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In the mid-1940's a welder by the name of Richard Shaver mailed a manuscript titled "A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN" to Ray Palmer, editor of AMAZING STORIES sci-fi/sci-fact magazine. Palmer re-wrote the ms. and added much of his own metaphysical and occultic ideas to the plot, re-naming it "I REMEMBER LEMURIA".

Shaver claimed to have had actual physical contact with members of a cavern-dwelling society known as the Teros, humans like us who were at war with another subterranean race of degenerate man-beasts known as the Deros.

According to Shaver, after the Deros had wiped out the underground community with which he was involved, he never again visited "the caves" in a physical sense, however he claimed that following this he began receiving "messages" via the "telaugs", or electronically enhanced focused telepathic augmentation beams, claiming to be from the "Teros".

Many readers of AMAZING STORIES believed that, as time passed, Shaver began to fall under the influence of the Deros, becoming more delusional and paranoid and confused, unwilling to admit the possibility that the "messages" just might not be originating from his erstwhile cavern dwelling friends, the Teros. You can't really blame him if this was the case, as he was a lone warrior fighting a battle against an enemy few of us could even begin to comprehend, especially at that time. Also Palmer's influence in drawing him and others deeper into occultic and wiccan philosophies [i.e. one can contact the "Teros" by making themselves an "open channel", not realizing that there were other more malevolent astral parasites out there looking for a human "host"] probably did not help his situation much. Palmer went on to start FATE magazine, which although it has carried some very valuable information in the past was and is also a popular stomping ground for the New Age and Wicca crowd.

Anyway, the so-called "Teros" that were tapped-in to Shaver's mind, some including myself believed, were not always who they claimed to be, but rather sorcerers passing themselves off as "Teros". The overall effect of the "voices" which communicated with Richard Shaver, Shaver's own blind faith in these voices, and Shaver and Palmer's attempts to convert the information into sci-fi and occult format to placate both his technical and/or metaphysical oriented readers, resulted in the "final drafts" of Shaver's stories actually tending to discredit the entire subterranean world idea, making it sound so fantastic and ridiculous and offensive to the Judeo-Christian ethic and the Scientific crowd alike that all but the most die-hard believers rejected his claims off-hand, and even many of the remaining believers were drawn deeper into the occultic propaganda which Shaver's "sources" no doubt wanted to use not only to create an atmosphere of ridicule [as they have also done with the UFO phenomena, and especially with the UNDERGROUND BASE phenomena where the subterranean/aerial phenomena converge] but to also bring all who they possibly could under their supernatural spell, since many of these denizens of the deep -- I am convinced -- are physical beings yes, but demonically-influenced beings who are nevertheless adept in the ancient dark arts of remote sorcery and witchcraft and occult mind control. Take it or leave it.

If one could consider the possibility of the existence of a race of deformed and degenerate subterranean sorcerers intent on dividing, conquering, infiltrating and invading the surface world [which they consider to be the "pasture" where the inferior "livestock" who are destined to feed and serve their "race" knowingly or unknowingly] reside... then the very release of such information might threaten their plans if not their subsurface empire[s] itself. So, if we consider this a possibility, then we might see how they might have manipulated Richard Shaver into bringing ridicule and discredit to a subterranean reality that was in danger of being exposed, and at the same time draw numerous people into the pit of dark occultism by convincing them that they, too, could become channels for the "Tero thought beams". Shaver, again no doubt with noble intent, ended up spending much of his time cutting open rocks in order to read the stone "picture books" that the ancient had supposedly left...

Regardless of all this however, something else happened that we might consider very positive. Shaver's stories prompted literally thousands of letters, articles, reports and personal accounts of encounters with unexplained subsurface anomalies. Sure, there were probably the fantasies and hoaxes thrown in, but the bulk of these accounts tended to corroborate each other and in fact create a "master puzzle" that DID in fact begin to make sense to those with the discernment to see the "deeper" picture. Such reports would have otherwise remained hidden tormented memories of those who kept such stories to themselves for fear of being labeled lunatics. However with the "Shaver Mystery" in full swing in the pages of AMAZING STORIES magazine, such people were provided with the ideal sounding-board for them to air their experiences, whether it be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd hand information.

In my early years of research into subterranean anomalies I would spend literally hundreds of hours combing through back issues of AMAZING STORIES [circa 1945-1950] in a large university library and read in awe the multitudes of articles and letters on underground phenomena that were provided by Palmer and Shaver, and originally possibly some of our "fallen comrades" within the inner world below who had managed to send us warnings of a sort concerning the battles taking place beneath the earth, a battle which they warned would one day over-flow out to the surface realm.

I was at the time beginning to learn that many of the occultic ideas of preparing oneself to be a "channel" for supernatural energies was a self-destructive path, considering all of the ethereal parasites out there in the ectoplasmic realm who were looking for human hosts, and would masquerade as any "benevolent" entity that they could in order to sink their astral tentacles into the ever gullible. I came to realize through trial and error that the only "channel" who I could trust to respect my personal sovereignty was Jesus of Nazareth, and none other. As the good book says, "resist not evil but overcome evil with good." With my new friendship with the "Lamb" of God above, I was able to expose the lies of the "Serpent" below which had sunk its astral fangs into my soul, devouring my ectoplasmic life force energies to feed its own insatiable appetite, as it has done and still does with millions around the world. I also had a sense at the time that Shaver, in spite of some honorable intentions, was nevertheless being fed propaganda by the "Deros", and so I felt a sense that I should steer clear of many of his later admittedly occult-fiction novellettes that appeared in A.S. magazine, and stick with the other more tangible accounts sent in my the readers.

However in the beginning, Shaver nevertheless was one of the original few to voice a warning of an imminent infiltration and/or invasion of the surface world by a demonically-possessed underground race. In his book THE TIME MACHINE, the ever prophetical H. G. Wells wrote about a subterranean race of man-beasts, the "Morlocks", which literally fed off of those on the surface as a parasite would feed off of its "host".

Sometime in the 1950's or before, or so I had heard from a few different sources, an oceanographer by the name of William Beebee had made a bizarre statement to reporters that one day we would be attacked and invaded by a subterranean race. Beebee vanished without a trace sometime after he made this statement. He was lowered in a diving bell off the coast of Florida, and when the SEALED diving bell was brought up and opened it was empty!

Some may read accounts of underground alien activity and, because of the way it is written, discredit it as insane babblings, as many had done with Richard Shaver's writings in spite of the fact that the so-called "Shaver Mystery" dominated the pages of AMAZING STORIES for at least 5 years and created numerous off-shoot magazines, newsletters, books, clubs, and so on. In fact, some may look at certain of my own earlier writings -- during the time when I was struggling to sort out a very confusing enigma which was apparently designed to create confusion in order to conceal its inward secrets; also subject to intense psychic and emotional pain which I KNOW was the result of astral/psychic/energy attacks against my being -- and like with Shaver many may have considered these desperate attempts to conquer, synthesize and make sense out of a very complex mystery to be the ramblings of yet another deluded paranoid fanatic. Oh well, believe what you will. I DO admit that I was [and probably still am] in way over my head. But thanks to my "higher power" I have not been "consumed". I certainly to NOT want to fight this battle alone, and I know that MANY OTHERS who have fought this real-life "Dungeons & Dragons" warfare could say the same thing. Volunteer recruits ARE being accepted, but I would warn you to make the King of Kings your "Commander In Chief", otherwise the "Serpent" will chew you up and spit you out. I know this by personal EXPERIENCE!

I would however suggest that rather than judging "my own" research and writings, that you would rather consider the ORIGINAL sources of the information -- for in reality I am really just passing on and consolidating what others have reported -- rather than a writer who is trying to piece the information together in an attempt to bring some sense of balance and order to his concept of reality, which has been challenged and stretched to the limit by the appearance of collaborating information from numerous sources that flies in the face of the programmed "reality" which the media monopolists tell us we are supposed to accept. Remember, they are in the business of making money and selling-out to those who can supply it to them, and NOT necessarily in the business of the TRUTH. So refuse to be "assimilated" by their propaganda machine!

Also, perhaps we should not reject EVERYTHING that Richard Shaver tried to tell us either, especially his original message which he delivered in his "WARNING TO FUTURE MAN."

Enter the Inner Earth
(If You Dare...)