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Underground Bases

Posted by: "Stephen Calkins"   emeraldchild14

Thu Feb 22, 2007 11:04 am (PST)

Post at Yahoogroups Re: Underground Base at Dulce?
An Aunt of a (use to be) friend (I don't know where he is now) of
mine went investigating a case that involved his missing cousin and
family. Harold's cousin worked inside a hidden base. Harold's cousin
discussed with him a few things that he had discovered while inside
this base and it greatly disturbed him. Security was alerted of the
leak and warned Harold's cousin to keep his mouth shut. He tried but
another slip occurred. He needed to talk with someone about it. Well,
not long after Harold's cousin, wife and kids went to a lake near where
they had all lived for a weekend, lo and behold, they disappeared,
except for their station wagon. The home where they had resided had no
record of the' re ever having lived there. In fact, the security sweep
was so thorough the school records of the children were removed. There
was absolutely no records of any proof that could verify these people
ever existed.
To make this story short, Harold waited a year, and I agree' d with
him, to go back to Oklahoma and talk with his aunt to see if anything
ever turned up about her son and her son's missing family. She asked
Harold what he knew, he told her what he had learned about the base his
cousin worked in and the things that bothered him about it. Things he
discussed with me. She said well since you know that much I'll tell you
this...supposedly, to help keep him from getting into any further
trouble pursuing his cousin's disappearance. She told Harold that her
son and his family were alive and living inside one of those colony
bases. She said that he was allowed to
visit her so that he could ensure her that he was alive and well. She
said her son told her that he was now traveling aboard those UFO's. She
said to Harold, the ship's were so fast that it only took them seconds
to get out into space.
Her son was a welder. She said the men that are involved with this
stuff, you don't want anything to do with. She said no matter what, she
cannot acknowledge that she has or ever had a son. And told Harold to
forget about it and to leave it alone. But, of course, he had to tell
me when he got back. I talked about it over the phone to Paul
Bennewitz. I didn't tell Paul who it was, but, a day or two after,
Harold witnessed a white Cadillac driving behind him and 'blink' it
disappeared off the highway. He had never seen anything like that
before. He was astonished. Then shortly after, someone called Harold
and threatened him that if he didn't keep his mouth shut he too would
disappear. He asked the guy who it was and what it was he was talking
about?...the guy said you know what I'm talking about and hung up.
Later in the day Harold finally got a hold of me and told me he hadn't
told anybody about what had happened. I apologized to him for having
talked about it over the phone with a friend. I assured him I wouldn't
pass any of the information on to anyone else again. I think the
locations are the sensitive thing they don't want the public alerted
too. With what I'm telling you, the details are omitted . clip..