 51 and thinking that's so important, Dulce is said to be the crown = jewel=20 that we're all being distracted from; The Big = Tamale

Function:=20 Alien interface, Research of mind related functions, genetic = experiments,=20 mind control training and reprograming
Levels: 7 Known = -
Level=20 1 - garage for street maintenance
Level 2 - garage = for=20 trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and disc = maintenance
Level=20 3 - everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a jump suit = uniform.=20 The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. = Change=20 in over three pounds requires a physical exam and = X-ray.
Level 4=20 - Human research in 'paranormal' areas - mental telepathy, = mind=20 control, hypnosis, remote viewing, astral traveling - etc. The = technology=20 is apparently here to allow them to know how to manipulate the = 'Bioplasmic=20 Body' Development of a laser weapon that can remotely cause burns = and=20 discomfort on it's target. They can lower your heartbeat with Deep = Sleep=20 'Delta Waves,' induce a static shock, then reprogram, Via a Brain- = Computer link.
Level 5 - Alien housing . "...The room = is=20 circular for the (electro- magnetic) generator is nearly 200 feet = diameter=20 and covers the fifth and sixth levels (extreme west south wing). = There=20 (are) five entrances (plus an escape trap door on the sixth floor) = on each=20 floor. Each portal has double door. The security is severe. Armed = guards=20 patrol constantly, and in addition to weight sensitive areas there = (are)=20 hand print and eye print stations. Here, is the device that powers = the=20 transfer of atoms.
Level 6 - Level 6 is privately = called=20 'Nightmare Hall'. It holds the genetic labs. Experiments done on = fish,=20 seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their = original, forms.=20 There are multi- armed and multi-legged humans and several cages = (and=20 vats) of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7- feet tall. Aliens = have=20 taught the humans a lot about genetics, things both useful and = dangerous.=20 Level 7 - Humans in cages here, usually drugged or dazed, = sometimes crying=20 out for help.
Level 7 is the worst. "Row after row of = 1,000's=20 of humans & human-mixture remains in cold storage. Here too = are=20 embryos of humanoids in various stages of development. Also, many = human=20 children's' remains in storage vats. Who are (were) these people?" =
Below Level 7 - Unknown other levels unexplored by = humans.=20 Aliens here. Exits into a vast underground cavern series, = unexplored by=20 humans, but suspected to be a huge alien culture area. =

Tunnels to:=20 Colorado Springs, Colorado Creed, Colorado Datil, N.M. Los Alamos. = Page,=20 Arizona Sandia Base Taos, NM
Notes: The Dulce installation = (upper=20 levels) was originally constructed by the RAND corp. There are = reported to=20 be over 3000 cameras at various high-security locations. Deep = sections of=20 the Complex may connect into a natural and extensive underground = cave=20 system, which is common in most of these locations

6. Los = Alamos, New=20 Mexico
Functions: Psychotronic Research, = Psychotronic=20 Weapons
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: ALB AFB, New Mexico = Dulce, New=20 Mexico Connections to Datil,Taos

7. Sandia = Base, New=20 Mexico
Functions: Research in Electrical/magnetic = Phenomena=20
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: Dulce Base
Notes: Related = Projects=20 are studied at Sandia Base by 'The Jason Group' (of 55 = Scientists). They=20 have secretly harnessed the 'Dark Side of Technology' and hidden = the=20 beneficial technology from the public.

8. = Sunspot,=20 NM
Function unknown

9. Taos, = New=20 Mexico
Function unknown =
Tunnels to: Dulce, New Mexico; Cog, Colorado
Notes: Several = other=20 sidelines to area where Uranium is mined or processed.

10. White = Sands,=20 NM
Function: Missile testing/design
Levels: = Seven=20 known

New York, New=20 York
Function unknown
Tunnels to: Capitol = Building, D.C.=20

Wright-Patterson Air = Force Base -=20 Dayton, Ohio
Function: Air Force Repository. = Rumored to=20 house alien remains and also "alien" craft, stealth
technology = and=20 prototype craft


1.=20 Cave Junction,=20 Oregon
Function: Suspected Underground UFO = Base
Levels:=20 At least one
Notes: Suspected location is in or near Hope = Mountain.=20 Near Applegate Lake, Oregon, just over into California. Multiple = shafts,=20 access areas to over 1500 feet depth. Built using abandoned mine = with over=20 36 known miles of tunnels, shafts.

2. Crater Lake, Oregon
Tunnels: = possible=20 to Cave Junction

3. = Klamath Falls,=20 Oregon

4. Wimer, = Oregon=20 (Ashland Mt. area)
Function:=20 Underground Chemical Storage
Levels: At least one

Raven Rock, Pa = (near=20 Ligonier)
Function: = working back=20 up underground Pentagon - sister site of Mt. Weather
Notes: = 650' below=20 summit, 4 entrances.

1.=20 Calvert, Texas
Function unknown

2. Fort = Hood, Texas=20 (also reported=20 detainment camp)
Levels: = Multiple

3. Fort = Stockton,=20 Texas
Function: Unknown
Tunnels to: Carlsbad, = New Mexico=20

1.=20 Dugway, Utah
Function: Chemical Storage, Radiation=20 storage.

2. Salt = Lake City=20 Mormon Caverns
Function:=20 Religions archives storage.
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: = Delta,=20 Colorado & Riverton, Wyoming

Mount Poney - Near = Culpepper,=20 Virginia
Function unknown

1. Mt. Rainier, Washington
Function unknown.
Levels:=20 Multiple
Tunnels to: Unknown
Notes: A very active UFO base = exists=20 beneath Mt. Rainier. There are also said to be underground = "vaults"=20 containing
records of the ancient Lemurians.

2. Mt. = St. Helens,=20 Washington
Function: = thought to=20 be electromagnetic/ultra- and subsound research

3. Yakima = Indian=20 Reservation
Function=20 unknown
Notes: Southeast of Tacoma Washington, on the = Reservation, in=20 an area 40 by 70 miles. Unusual sounds from underground (Toppenish = Ridge).=20 Low flying Silver Cigar shaped craft seen to disappear into the = Middle=20 fork area of Toppenish creek

Washington DC
Function: Part of massive underground = relocation=20 system to house
select government and military personnel in = event of=20 cataclysmic event
Tunnels to: New York City; Mt. Weather

Greenbrier = Facility,=20 West Virginia - White Sulfer Springs, W. Va
under the Greenbriar=20 Resort,
They don't even hide this one, and it's even a = daily=20 tourist "fun joke". The Underground vault was built to meet the = needs of a=20 Congress-in-hiding - in fact the hotel is a replica of the White = House.=20 The underground area has a chamber for the Senate, a chamber for = the House=20 and a massive hall for joint sessions. Although the hotel says it = gives=20 tours of the 112,000 square area daily, the installation still = stands at=20 the ready, its operators still working under cover at the hotel. = The=20 secrecy that has surrounded the site has shielded it both from = public=20 scrutiny and official reassessment.
From an article by Ted Gup: "House Speaker = Thomas Foley,=20 one of the very few in Congress who has been briefed on the = Greenbrier=20 facility, declined to comment for this article. But former speaker = Thomas=20 P. "Tip" O'Neill says the evacuation plan always seemed = "far-fetched" to=20 him. "I never mentioned it to anybody," O'Neill recalls. "But = every time I=20 went down to the Greenbrier -- and I went there half a dozen times = -- I=20 always used to look at the hill and say, 'Well, that's where we're = supposed to live in the event something happens, and that's where = we're=20 going to do business, maybe under the tennis courts."

Riverton,=20 Wyoming
Function = unknown=20
Tunnels to: Salt Lake, Utah Denver, Colorado

An interesting=20 story:
Sudden = Valley,=20 WA - from Sid
"Sudden VAlley is a private = community with=20 it's own security, golf course, spa, rec. facilities, etc.
We = moved=20 there in 1992. <Wife> got a job as office manager at the = resort=20 headquarters. I got close to all the security force = personnel...just cause=20 that's what I do ;-) I had noticed that an airport was shown on = the resort=20 map right next to the road leading to Bellingham. I went past this = area=20 almost daily. All I saw was a dirt strip that looked like it had = never=20 been used.
I was curious!

A fellow employee and woman = who became=20 a good friend of my wife told us that the CIA had come to her when = she was=20 employed at the phone company and requested all the phone records = of:=20 Santo Trafficante, Jr.. WHAT? says I. Seems he was living = openly in=20 Sudden Valley under his own name and his children going to school = in=20 Bellingham. This was at the time the CIA and FBI were seeking him=20 desperately for questioning concerning JFKs murder. No surprise = that those=20 diligent agencies were unable to locate the fugitive.I later found = out=20 from a friend who moved to Sudden Valley at it's inception that = there were=20 high ranking military folks, including a 4-star Ret. General and = many=20 Mafia types living there incognito".

"I never could get any = answers=20 out of the old timers about this airport. Most told me they were = unaware=20 of it's existance.
Well, what finally happened is that we = decided to=20 move in 1996 and we wanted to sell our classic Mercedes-Benz 280 = SL before=20 we left. Our neighbor across the street handled the sale of our = home and=20 told me that the owner of this airport that no one heard of = collected=20 classic Mercedes. He suggested that I go see him. How?, says I. = Oh, theres=20 a dirt road off the main highway that takes you to it. It's not=20 marked.
Well, off I went. Sure enough, I found it and followed = it about=20 1/2 mile into the forest. There before me was a fully equipped = land and=20 sea plane facility. There were approx. 20 aircraft parked there.I=20 proceeded to the private home that was at the end of the road. = Went up to=20 the door and rang...then knocked...then tooted my horn. NADA! = Someone was=20 in one of the hangers pounding on a plane. I went there and = shouted.No=20 response, but the pounding stopped. I waited for maybe 10 minutes, = then=20 left. Next time I went by the dirt road, it was chained off with a = big=20 sign saying NO Trespassing. I was told that shortly after we = moved, this=20 whole airport and dock port was sold to a private citizen. Keep in = mind=20 the caliber of *some of the folks* that reside in SV and it's = proximity to=20 Canada. Perhaps 20 mins away by air."

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