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Mr. X, Preston Nicholes, Threats, Etc.

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Threats Against Real Investigators

Maybe Art Bell's excuse for "retirement" isn't so outlandish after all. Besides the regular threats issued to Ian Goddard of TWA fame, Montauk investigators Preston Nichols & John Quinn have recently received threats from police, and John Ford remains in jail. Meanwhile, THE WINDS, which also has been working on TWA 800, also has threats of death and warnings of government/media smears. Freedom of speech is alive and well.

Date: Sunday, October 04, 1998 04:30:01 PM
From: J9 Aq9
Subj: Crazy--NOT!


The feds are trying to get Preston Nichols put away on insanity charges! Several months ago, Mr. X., whose communications to me regarding his having been trained as a mind controlled gov't agent you published earlier this year, connected with and became friendly with Nichols in NY. About a month ago Mr. X, whom I refer to as "Mr Coffee" in my report, was on a LI cable talk show in which he totally spilled major beans about his past--as to involvement in/victimization by government mind control programming and such. The next day he says feds tried to off him.

Not long after this Mr. X he was arrested at his home in NJ by local cops who were there to confiscate his legal handgun by court order, due to a formal complaint against X having been filed by a suspiciously vengeful ex-girlfriend (as in she was put up to it by FBI).

Though exhibiting complete compliance with all the officers' requests, some pretext was used as an excuse to indicate that X had been abusive and uncooperative with the cops and he was arrested. Mr. X was then immediately remanded to a gov't mental institution from which he has spent several weeks trying to extricate himself. So far he is out of the bin but the presiding judge has not yet closed the case.

Now a similar thing is being tried on Nichols. Preston hasn't been arrested yet as far as I know. The feds are moving in--trying a "John Ford" on him--using confiscated materials to bolster their attempt to have him declared legally insane. It's unbelievable. Some people in the gov't must be very scared. Interestingly, the as yet unidentified agents/officers who invaded both Nichols' home on LI as well as some rural property he owns in Pennsylvania were from New Jersey

I don't believe they can make it stick with Nichols but they could really cause him a serious pain in the ass.

I have not talked to him as of this stuff happening and don't know what if any kind of formal charges are being leveled at him. Agents are "gathering evidence" from his properties under what is apparently a federal warrant--as agents have crossed state lines in enforcing it, and I guess they can take that "evidence" to some paid-off judge and get an order remanding Nichols to a gov't psychiatric facility. Of course someone or some (covert) government agency instigated this, to get Preston out of circulation.

I would say this shows that the entire Montauk Project issue and related issues (such as other MK operations, HAARP, Fight 800, etc.) have become a major concern to certain powers that be at this time. Considering Preston's not-inconsiderable clout with certain "Constitutionalist" elements of the government--in particular the military, whoever is behind this xxxx is definitely pretty powerful--and/or wacko. John Quinn

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 08:38:48 AM
From: J9 Aq9
Subj: Extremely Urgent!
To: Robalini


I Don't know if you've published the blurb about Nichols and Mr. X (Coffee) and the harassment they have been receiving. If so--PLEASE ADD THE FOLLOWING!!--or if not, please publish immediately with the following addition.

I am being subjected to harassment by local law enforcement, in what is clearly emerging as a similar pattern along with what has occurred recently with others connected to (investigating) the Montauk Project! Basically the pattern is for local law enforcement, at the instigation of federal authorities, move against a person for any reason they can either dig up or manufacture: once the target is taken into custody mental incompetency or other factors are cited as necessitating involuntary incarceration in a mental institution. At which point, good luck. It is NOT easy to get out once they gotcha in!!!

For unknown reasons county sheriff's deputies have been combing my neighborhood, asking every (male, I guess) person they came in contact with if they were me, if they knew me or knew where I lived. Apparently due to a missing address number the Keystone Kops were unable to locate my residence. Fortunately my neighbors don't like cops even more than they don't like me and graciously declined all knowledge of my whereabouts.

Due to the squeaky clean nature of my life in terms of legal complications and entanglements, there is virtually nothing these guys could legitimately need to connect with me about other than some traffic problems, and that is assuredly NOT the way deputies pursue outstanding traffic warrants. That is of course unless local law enforcement has been directed by some federal agency to find anything at all to use against someone; any possible reason to justify going after that person. Of course, during the course of that interaction, probably due to severely negative opinion of the target on the part of the officers, due to deliberately and maliciously distorted information given them about the target-- along the lines of: this guy is a baby-raping, small animal-torturing slimeball from hell who has somehow managed to escape getting his ass kicked and thrown in jail for too go get him!--some innocuous comment, movement or whatever is used as a pretext to make an arrest followed by a visit to the funny farm.

Something is definitely very strange about what is being directed towards me by local law enforcement and it follows directly on the heels of similar harassment directed against Mr. X, dubbed Mr. "Coffee" in my report, Preston Nichols, and John Ford a couple of years ago.

Rob, please publish the facts of this harassment against me right away. I am actually rather concerned at this point and feel my best defense is dissemination of the truth and the facts as widely as possible. Thanks dude.

Take Care
John Quinn

Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 12:10:14 PM
Subj: TWA800 Cover-up Admitted
------------------------------------------- -(free to copy nonprofit with attribute)-


In a tape-recorded debate between Reed Irvine and James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's TWA 800 crash investigation, Kallstrom is reported to admit that three ships tracked on radar near the crash "were Navy ships on classified maneuvers." [1]

The ships in question were within 3 to 6 miles of the crash, in the very same area that triangulated witness accounts indicate to be the launch site of the rocket that witnesses saw shoot down TWA 800. [2] The official story had been that the closest Navy ship, the USS Normandy, was 185 miles away.

Kallstrom was recorded by Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media [3] on September 14, 1998 during a debate between the two over the phone. The tape recording was first released during a special meeting of the organization Judicial Watch. [4] It was first made known to the public on October 28, with the publi- cation of a letter from private investigator Com- mander William Donaldson [5] to Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, wherein Commander Donaldson states:

"I...have in my possession a taped conversa- tion held on 14 September 1998 between Deputy Director Kalstrom (Retired) and Mr. Reed Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media. That conversation puts Deputy Director Kalstrom on record with two startling new facts. He alleges:

1. The 30-knot surface contact was a helicopter. 2. Three of the surface radar contacts were U.S. Navy vessels conducting classified operations."[6]

Supporting Kallstrom's admission is the fact that many witnesses reported seeing Navy ships in the area. The Village Voice reported [7] that Dean Steward and Susan Smith saw "a naval warship about three miles offshore" a few hours before the crash. Steward, an eight-year Navy vet, said the ship was an Aegis Ticonderoga-class cruiser. Another witness, Barbara Pacholk, reports that she saw a surfaced submarine and two Navy ships just before the crash.

In addition, The Winds reports [1] that Commander Donaldson has "obtained testimony from several wit- nesses, one of whom is an ex-Navy Bombardier/navi- gator... who observed an Aegis Cruiser to the west of the air disaster." The Winds goes on to note that "Because of the highly trained nature of [the witness], Donaldson, in his words, considers the identification of the Aegis Cruiser to be 'posi- tive, with 100% credibility.'"


The issue of ships in the area first arose after the NTSB released a preliminary report last year, which included radar plots of the crash scene with several tracks said to be unidentified "boats."[8]

Prior to the resent admission, the FBI refused to identify these radar tracks. When Congressman James Trafficant asked the FBI to identify the radar-track- ed craft now admitted to be Navy ships, the FBI re- sponded by citing the Privacy Act (US Code 5:552a). [9] Such a response is in itself an admission of a cover-up. Commander Donaldson countered by saying that the Navy is not covered by the Privacy Act.[6]

Even without the recent admission of Navy ships in the area, such could be logically deduced from the available evidence: (a) eyewitness accounts of Navy vessels and activity (missile launchings), (b) radar tracks of large "boats," and (c) the citing by the FBI of the Privacy Act in order to conceal from the public the identities of those radar-tracked ships.


After first claiming that no Navy assets were in the area accept a P-3 Orion aircraft, the Navy then admit- ted that they had three submarines in the area. After first claiming that there were no military man- euvers in the area that night [10], months later the Navy admitted that there were. In addition, TWA 800 researcher Tom Shoemaker proved that there was a large-scale wargame in the area during July 17, 1996, and private investigator James Sanders learned through his inside contacts that the Navy was testing advanced anti-missile technologies that evening. [11]

Now, after claims that the closest Navy ship was 185 miles away, comes the admission that Navy ships were in fact within 3 to 6 miles of the TWA 800 crash, in the very area from which witnesses saw a missile rise.

[1] THE WINDS: TWA Flight 800 Analysts Say FBI Is Intentionally Obstructing Justice. October 6, 1998. link
[2] Triasngulation of Witness Accounts Indicating Line of Sight: link
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[7] VILLAGE VOICE: How Did TWA Flight 800 Blow Up? By Robert Davey, March 3, 1998. link
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[9] Department of Defense press conference, July 23, 1996: link
[10] The Downing of TWA Flight 800. By James Sanders, 1997. link


- the critics are raving -

"Shouldn't this be expunged?...[since] it is spreading fear and suspicion of the government." Lesley Stahl (CBS - 60 Minutes)

Call the police! Newsday reports that "another site linked to Goddard's" is linked to another site that "pictures a woman's bare derrierre." BTW, I'm still (drool) looking for that site

On CNN, a Federal official said Goddard's TWA 800 inquiry has caused "real damage." ergo: stopping Goddard = damage control



Date: Friday, October 09, 1998 09:04:08 PM
Subj: TWA800 News Source Threatened

On the night of the same day that The WINDS broke the story about FBI agent James Kallstrom saying on tape that three ships in the area of TWA 800 were US Navy ships, The WINDS office was visited by someone who apparently relayed to them death threats against them and also informed them that there was a plan in the works to destroy the reputation of The WINDS by a series of soon- to-materialize, apparently GovtMedia-sourced, stories to, apparently, destroy the reputation of The WINDS.

As The WINDS (link) just reported today:

"Tuesday night of this week The WINDS office was visited by a personage who requested anonymity. He had been privy to a series of communications naming names and circumstances that raised an ominous specter. At The WINDS we have received some violent correspondence and one death threat. Our visitor on Tuesday shared with us information on several death threats in regards to us he had heard personally. He reported that this weekend of October 10, 1998 a meeting was being held involving some persons in high places who were making plans to end this institution. The mob would be used to chorus a host of reports which would be calculated to reduce the influence of our work to zero. Other scenarios would include certain legal action which may severely limit or end our work entirely."

"He who pursues learning will increase every day; he who pursues Tao will decrease every day."

Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

This message, and the recent letters from UFO activist John Ford below, are going to all in my address book who've expressed an interest in John's case in past. My own inolvement dates from the time of John's arrest some two years ago when I was instrumental in forming the John Ford Defense Committee.

As you may recall, John was arrested on charges of threatening to harm someone on Long Island. John may have said threatening words, but if so it was an idle boast as men do when they get together. My fundamental belief about the arrest of John Ford has not changed: John Ford never harmed anyone, he would not harm anyone, and he should not be in jail. Unfortunately, he still is in jail...

The following 2 letters were received from John in Sept. & Oct. l998. The letters are heartfelt and describe John's current circumstances. Feel free to write to John at: John Ford (8-29-48), Riverhead County Jail, 100 Centre Drive, Riverhead, NY 11981

Dear Friends:

I am very sorry about not writing to all of you for the past 6 months. I was very depressed and felt like not writing to anyone while I was in the hospital. The atmosphere was depressing and I didn't have the desire to write.

Last Thursday I was transferred back to the County Jail at Riverhead (NY) after it was determined by the hospital I was competent to stand trial. The end result is I am sitting in a cell awaiting a trial date in Riverhead. I've been to court today and I go back Thursday to receive a trial date. It would be a week or 30 days from now.

I have to admit I am a little scared to go to trial since I don't know how things will come out and there appears to be a lot of damaging evidence on their side of the question--a lot of which appears to be made up and is just short of perjury.

This has cost me my home (sold at auction Jan. 20), my credit rating, my public reputation, and the organization--the Long Island UFO Network--I slaved 10 years to create. Now my very freedom is at stake as it nears the deadline for a trial date.

I ask this of all you all--to keep the faith and say a little prayer to the man upstairs and wish me luck when I go back to court.

My stay at the Mid-Hudson hospital was a break from the atmosphere of the jail here at Riverhead, though both are depressing places. I managed to lose 47 lbs at the hospital because they put me on a reduction diet. I had ballooned up to 267 lbs during the year I was in jail before going to the hospital. So far I have slimmed down and intend to lose more weight.

My attorney John Rouse is working hard for me and he is trying to get the charges dismissed. I hope he succeeds. We'll see what happens.

Thank you all for sticking beside me. Thank you for all the help you have extended on my behalf, and the money you have sent. I am deeply indebted to you all. Sincerely, John Ford

P.S. Any of you who wish may contact Preston Nichols here on Long Island at 516-581-1574. He can give you a running dialogue of what is happening.

Dear Friends: Oct. 1998

Some of you have written, and I thank you for the sentiments expressed. As some of you said, I deserved none of this. It's true, but it has happened anyway,.

The blame for it rests squarely on the shoulders of the UFO coverup. From everything I have endured and experienced I have developed the belief that the coverup is administered here on Long Island and partly expressed through the Suffolk County Police Department.

We've known the police department here on the Island has a special briefing manual distributed to inspectors, deputy inspectors and precinct commanders detailing what to do in a UFO situation, how to control and cover up the situation, and what federal agencies to contact to get them to intervene and cover up the incident. They also have harrassed us in the the past and have threatened us in the past both verbally and in writing.

The police have also cooperated with the Feds in staging situations where they can discredit the reputation of individuals who are UFO witnesses. Their usual method is to run the witness (victim) into Stonybrook psychological department on either a suicide attempt charge or stating the person is acting strangely. From there either the person is usually confined or has been threatened by the police and psychiatrists into silence. They do this and I know for a fact they they do it because they did it to several key witnesses from the Southaven Park UFO crash case. Now they are doing it to me.

The third day I was imprisoned I was told I had an attorney visit. I went there expecting to see John Rouse, but I was led into a cubicle where they was an attorney sitting waiting for me. It wasn't John Rouse. As I sat down he introduced himself as a Mr. Kevin Kerraus, and he informed me he was here to represent me free of charge. He further stated he was from friends on the outside who were deeply concerned about me. He went on to say he had been in conference with Catterson (the District Attorney) and that all I had to do was wait and Catterson would drop the charges. When he would do so would be at his own discretion.

This was said along with the stipulation that if I didn't want to wait I could take a plea and that would mean upstate jail time. So I was left with the alternative to wait for the dismissal. That is what I am doing right now. I'm still waiting for the dismissal.

Take care of yourselves, and God bless.

John Ford