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> >> > Ok. This is not a reply specifically to Alan's statements. I have been reading the discussions about dimensional creatures, etc. and I have to say something about it. Dimensions: Length, height, width, and possibly time, etc. Can you just be comprised of length? Or maybe just width?
> >>How about height? Can you exist free of space and time? If you have only length comprising your existence then where are you? Space is not made up of just one dimension and it has been theorized by many that time and space are not indivisible, space being length, width, and height. If you can exist with only one dimension, such as these 4th dimension (time) creatures, then how do you aquire three more dimensions to be seen by us? If you are a three or four dimensional creature, such as humans, then how do you lose you length and width and height to become only time as those creatures? My question is this: Can you separate dimensions? Or is reality composed of various dimensions and all things that exist, exist on all levels of dimension or not at all? > >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
> >> After reading the above, all I could say was, "huh?????" > >>
> >> Dimensions in time and space are not 'out there somewhere' but right here where we stand, sit, etc.
> >> For instance, yesterday I started a new project to look into the life of an old lady born on May 28, 1919. I don't know this woman, but I understand from the person who wanted me to check the lifetime of this woman, that I would be surprised at what I learned. The time of birth was not known, so when I went back in 'time' to check on this person, she had not yet been born, and the parents were there and told me the baby had not been born. So, when I went back to the 'time' about 10 hours later, they were tired and busy and didn't want me to bother the baby. It was just like I was there at the 'time' when she was born. It wasn't like I was observing them, but was really there. > >>
> >> Here is another strange example. In 1981, I was studying metaphysics and we were messing around with some human-looking ETs who were trying to take over this galaxy. In the process I pissed them off so they were not only defending themselves, but trying to attack when I wasn't looking. The night before I was in some city with them, and they were chasing after me with a steam roller and I ran into a garage to hide. (That was in the 4th dimension) In the morning, I had to go to work in the 3rd dimension and do my regular job. Did they care that I was busy? No! They went on the attack and caught up with me when I wasn't looking.
> >> I was standing at my desk in a 4th floor office and I could feel the steam roller roll over my body from my head to my feet and I about fell to the floor in pain from the crushing.
> >> However, since they were in the 4th dimension and I was in the 3rd, I only felt the pain, I wasn't actually killed. I made a quick phone call to my metaphysics teacher who went into a trance to see what was going on and he managed to get my body to a hospital where they put all my bones back together the way they belonged since I was squished to flatness in the 4th dimension. This might sound stupid but is an example of what happens between dimensions. > >>
> >> In return, I was able to create a 'mental' shield around myself with spinning blades on it, to protect myself, and kept this thing spinning around me in the 4th dimension while I went on with my normal daily routine in the 3rd dimension. Then later on when I had time to go into a trance to see what they were up to, I saw them with arms and legs missing, and chunks missing out of their skulls. One might say it's all in my imagination, but believe me, it was as real as you can see yourself where you are sitting right at this moment. > >>
> >> Whitley Strieber gave some examples in his books of traveling between time and dimensions when he would be driving his car and cross a bridge and be in another time or dimension. > >>
> >> Other people say this when they go walking in the forest glens and come across little elves or fairies. They have actually, mentally gone into the 4th dimensions where the elves and fairies live while they were walking along, although in the same space. > >>
> >> The little creature that bit me on the foot last month came from the 4th dimension into the 3rd, or perhaps I was in the 4th. His bite hurt like hell, but he vanished as soon as he bit me. There is no science that can prove this stuff is going on, but I have no doubts about it. I've experienced too much personally not to believe. > >>
> >> Dee

What sparked the next post was a message in response to Dee's post, stating that I found it easier to comprehend "time" by seeing the phenomena not as a past-to-present-to-future flow of "time" but as a gaseous [4d future] to liquid [3d present] to solid [2d past] manifestation of EVENTS. We being multi-dimensional beings, our spirits existing in the future or rather "probable" 4d future's that are in the process of forming yet since these 'events' have not taken on a liquid or solid state they are still subject go change. I relayed a story that appeared on PSI FACTOR of a young girl whose family was building a home, which was being haunted by a "spirit" that looked like the young girl herself, yet about 10 years down the road. The spirit was seen by several people and warned that if they moved into the house death and tragedy would result, so her 4d being it seems was actually existing in a 4d future probability, and warned the young girl [herself] what would happen if they moved into the house. The property was subsequently sold to others. So then, our spirits may exist in future probabilities, our bodies exist in the present, and our minds exist in the past [once an event is recorded on the mind, it is already past history]. Multi-dimensional being. This might explain the phenomena that 1/3rd of the average dreamers dreams are based on probable future events, 1/3rd of the dreams are based on present events, and 1/3rd based on past events, if one is able to interpred the dream 'symbolism'. Here then is a post that was sent by James to the 'Bluewave' list, with some interesting concepts to consider. - Alan
---"James T. Lee" wrote:
> Thanks for the very interesting information, Dee and Alan. I'll share something related to it. I started hearing about the astral world more than a decade ago. I became more acquianted with it in theosophy and with other experiencers. However. They don't use any scientific terms at all.. but simply "astral" and stuff. For years. I tried to figure out how it can be explained in science. Then last year. I came across a book which finally gave me an idea in the scientific sense what these astral world, OBE, etc. are. It's from the book called "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman. The following part says it all. He is explaining about OBE and the world he visits. Note that other OBEers will simply explain they go out in the body and visit the physical world. But Mr. Buhlman gave a much more accurate description (which caught my eyes). Very interesting. >
> Mr. Buhlman wrote (in page 70 of his book):
> "As my nonphysical explorations continued, I came to realize that I was observing and interacting within a parallel energy dimension. My concepts of space, time, and distance no longer seemed valid. I began to recognize that the dimension I was exploring when out-of-body was extremely close to the physical; in fact, it was not separated at all by space or distance, but rather by energy frequency or density. As strange as it may sound, the other dimensions (possibly countless numbers of them) exist with us now. In addition, I observed that each physical object possessed a nonphysical counterpart or energy duplicate that appeared similar to an energy mold. For example, the closest nonphysical dimension and its energy structures coexist with the physical dimension and function as a form of energy substructure for matter itself. However, the same nonphysical structures also exist completely independent of the physical universe.
> The immediate nonphysical environments I encountered appeared to be physical-like representations of matter. These non-physical objects, though stable in structure and quite similar to matter, were often not an exact duplicate of my physical surroundings. At first this was confusing, but slowly I learned that it was my expectation of reality that often needed reappraisal.
> I made several startling observations. First, we assume that our physical surroundings are the stable and firm basis of reality. We view density and form as the ultimate test of "real." But what if we are wrong in our assumptions? What if reality is completely relative to the vibratory rate of the observer? What if there are numerous, even countless, energy dimensions?
> Second, after repeatedly exploring the immediate nonphysical environment, I began to question whether the physical world is a duplicate of the nonphysical or vice versa. This observation is important because it points to the fundamental structure of all energy, matter, and reality as we know it. At first I assumed that the parallel nonphysical dimension was the result of matter. But with experience I have come to recognize that this is not so. The parallel universe is indeed a separate energy-universe that functions as the unseen substructure of all physical energy form and substance. The nonphysical and the physical are inseparable elements of the same. Third, I gradually began to understand that I was actually observing a continuum of energy. Each physical object we observe around us exists in multiple dimensions of the universe. As startling as it seemed, the end result was clear: all physical objects, including all life-forms, are multidimensional in nature. Everything we see around us exists as a continuum of energy.
> Matter is not the center of reality as we view it. Instead, matter appears to be the end result of a series of energy interactions occurring in the unseen dimensions. With each out-of-body experierice I realized more clearly that matter is only a tiny portion of the energy environments that exist. In many respects, matter is the dense outermost result of a magnificent chain of events occurring just beyond our physical vision.
> It appears that our perception of matter, the visible universe, and our place in the universe is completely inaccurate. The universe we see around us is not the center of reality; it is only the outer crust, the thin epidermis layer of the unseen universe. In time, I was further convinced that everything we believe is solid and real is only a temporary vehicle of consciousness. This solid reality around us only appears real to us because we are currently focusing on our physical senses. Once we separate from our biological body, the world of matter looks like a world of ghosts, a world of hazy, ethereal forms.
> With each out-of-body experience, I've observed that the solid physical objects around me appear as vaporous forms. In several instances, physical objects such as walls and furniture appeared like holographic images possessing a defined but va- porous substance. When I tried to touch these objects, my hand just passed through them. Often, I felt a tingling sensation as my hand or body moved through the physical objects, but the objects didn't seem real anymore in relationship to my new vi bratory rate. In addition, I noticed that the longer I remained separated from my body, the more my immediate physical surroundings seemed to fade from my view. It became obvious that the only reality to me was the objects or beings that were vibrating close to my new personal frequency rate. In other words, reality is relative to the vibrational density of the observer.