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To: "alan dewalton"
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 17:06:50 -0400


Love your site, got a chance to see the time travel stuff great. Would love it if you would put my list name as the place where you got the info from Lo/25367 . Keep up the good work.

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Sincerely Terry Tim Rodgers
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Sat, 05 Sep 1998 08:12:40 -0600

Dear friends,

This is a PRIVATE post. Be carefull who you pass it along to.

I must grudgingly admit that I believe this guy. He is talking about the passage of a gas planet next June 21, 1999. It will trigger the earth changes with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, acid ash in the air, the sky on fire, etc. There will be sinking and rising of land masses. Since California is crisscrossed with faults, the whole state will collapse and fall as the ocean rises to engulf it. I think this will happen to much of Oregon and Washington too. In 1992 I saw a vision of earthquakes and volcanic eruption and a great tsunami that crushed portland, Tacoma, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC.

Where I am now is a volcanic area. I probably will eventually make my way to Eastern Colorado where the plateau falls to a lower altitude, around Greely. That is, unless there is a "rapture" which includes me. I did receive another vision in 1996 that "told" me that a snatching away of the faithful would occur just after the volcanoes erupt on the West Coast.


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5 Sep 1998 05:55:26 -0000 From:
Secret Squirrel
[MysteriesOfTheUnknown] I am here!

Hello Everyone.

First off my name is Lo/25367.
After the year 2004 all are granted a number instead of a name.

Although this is a private list I am still capable of using my anonymous server. Your servers of today are very unintelligent. We don't use Fiber-optic string; we use conscious waves to transfer data. Although we still use keyboards and monitors we are able to admit just about anything with our though.

If you desire me to answer question then please inquire me. I will answer solely if you inquire. I have educated you with many items already. I listened to a question about California and answered it by telling you how much solid earth mass now exists in my time. This would be an response wouldn't it?

I told you about your chief executive, and what will happen.

I can answer each and every question, but ask them in particular direction , not roundabout.

I am very overwhelmed as the animosity members have. I am here to assistance, not harm. If you desire me not to be here I can travel.

Here are many things that might help

As I stated:

> there is another celestial body coming. It pass by the earth on June 21,1999. It brings three days of gloom. It just adds to the difficulties that are besetting the earth.

This planet is constructed of many gases. They will cause primary disturbance in all the earth's atmospheres. This is what causes three days of gloom. It will cause numerous people to go psychotic. Some will think the end is here. As the gases go into the earth atmosphere they will cause the sky to appear as if it were an inferno. As the planet passes near it causes many earthquakes. California-China-The whole east coast of USA-Alaska-Mexico-Australia-Russia-mid east. The earth is in a major disturbance now , but when this planet passes by it completes the cycle. There are no major earth changes before this planet passes, but after it does they don't terminate for three years. While the planet passes, it turns into a very dangerous time for the entire earth's population. I went through this time myself it was frighting.

If you wish to know about my time I will tell you. We use vehicles that hover. They use the sun's energy. The planet is quite hot. The population of the whole earth is around 1 billion. Most people live in subterranean passages although there are still a few that live in dwellings on the surface. We still use special vehicle that travel on land, but they cause so much damage to the earth atmosphere that they were banned from being developed. After the planet passed, things altered a great deal. People were so frightened that they heeded to nearly anything that was said.

As I told you before aliens will land on November13, 1998. This is a good thing and a bad thing. They are on the earth for one reason. To take over the world.

Although it took us some years for us to detect this.

I was sent here by the G.O.D. =1+369. They are an assembly of mankind that are opposed to the one world government that is called United Federation of States. The Federation has no concept that I am here or my partner. If they did I would be exanimated. In our assembly we have many people that come here continually to share and assistance. We are so amazed that some people don't comprehend. I can comprehend why the fall and the change did take place. Sure your government is concealing things from you, my government does this to me now, but there is a strong alliance that is opposing them and I am part of it.

Gore does bring the world into the Federation, but he only is in office one term. Although you might contemplate you have a government you donít. The true government is the Federation.

It started long ago. It has been called the N.W.O. etc. There is about to be a fall in your government that will be trigger to start the control. The under-government stages this to gain complete access. They will betrayed everyone.

The next event you must look for is the fall of the Latin American economy. When this starts then the fall will take place very soon.

I go for now. I can only direct my transaction as they permit, please be patient for response.

Live in Peace, while you still have it.

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 07:41:52 -0600

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 13:35:01 +0900 (JST)
[MysteriesOfTheUnknown] Answers


Who is the G.O.D. =1+369?
G=Galactic O=Ordained D=Deities 1+369= These are holy symbols that I canít bestow as yet.

Also are you part of the higher hierarchy, or angelic hierarchy that are told by > God to help us down here?

You are a smart individual. I observe you have been influenced. Yes we are, but I am only fraction angelic.

We will be here only for a brief duration of time until the flight happens. Which will be quickly.

Also can you pinpoint the situations that are going to happen to us now and into the future?

As I have validated to you many items will happen inside the next few years.

Pinpoint a thing soon? Latin America economy will descend within the next two weeks.

I mean what things did you experience in your time?

My time if very burdensome. We have every aspect restrained. How we live, work and play.

You must reckon that when 12 passed it effected the entire solar system. All the orbits are totally different. That is for what reason the earth moves. Our orbit is considerable closer to the sun. The entire planet is very hot. After the planet passed, the earthís gaseous envelope changed. The gamma rays from the sun came to close to the earth and caused the ozone layer to decline to a hazardous point. This cycle made everything so heated, that for a period of two years it was difficult to go outdoors into the open air, what there was of it. This also shaped the poles melting and the volcanic activity. Many humans were able to make it through this shift because they prepared. The control of state has known about these circumstances for years and has arranged themselves. They are not concerned about the typical personage.

That is why I am in this world. I can help, but I canít intercede. If you have wisdom you will understand what I declare.

There are many municipals underground. We are entirely merged via travel containers. These containers help keep us in contact with each other. These municipals are far and wide. In our Capital Dayton Ohio, Russia, Mid-East, Arizona, New River, West LosMist, etc. A total of 35. The old capital is under water. The whole East and West Shore were destroyed. So was Florida and most of Mexico. The Shore on the west is now Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Las Vegas. In the east it runs from Albine New York to Atlanta Georgia. The Mississippi River and the Great Lakes are completely connected.

The dilemma we encounter is domination. We are not authorized to be independent. Alas many people became disturbed and designed the G.O.D. accompanied by the alien hybrid race called the Pleiadianís which came to assistance during this terrible time. I understand this may all sound extraordinary. But you will comprehend. The change is vast and numerous and many will cease to be. These are all truths. The vehicles that hover are made from electromagnetic waves, which is technology perceived from my kinsmen, the Pleiadian Confederacy.

You said that Clinton does not finish the term of office.Could you please tell us what is going to happen to him, and when, and what is the situation(s) that causes that to happen?

Clinton leaves position for an undisclosed incentive, although everyone comprehends why. Because of the disgrace and his physical state. The impeachment hearing will beginning, only to be sealed by him resigning.

ps when Lynn said: "Maybe if there is something that we have forgotten to ask you, could you please tell us?" then you would *know* exactly what people are after in their minds.

I do comprehend what humankind is seeking in their minds. That is what alarms me. The dilemma is that people are not permitted to listen because there is no economical increase. They want to listen, but canít understand. I may tell you all you want to comprehend, but unless you take action my statements are useless.

Answer to the garments:

These items are all signs.

1. The SHU.GAR.RA she put on her head. This is the protecting shield the people wear to shield themselves from the radiation. It also maintains a level of temperature in the apparel.

2."Measuring pendants," on her ears. This is a listening mechanism.

3. Chains of small blue stones, around her neck. These are employed for all classification of interaction. They are translucent connectors.

4. Twin "stones," on her shoulders. These are apparatus that maintain gravitation equality.

5. A golden cylinder, in her hands. Protective weapon made of gold and yields laser rays.

6. Straps, clasping her breast. Breathing apparatus.

7. The PALA garment clothed around her body.


Garment worn for total protection during landings
Live In Peace While You Can


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And yet another post...

My dear Terry:

Life is propelling fast. Things are modifying to hastily. Things are modifying swifter then anticipated. Someone or something has modified time and disrupted it. This could transform everything.

I have been instructed that we should go shortly. An event occurred in the solar system that was not to occur. There is an enormous light arriving. We must leave before it strikes.

This was in no way reported in our manuals. We have checked. This is some species of time burp. This anticipates another alien entity to arrive on earth.

I am very overwhelmed. I will uncover as much as I can, and if conceivable I will transmit to you what will be occurring soon.


Hmmm, they've apparently come back in time to find that their own time/history is changing. Supposing there is anything to all of this we might guess that the event-stream is being split... but in this case which would be the original timeline, ours or theirs? Some have suggested that we are on the "second time around", that we have been given a second chance and that a probable future has played itself out in the fourth dimension you might say, possibly one that was reinforced by Montauk type time travel, which might be the case when we consider that the New World Order apparently controls the world in "Lo's" dimension. I have thought of an analogy though. What if a train [present timeline inhabitants] was traveling along a track [timeline] and some of the passengers figured out a way to jump ahead, far down the tracks, and decided to create a concentration camp to "capture" the train when it catched up? In the battle between the train and the camp who would win? What if the train decides to just crash right through and NOT submit to the "reality" that the time travelers have created? In this case only one reality would be allowed to remain in the third dimension since two different 3d matrixes can not occupy the same space. One would be forced to phase out of 3d, possibly into a 4d timebranch or quasireality!? The montauk people have said that many attempts to create other timelines have been attempted, yet these timelines must be ENERGIZED by the ORIGINAL timeline, just like several "branches" must be held up by the "trunk" and thus the branches are weaker than the trunk in that they are dependent on the same. Just some temporal possibilities to consider. I hope I haven't "lost" any of you...


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