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According to many accounts, mere 'will power' does not always guarantee that one will escape the overlapping deceptions and psychic manipulations of the serpent race or the Grays. DIVINE INTERVENTION is, according to some, the only FAIL SAFE way to ensure oneself from being entangled by their deceptions, which are often deep, complex, and extremely subtle. There are actually accounts where people on the verge of being abducted began to pray, at which point the potential abductors left the scene. Also Clifford Stone, a high-level Military officer based at Roswell, New Mexico who has received much criticism from his higher-ups for his insistence on telling the public what he knows about the Grays, says that several 'skirmishes' between U.S. troops and alien Grays broke out in the jungles of southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, some of them ending in tragedy on our side. However one case involved a soldier who was a reborn Christian, who had a girlfriend in a particular village. During one visit he came upon a landed craft and some 'Grays' that were trying to entice some of the townsfolk to take a ride -- possibly a permanent one -- aboard their ship. The soldier came between the villagers and the Grays, and although his semi-automatic weapon had little effect against their bullet-proof uniforms, the Bible he carried and the cross he wore DID have a definite adverse and weakening effect against the intruders, which immediately left the scene. Stone also confirmed that there have been many 'dogfights' between the 'Nordics' and the 'Grays' that the government is aware of (source: article by Robert W. Boyajian in UFO UNIVERSE, Spring 1988).

In reference to 'Jill', Forest Crawford continues:

"...At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working overtime, so I decided to go for gold and ask her if they told her where they were from. Believe it or not she replied, 'Tau Seat-eye, does that make any sense?' Later I mentioned to Oscar that I was investigating a case that involved intense interaction with Grays and Tau Cetians showing up to help. He asked where the case was from and I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very accurate description of Jill and said he was aware that she had been contacted.

"Horvat showed several pictures of people from the archives of ufology, one of which was Drake; Oscar immediately picked Drake's photo from the stack and one could see the anger come over his face at the sight of this man. Follow up research by Horvat produced an interesting set of circumstances. The crash in question happened in 1961. Some of you will remember that Drake headed the OZMA program, the predecessor to S.E.T.I. In 1961 Drake announced that OZMA, in it's search for intelligent extraterrestrial radio signals, would first look to the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani..."

During one interview with Oscar, Crawford became concerned about the 'logistics' of a tunnel system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington D.C., etc., attempting to correlate this with their background in science. According to what Oscar revealed to Crawford and his research companion:

" became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning it was discovered, according to Oscar, that the tunnels went only a short distance and did not actually connect to the North Dakota base. The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window was opened. The 'exit door' of the time/space window simultaneously opened at the prescribed destination where the capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate."

One must wonder why an entire half hour was necessary for such an instantaneous transit, unless a tremendous speed was necessary to attain the subspace jump. There are accounts as given by researcher William Hamilton and others that some of the subterranean societies beneath America, the Telosians for instance, possess a tube-shuttle system. From his description it appears however that the Telosians utilized actual vacu-tube shuttle tunnels which stretch for hundreds if not thousands of miles. Perhaps the early shuttle systems constructed by ancient technically-advanced societies were of this variety, and were replaced or upgraded with time/space windows later? Is it possible that the government's eventual and alleged discovery of ancient tunnels, leading to this particular subsurface colony, has led to a JOINT Telosian-American use of the ancient sub-shuttle systems? Or are the tunnels referred to by Oscar entirely U.S. government constructions? Also, a similar network of vacu-tube 'shuttle' tunnels is also said to converge below Dulce, New Mexico, according to many sources. These are allegedly used mostly by the Grays, and possibly by certain mind-controlled 'CIA-MIB' type groups who may be working for them.

"The technology (for the teleport-tunnels described by Oscar - Branton) was supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the Philadelphia Experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also talked about the geological location of time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior...

"An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in studying patterns on special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough A FAIRLY LOCAL low gravity area can be found at... the locations mentioned by Oscar (Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but also in Missouri where Oscar claimed to have had most of his subsequent contacts-meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)... My research is finding some interesting patterns emerging by comparing the location of gravity anomalies, Indian reservations, military bases and cavern entrances. These specialty maps can be purchased at great prices from GEO-SCIENCE RESOURCES., 2990 Anthony Rd., Burlington, NC 27215..."

One last note on the above account. William Cooper describes another incident involving a reptilian 'gray' which was allegedly recovered from a crash-retrieval in the southwest. Enormous efforts were taken to try to save the 'life' of this ugly little beast (which had a 'tendency' to LIE its way through subsequent interviews with Military Intelligence), yet when it came to an actual HUMAN alien like 'Hank', certain people could apparently have cared less for his/their personal welfare. Cooper also alleged that the 'secret government' for a large part refused to ally themselves with the 'Nordics' or human-aliens who warned them about the malevolence of the Grays, and chose instead to go ahead and form an alliance with the reptilian 'grays' since an Illuminati-Gray alliance would seemingly help the cause of the power elite (serpent cults?) who were making a 'killing' off of exploiting the masses, a practice which the Grays themselves encouraged and assisted in. One claim is that the serpent cultists working in the government already maintained an ages- old pact with these draconian powers, and one can reason that because of THIS they may have refused the advances of the 'Nordics'. Apparently these did not desire to accept the 'conditions' required by the 'Nordics', which included the discontinuation of nuclear weapons proliferation and the cessation of multi-billion dollar war efforts which, according to many sources, have also filled the pockets of the secret government (which covertly operates through secret societies in nearly every country).

Tau Ceti has
habitable planet according to super-telescopic investigations

A Transmission from Tau Ceti !?