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As a last-ditch effort, the "Nordics" developed a super-weapon, possibly akin to a cobalt warhead, and launched or dropped it at/on Antarctica. The explosion was so great that it literally shook the planet, causing the earth to begin to wobble on its axis, and when the poles had shifted and stabilized the Antarctic had nearly overnight become the new southern pole, a frozen wasteland, and in turn the Gobi kingdom began turning into a barren desert.

There were still many other reptilian colonies which had survived in other parts of the world, however these mostly escaped into vast underground cavern systems, the entrances to which were carefully concealed in order to keep their human nemesis from finding them, although we might imagine that those who may have actually stumbled across these entrances rarely returned to tell the tale. One such underground system may have been the caverns of "Patalas" which according to Hindu tradition is a seven-leveled cavern realm stretching generally from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar Tibet, where some locals have allegedly encountered the cunning and cruel underground-dwelling reptilian "Nagas" and have seen their aerial ships entering and leaving the mountainous cliffs.

The "Nordics" also moved much of their civilization underground, into the "Agharti" cavern networks, and from time to time AS both sides spread their influence through the cracks and crevices of the earth, deadly clashes between the humans and the reptiloids broke out... in other cases human sorcerers greedy for personal gain would sell out their own kind and begin collaborating with the serpent race. Such a case was described by Robert E. Dickhoff in his book "AGHARTA", concerning one particular Tibetan monk who led 400 warrior-monks down into the caverns to do battle with a collaborating "serpent" cult composed of humans and reptilians, who they had learned were causing all manner of chaos and destruction in the surface realm by projecting dark energies towards the minds of those on the surface through the use of black witchcraft and sorcery. This underground cult used the word "Agartha" rather than "Agharti" as a code-word to indicate just which human "channels" belonged to them.

Anyway, this is about where Maurice Doreal's account leaves off, however we "might" conclude, by attempting to find the common denominators between other similar stories, more or less the following...

Both species developed aerial and space technologies, possibly utilizing antediluvian technologies found abandoned in the depths of the planet, that would eventually carry their species-war to the Moon and to Mars [explaining the reputed "signs" of ancient conflicts on both of those "planets" -- note: many consider the earth & moon to actually be a double-planet]. Ultimately once hyperspace travel was refined, they would take their war to the stars. There are some who claim that it took the U.S.A. only approximately 40 years to go from Kitty Hawk to manipulating hyperspace [Philadelphia experiment], although the early experiments with hyperspace were of course very unstable, dangerous and even deadly. Anyway, once hyperspace travel was accomplished the ancients might have been able to colonize a good section of the galaxy within only a few centuries.

Could this explain the claims made by some contactees of interstellar wars that have raged between the Nordic "Lyrans" and the Reptiloid "Dracos"? The Vega Lyrans are now reportedly allied with other human colonial worlds such as those in Zenatae Andromeda, Tau Ceti and Procyon whereas the Alpha Dracos have apparently extended their empire to Epsilon Bootes, Rigel Orion, and Zeta II Reticuli. A third "intermediary" group -- wherein both humanoid and reptiloid and other genetically-engineered species reportedly engage in conflicts and/or collaborations due to involvement with a common non-exclusive collective or group-mind matrix called the "Ashtar" or "Astarte" network -- is centered in Sirius-B and in turn in Arcturus, Aldebaran, and Altair.

But for some reason planet earth is considered by all sides to be the KEY to the whole conflict, which is why ALL SIDES are taking a direct interest in events here. What does our planet possess that the "aliens" desire? Well, a few possibilities may include: ancient underground repositories; the "root" genetic sources from which many of the galactic civilizations were born; rare minerals, chemicals, and water in abundance; a remarkably unique electromagnetic grid which is very conducive to the establishment or programming of dimensional-time-star gates; a rare meta-gene factor in humans which many alien groups desire to integrate/assimilate into their own sub-species; and an INCREDIBLE VARIETY of genetic, animal, and vegetable life forms. And the fact it, planet earth [the "divine tear"] is an extremely attractive-appearing "prize" to look at from both without and within.

This is what many of the entities interacting with planet earth desire. There are many contactees who also refer to "Galactica" type scenarios of stellar civilizations undergoing some type of crisis which moves them to engage in a quest for the legendary home world from which their most distant ancestors came, and their search has led to... "mother earth". Still other contactees state that the entire galactic federation worlds can be traced back to an ancient alliance between the Sol-Vega systems... some suggesting that life was planet on earth from Vega, whereas others believe it was the other way around... and apparently the Dracos are one of those.

Aside from any territorial "paternal" instinct on the part of the "Draconians" to re-conquer their "home planet" [earth], some of the worst reptilian sub-species have an even more sinister motive. These are the vampirial types, who actually seek to feed off of human emotional energies and life force/essence in order to acquire the energy that they apparently need not only to infiltrate our world but also our dimension. Having genetically engineered themselves along more "warrior instinct" lines, what little connection they might have had to a "spiritual" side has been all but eliminated, and they are motivated only by the predatory instinct of their collective which apparently knows only one agenda: conquer, assimilate, consume! All this has been confirmed by many abductees, especially in more recent years. There is one reptilian "world" that has however been identified as being more-or-less friendly towards humans... and that is a FEMALE-DOMINATED society in Capella which has recently broken free of the Greys and their male-dominated Draco masters. Big wonder, since female "reptilians" would probably be more in touch with their emotional/spiritual nature than would the male-dominated types.

"Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps." - PSALMS 148:7

As a result of the space-time-dimension travel however, or simply as a result of being fully integrated by the indwelling astral entity, many of the reptilian alien types are no longer exactly "in phase" with our linear third dimensional reality, and for this reason these "repti-poltergiests" as I call them are using HUMANS in a parasite-host capacity, attempting to assimilate humans genetically [hybrids], psychically [implants], and even bioplasmically [not ALL of the "blood" that is drawn out of partial or permanent abductees is used for "experiments"... I'll just leave it at that], in order to regain access to our dimension. Some claim that the Crowleyan rituals and Montauk projects have been very useful to them in the area of tearing holes in the fabric of space-time that separates our dimension from theirs.

And since these types of entities feed off of the collective darkness of humanity, the only real way to defeat them is to first defeat the "enemy within". Try whatever method of resistance you will, but I will tell you what has worked for me. Like St. George the Dragonslayer of old, I have taken up the sword, the shield, and the altar of the "cross". This symbol of the marriage/union of the Creator's perfect JUSTICE with the Creator's perfect MERCY is, I have learned, a weapon that the forces of darkness can NEVER overcome, and the ONE weapon that WILL defeat them in the end...