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The following report deals with what may be yet another attempt [aside from the Nazi and Biowar event-lines that were created by alien interventionists and later supposedly dissolved from our perspective by the non- interventionists, as described by Alex Collier] to create a quasi-parallel reality.

It is my belief that there is a main timeline [again, from our perspective - i.e. the timeline that we live in], rooted in this third dimension of linear time and concrete materialism. In a sense, any other timebranch would not be an independent timeline in itself, but as the "Andromedans" claim, they would be rather addendums to the main timeline, since they would need a constant supply of electromagnetic and ectoplasmic energy from the main timeline to keep their timebranches going, being not genuine self-sufficient timelines, but rather localized parasitic realities that must resort to energy vampirism from a host timeline in order to feed themselves.

There is of course a theory that the third dimension is segregated into seven facets, each facet serving as a foundation for a material timeline, seven in all [even though quasi-material ectoplasmic timelines may be potentially infinite in number]. Also, since two realities can not exist in the same space, these time-branches may be slightly phased-out of OUR third dimensional realm. In that OUR 3D has "dibs" on OUR temporalinear reality, the time branches themselves may be slightly less time-linear and object-solid from our perspective, but perhaps not necessarily from the perspective of those inhabiting those realities. Events and objects within the timebranch dimensions [sub-branches of the prime timeline or the seven prime timelines!?] might be slightly more "liquid" [due to paradoxes] than our 3D reality. The more paradoxes exist, the more liquified the timebranch would become... until the inhabitants of these time branches convert entirely to energy forms and become trapped in the fourth dimension or between dimensions, as their reality degenerates into an ocean of ectoplasmic thought forms.

Al Bielek claims that most of these timebranches are localized, and that there are several parallel reality dimensions which cling to the main timeline at subdimensional levels. The Montauk people believed that in order to change the main timeline they would have to change ALL of the parallel reality dimensions simultaneously.

Or as others suggest, the main timeline can only be altered if a majority of its inhabitants agree on a collective unconscious level for the change, in that the root of all time-space-material reality according to the Zenatae's and others is actually something that we might call the UNIVERSAL PSIONIC FIELD, a universal field of consciousness which serves as the "master program" of the UNIVERSAL HOLOGRAM. To change the "hologram", a majority of the intelligences within it must agree to accept and believe the new reality. I state this as a theory that has not yet been proven, yet one that is interesting none-the-less.

Now, if the following experience is true, I can only conclude that a timebranch is involved. Especially in that "aliens" are involved in this parallel reality, suggesting a 4th dimensional aspect. But then again, it may be a manifestation of a full-fledged parallel timeline. It is difficult to say whether the time-dimension described below remains in it's "solid state" or whether it begins to dissolve into ectoplasmic energy. There are far more questions than there are answers when dealing with the subject of parallel dimensions of time.

Did the Montauk boys try to create yet another timebranch by sending agents from the 1980's forward to the 1990's in order to try and implement the New World Order? The Montauk boys believe -- I suspect erroneously -- that if they sent people ahead in time and set up the New World Order, then the future would be SET... so that essentially when the rest of us finally "catch up" we would essentially be like people riding a train, one that is approaching a "concentration camp" that has been set up by those who jumped ahead of us on the track [of time] so that they could catch the "train" when it arrives.

Well, if we use the above theory of a Universal Psionic Field, we might ask, WHAT IF the majority of the passengers on the train refused to accept the reality that was prepared for them, and simply allowed the "train" to smash right on through the concentration camp and on its way towards its own chosen reality? Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron claim to have visited a future where Denver and Atlantic City are centers for the New World Order. But does that necessarily mean that it is OUR future? Or, could it be an alternate future? People traveling in the underground trams underneath the Denver International Airport claim to have seen ghostly images... for instance of women carrying children in their arms as if being herded into the underground camps that many claim exist underneath the airport.

Others have had visions of the Ring of Fire exploding, beginning with Mammoth Lakes California, and of huge expanses being covered in ash and people flooding the airports, and of many of these people being herded into underground concentration camps beneath the major airports and never being seen again, people who will be assumed lost in the confusion of the planetary upheavals only to end up as slaves or worse within the underground empire of the 'draconian' elite. Again, could such visions be images of future events, or could they be echos of events taking place in parallel worlds, within one of the many levels of reality?

I recall reading of another alleged time traveler, Steven Gibbs, who developed a device which he claims would allow one to travel physically in time [dimension] or astrally, depending on how near they were to an energy vortex and also their psychological and biological makeup. Gibbs claimed to have astral traveled to the fall of 1997, and there noticed that World War III was in "full swing", and the "missiles were flying".

Another woman, a contactee names Tianca, claimed to have had an alternate reality experience, wherein she was in her home town, however in this reality a civil war has just run its course. This was in the spring of 1998 [suggesting the war began in 1997]. There were few grownups, and most of these had escaped to the countryside during the civil wars, only to return to find hundreds or thousands of abandoned children. She said this experience seemed just as real as everyday life.

Then, I will not even mention all of the "predictions" of something major, involving a New World Order takeover, that was "supposed" to take place around November, 1997. But obviously it did NOT take place, unless it DID take place in an Alien-Montauk generated alternate reality similar to the Nazi and Biowar realities that Alex Coller speaks of.

So, in light of all this, read the following with an analytical yet open mind. Incidentally "Jim" told me that after the time period of the experience passed, he went to the roof of the factory building in question and removed the Eastwing hammer, since in the multi-dimensionally and temporally twisted scheme of things he felt that it was no longer "needed" to remain there.

Suggested Title: "THE HAMMER OF TIME"...

Subject: *T*G* Time Transfer, if not what is it?


I am forwarding two posts (this is the first one) that Jim and I have written so others who did not have a chance to see this can know what Jim and I are going through. regards, [***]


Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting to see if anybody else on the list may have experienced something similar. I don't want to put thoughts in others heads though. This was not a dream, it was not a obe, it was real, it did happen.

And Dracos are real and they bleed red blood.

I can't explain it, I don't know how it happened or why. All I know is it did happen. It was three weeks ago, and I still have mixed feeling about posting it here. But here goes.

I climbed to the roof of the building I was working on. (Rebuilding and expanding the capacity of a silo that stores plastic pellets at [*** *** ***] Inc. in Evansville IN.)

When I got to the top I felt dizzy, and disoriented, for a few seconds. (I thought I was having another numbness attack that I told [***] I've been having) I grabbed hold of a pipe to get my balance. When I felt stable again, I looked around, everything had changed. The sky was grey and smoky looking, buildings all around me were either demolished or still smoldering from fire. There were cars on the hiway out front, wrecked or just abandoned, there were bodys, some still smoldering laying everywhere. It was sickening.

I just stood there, looking in amazement. I was trying to figure out if I had missed something, or if I was dreaming. But I WAS there, my truck was gone, and so was Lee. All my tools, welding leads, torches, and material were gone.

And then I realized that the bins that I was working on were finished. I opened the lid of the one I was working on at the time and it was half full of material. It was then that I realized that I must be in the future.

I began to look for something with a date on it so I could find out where exactly I was. (If I was in the future) I then realized that it was colder than it was a few seconds ago. Then I hear a roar that sound like trucks and tracks clanking, (Like a bulldozer). It was an armored column of military vehicles coming down the hiway towards where I was. I then heard shooting, machine guns and small arms fire. The armored column was surrounding the building where I was.

It was then that I realized that the factory where I was working was not damaged. As a matter of fact it was still in operation. (I could here the hammer mill still running) What ever the soldiers were shooting at was inside the building I was on. And somebody was shooting back.

There were two tanks in this column, one of them pulled up right in front of this building, and began firing into it. The whole building shook. Then the black craft came, triangular. I saw it but I didn't believe it, It made a high pitched noise and the tank in front of the building that was firing, exploded.

But these soldiers knew what they were doing. One of the wheeled armored vehicles took off across the open field, and this craft began to follow it. As it went past the rest of the soldiers, five of them jumped up from the ditch with, what I think were stinger missiles, (Shoulder mounts) and fired simultaneously at the craft. The explosion hurt my ears, but they did knock it down, and it crashed into the field. (They all began to cheer) but not for long. The other tank then appeared from nowhere and began firing its big gun at it rapidly until there was nothing left of it.

I was very confused watching all of this from the roof. Then I heard more vehicles coming. They were soldiers too. I first thought it was reinforcements, but they began to fight each other. Now I was totally confused. And there was still someone shooting from inside the building I was on.

I felt that I was in the middle of this, and didn't really know what side I was on. I felt it better to stay hidden until I could sort things out. I was looking for a safer place when I remember that they had kept a delivery log for the rail cars coming in with materials, in the control room right below me. So I decided to go down and see if I could find a date.

I climbed down the ladder on the side of the bin, and stepped through the door to the control room. There was no one in there and I found the log. The last shipment that was recorded was dated monday, Oct. 6, 97. But the calendar on the wall was turned to Nov. 97, so I had no Idea what day it actually was.

From where I was, I could see the whole production floor, but I could see no-one moving anywhere. I decided I was safer on the roof where I was, so I climbed back up the bin ladder and hid behind a wall where I could see better.

The roof was covered with a layer of ash, I first thought it was a covering of light snow. (It was cold enough) I assumed the ash was from burning buildings. As I was looking at the ash I could see my foot prints where I had walked. And then I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, as I realized there were other foot prints also, (over mine) I realized I was not alone on the roof. But these footprints were different, they were long and narrow.

I followed them with my eyes, to see where they went. I didn't have to look far. There he was, (I think it was a he) standing about ten feet from me, but he did not see me. It was a draco, like the ones I saw at epcot [Note: 'Jim' saw such a creature in an astral-type experience, although THIS experience he claims was NOT an astral trip - ed.]. I could feel the adrenaline running through my body. My first thought was to hide, but there was nowhere to hide. And nowhere to run.

I looked to see if he had a weapon, but I couldn't see any. Then from deep within me I felt a rage, a rage like I never had felt before. I wanted to kill him. [Apparently responding to the reports that he had heard about on 'the list' in the past concerning what the Draco do to people that they have abducted to their underground 'concentration camps' on earth. - ed.] Before I could even think, I found myself standing up and walking toward him. He turned and saw me, (I didn't think they showed emotion, but when he saw me, I saw fear in his reptile looking face.) But then I saw his eyes, they were snake eyes, and they looked mean.

When I looked at his eyes, I felt as if he was looking right through me. Now I have been in a number of bar room brawls, and I could always tell when someone was going try to sucker punch me, by there eyes. (It don't work with dracos!) That sucker nailed me and I didn't even see it coming. I'm not even sure if he even hit me physically, it felt more like a shock wave.

Now I've been knocked down enough in fights, that I know if you don't get back up fast your done. So I sprung up and lunged at him. I caught him off balance, I don't think he expected that. I went for his throat. I have found that if you cut off a persons air supply they come around to your way of thinking pretty fast. But when I gabbed his skinny, but hard as rock throat, I felt as if I had grabbed a pineapple. And as he moved I could feel it cutting my hands. I figured I could handle the pain a lot longer than he could go without air. But as I was squeezing with all of my strength on his throat, he put his hands on my chest, and threw me back. I couldn't hold on.

I could tell from this that I was no match for him without a weapon. And I had none. And I knew I had to stay in control, and show no fear. I didn't want to lunge at him again, cause the last time hurt. But I lunged again, this time I double my fist, and went for his eyes. But I found out that dracos have sharp eyelids too.

I was beginning to doubt that I could hurt him. And then he spoke, "What's wrong warrior, have you under estimated your enemy?"

I knew he was right, but I answered, "I wasn't sure you were the enemy, but thanks for straightening that fact out for me."

Then I felt the rage building inside again, so I lunged again, this time I hit him as hard as I could, in the side of the head. I think it stunned him, but not for long. Again he threw me back, this time I slid backward against the exhaust fan from the building. As I tried to get up, he dove on top of me and said, "Now you die for your bad judgment."

He felt a lot heavier than he looked, I could not throw him off. I thought I was about to die. But then I saw my eastwing hammer, it was hanging on the inside of the vent cover. I reached up and grabbed it. And swung it as hard as I could at his head. When I hit him he squealed like a hog. His body went limp, and I rolled him off of me. Then I kept hitting him just to be sure. They are reptiles, they do have yellow pupils in their snake eyes, and yes they do die.

When I looked up to see what was going on out in the road, the second bunch of soldiers, were still fighting the first ones I saw. (These were two groups of US soldiers.) I decided it was about time for me to get the hell out of Dodge, so I climbed down my ladder and was going to try to get away, and find out what was going on. When I got to the bottom I felt this dizziness again. I turned and my truck, and Lee were there. And everything was as it was before. I asked him if he had seen anything, and he said no. And asked me what was going on, and what had happened. I said how long was I gone. and he told me I had just went up the ladder, and then came right back down. Then he asked what happen to my hands. (They were bleeding bad from the cuts.) I told him I did not know, I must have cut them on the ladder. He looked at me kind of disbelieving and asked what the white stuff was, that I had all over me. I said I did not know. (but it was the ash from the roof.)

When I finished the job, three days later, I took my eastwing hammer, and hung it on the exhaust fan cover on the roof. And that's where it will stay, I don't know how it got there when I needed it, but I was taking no chances. (If it weren't for safety factors, I would go exchange my hammer for a 44 Mag. Might save me from cutting my hands.)

Now, if someone could possibly explain this to me, I would be in their debt. I have mixed feelings about this, at first I felt it was a mind control trick to confuse me, and the list. But since, I have had dreams, and obe's, that make me feel this is real. (And also some cuts on my hands.) [***] and I believe others on this list were in these dreams. I have been waiting to see if anyone else would post something about this.

One question for [***], was I in danger, could this Draco have killed me? What would have happened, would I have just disappeared, or fallen off of that ladder dead? Just one of many questions.

The only thing that I know for sure is, don't hit a dracos without gloves on, because it hurts.