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Defenseless village incinerated by UFO's

In his article, 'INCREDIBLE UFO INCINERATION'S: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE COMBUSTIBLE KIND', researcher Larry E. Arnold describes the following terrifying encounter, only one of several cases of UFO-related 'human combustion' mentioned in his article:

"...Of the many episodes involving UFOs and the spontaneous combustion of humans, quite probably the most disastrous event -- if true -- in MODERN times occurred to the African village of Kirimukuya on Mt. Kenya.

"For several nights in June 1954, young Laili Thindu and his shepherd companions listened to the pounding of their neighbors' drums announcing a wedding about to take place on the mountainside. They also watched STRANGE LIGHTS soar around this 'sacred' peak in central Kenya. They naturally were startled when bright beams flashed from these soaring lights, then concerned that the drums were now silent.

"The next morning Laili learned that 'all the dancers, all the children, all the livestock, -- the entire population of the village -- had been seared to death by terrible streams of light from glowing objects,' report Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour in their book , FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE. 'It was not until Laili Thindu ventured into Nairobi that he was able to tell his story to someone who recognized the tale for what it really was: the annihilation of an African village by a UFO..."