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Consider the possibilities of just "what" our New World Order, Inc., puppet government might concievably "hide" within the jet contrail grids that have suddenly appeared all over American skies... viruses? bacteria? poisons? parasites? pesticides? chemicals? plagues? Whatever it is, will it effect our water and food supplies as some have suggested? Here are some links to help you form your own opinions...


Subject: FWD: Everyone is sick 1
From: D.O.O.R.
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999

Subject: Art Bell Says Everybody Is Sick. Part 1. Feb. 10, 1999.

Last night Art Bell, on his talk show that broadcasts on over 300 radio stations said that everybody he knows is sick and he didn't know what was making them sick. I'll now put down some information that that is so bad that if you are not sick already you may be sick after reading this. Incidentally I'm not sick myself although some may question that statement. I know that in the past I have said that the contrails are made by jets that have a substance in their fuel that is making us sick. That may be still partially true. I then said that the government is spraying us with some substance that will immunize us against any attack that may come from terrorist who may try to kill us with Anthrax. That may be true. I don't know what is really happening but that hasn't stopped me from saying what may be happening in the past. Here's the latest dope on the subject and I do claim to be the world's expert on putting out dope.

Subject: U.S. Military Conducting TOXIC Biological-Chemical Warfare Against Civilians U.S. feds well on their way to reducing population to further New World Order goals!

Dear Citizens, Patriots, and Veterans: For the past 3 weeks I have been receiving first hand reports of U.S.Military jets spraying toxic substances over populated urban areas testing the effectiveness of their biological and chemical warfare protective suits and monitoring equipment. The substances are SUPPOSEDLY "harmless" simulants which have extremely toxic effects of their own. To date, literally thousands of civilians have been made very sick mostly with respiratory illnesses and distress and even scores of deaths. The military has deceived the public and other authorities by saying that what they are spraying are harmless simulants while in actuality they are really conducting chemical and biological warfare with weapons of mass destruction under the guise of merely a "test." Yes, a test, to see how many people will be made ill, contract respiratory diseases, and how many die. So, do you call that at "test" or actual warfare? We do not have to wait any longer for Clinton to antagonize the Middle Eastern countries to the point of them lashing out with international terrorists against U.S. cities and U.S. citizens, as Clinton is doing what he is told to do by the Insiders, the Elites, the bosses of the Illuminati and New World Order. As I posted to you all numerous times in the past, if Clinton can't get the Islamics to attack the U.S., then Clinton will just go ahead himself and do it. That is exactly what he is doing now.

Citizens, Patriots, and Veterans, no need to wait for these NBC - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare attacks against us because they have been going on for quite some time now. Why? Because the New World Order's Elites' plan is to reduce the population of the world by 25% by the year 2000 (Y2K is truly an appropriate crisis), 50% by 2025, 75% shortly after that, and by 85% to 95% as a final goal to leave only 200 million people alive world wide. Of course these surviving people will only be comprised of the Elites and their prison labor slaves incarcerated in Clinton's Civilian Concentration Camps here in the U.S. and in other concentr-tion camps around the world.

Why? Because the Elites want to "save" the world's natural resources for themselves. They don't want other people using them as they think our resources are running out when in actuality all we have to do is use our technology to use them more efficiently and produce replaceable natural resources. Like why use up our finite petroleum resources when we can use bacteria and yeasts to grow on discarded organic matter to produce alcohol for fuels?

England has had 6,000 deaths in the past two weeks from respiratory failure caused by this Military spraying currently. Please read the following post forwarded by (John Hammell) and by William Thomas regarding the information from Leanard Cole's "Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ-Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas," by Leonard A. Cole ( and from numerous personal reports nationwide about the criss-cross spraying by our U.S. Military. Please take care and prepare. The NBC attacks against U.S. Citizens are occurring NOW. USCMike1

DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS: BIOWAR PROVEN BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT (John Hammell) IAHF LIST: I have hesitated, until now, to forward this information about contrails, because it seemed just too bizarre and outrageous. But look at the information below from Christine Smith, Will Thomas, and Ian Goddard. Listen to the audio file of Will Thomas discussing this on the Art Bell Show, and read what Will has to say below. Read the testimony below of Dr. Cole from Rutgers University re Military Experiments involving spraying of toxic substances on civilian populations. Draw your own conclusions. This is Genocide, and WE, the people of the world, are clearly being targeted. You think I've lost it? Don't take my word for it, read this:

To: John Hammell
From: William Thomas

A retired friend in Santa Fe -- one who reads your information that I print out, but doesn't have a computer--just called me to say that planes have been making contrails in the sky there since 7am this morning. Her comment, People need to know about this!" She's staying inside. -Christine Smith


John, yes, absolutely! Tell everyone to STAY INDOORS when contrails are being woven overhead. I've got a BBC photo of a freezer - semi filled with dead bodies in England - all from sudden respiratory ailments. We're talking (according to the BBC) 6,000 deaths from respiratory failure in two weeks. People are VERY SICK here. And spraying continues after heavy spraying last Friday over Asheville, Knoxville, Dallas and other US centers. I have this morning received reports of "many deaths" from a "cough that never leaves" in Louisiana.

This is big. This is real. I have positively verified that Emergency Rooms are overflowing with acute respiratory cases from coast to coast. Doctors are telling the New York Times that this is NOT the flu. People are dying they say far more quickly and at rates far beyond "flu". The only lab test I have shows JP8 present in soil samples after spraying. The ethylene dibromide in JP8 is banned by the EPA as a knowncarcinogen and an extremely toxic substance that attacks the respiratory system at very low doses of exposure. There may be a viral component to the spraying, as well. I am tracking this and will get back to...

STOP PRESSES! I have just this minute received a call that confirms my worst fears. According to a source within the Canadian Intelligence Service, heavy spraying taking place over Victoria, BC (near me) and other population centers throughout North America are classified "tests". I now know what the "tests" are aimed at achieving. And it is not pretty. This is a MAXIUMUM RED ALERT for everyone on your list, John. TAKE COVER! Stay indoors during spraying. This is NOT "woo-woo". This is NOT a drill.

Good luck to all of us,
William Thomas


From: "flyingobjects" Save Address Block Sender
Subject: [TheEagle-L] Contrails or Chemtrails?
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 19:53:24 PST


Here in Wichita we weere getting pounded with contrails. A few things I want to share with anyone who might be able to use it.

1) They start at 9:00 am and go until 1:30 / 2:00 pm Usually filling the sky four times. Makes a nice sunny day a mess!

2) Our local AAFB is McConnell, a tanker base equiped with KC-135's which are two engined Boeing 707's. We have had a couple of KC-10's which are 3 engined McDonnald Douglas (oops, now Boeing to, McBoeing) DC-10's ? Or 9's? Either way, the KC-10's are all white, with VERY small lettering.

3) While the spraying is going on, there are a couple of EC-135's (Boeing 707 electronic birds, not to be confused with AWACS with the big disc on top. The EC-135's have a big nose, really) These sit on the tarmac until the spraying is done, then dissappear for a while.

4) We have observed both the lines, and the crosses. Usually together ie: two x's and two lines once. It looks like Roman neumerals when they are done. Is this a way of signaling?

A coworker took the day off to get a sample of webbing to a lab. I'll find out monday what happened. I have pictures of course. A couple I would like everyone to see. One of a normal contrail and one good close up of one with dispersements. We have four hospitals here, I called them all and repitory problems are up as much as 65%, mostly Bronchidas. My wife, children, and myself are all ill. My doughter had walking pnemonia with bronchidas. My wife and son have a nasal infetion. Me, I just claim smokers cough. If there is anyone who would like to post these pictures please let me know. This weekend I'm going to work on pictures of the aircraft, and if they do spray this weekend I'll follow the fall out to get photoes and samples. I have a picture of the aircraft, but the only thing you can distinguish is that they are MD's putting out contrails (comming at eachother).

Best Regards, Tim

From: Gavin Maillardet
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 20:22:51 +0000
Subject: Contrails and Deformed Frogs a go go

Correct me if i'm wrong (as if you need telling) but I seem to remember back in the good old days of, oh must have been the late 80's when I was merrily scrapping freezers with extreme predudice and the whole CFC Ozone layer thing kicked off, that military jets do not make contrails. This is due to either the jet fuel containing additives to prevent this, or stuff being injected into the exhaust. The chemical used being major ozone destroyers. Of course you still get contrails coming off of wing-tips, tails etc under the right conditions due to condensation of vapour (hence vapour trails).

So anyway, what I am saying is that if these planes making the contrails in the states are military planes then they are spraying stuff. Unless the USAF has stopped putting the additives into the jet fuel because of the enviromantal consequenses.

While I'm wittering on, My mother gets deformed frogs in her garden pond. She blames in on Jet fuel dumped by airliners stacking for Gatwick over the house. Some times there is a very clear 'rainbow' effect slick on the surface of the pond.


From: [now inactive...]

im a skeptic..but i know theres something going on with contrails...
Monday, 01-Mar-99 13:04:41 writes:

the skys over kansas and the midwest are being polluted... i live in kansas city and yesterday ..2/28/99 i walked outside on my porch to see 2 high altitude planes dumping sum blackish contrails in "X" patterns...i showed them to my father who was in the military and he was as shocked as i to see the "contrails" spread into what appeared to be clouds, which lingered the rest of the i going crazy? or is this normal...

tod sherwood


Re: im a skeptic..but i know theres something going on with contrails...
Tuesday, 02-Mar-99 19:30:27 writes:

Same thing happening these past 2 days in Bakersfield, Ca. Some trails that were in the sky Sunday eve were still lingering 12 hours later in their same location. And today there are dozens of these trails hanging in the sky and dissipating out into cloudlike formations. The city looks like it is covered with smog!! Someone from the local newspaper explained it as normal air traffic between LA and San Francisco (??), and the unusual high humidity of the atmosphere is causing them to linger??!! We'll probably never know, but...leaves a lot to the imagination!!!


From: Debra Mohon
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 21:56:28 -0600
Subject: [Fwd: Contrails]

Ron Strickland wrote:


Thanks for you reply. My friend in Aubrey Texas has recently come down with a rather horrible congestion and skin rashes that she attributes to the contrails. Even with any definite cause, when I was in Texas this past weekend, her skin condition was very real. She is in contact with a group who is attempting to determine if there is a link between the contrails and an unexplained illness.

I teach at SBU and have 3 computer classes at OTC. Please call me in the evening or the next time they appear. I am not completely convinced that there is a causative link between the contrails and her illness, but I have such respect for Debra that I am willing to give this a second look. Please feel free to contact her at . I am sure she would be pleased to hear from you.

Please call me and we can set a time to get together.


Ron Strickland
(H) 753-3032
(SBU) 841-5049
(OTC) 895-7070

Elizabeth O'Reilly wrote:

Hey, great to hear from a neighbor! I am very preplexed abut all these contrails, and today (March 4) they started early in the morning (I started keeping track about 7 am) and have filled the skies with crosses, x's, and straight grids until the sky was occluded by 10 a.m. And they're still doing it! Do you have any ideas? Are you watching?

I know it must be costing us milliions to do all this, and what is the outcome they're looking for? Weather modification? Illness? What? People are reporting sickness all across the country, and nobody even acknowledges that it's happening. We called every news station, the EPA, the Springfield airport, and the Missouri Conservation...all of which said they had no idea, and of course would "look into it and call back"...nobody has.

Anyway, thanks for writing, and please let me know how we might work together...any ideas???

Thanks again for writing...So good to hear from you, and hope you write again. I'm forwarding a couple of shots I took just this morning. My digital camera is limited as to how much of the sky it can see at one time, but believe me, these x's covered the skies from end to end, then filled in and became huge. Scary stuff...I hope this doesn't overwhelm you. There are more, if you're interested.

Thought the list ought to see this.....


Subject: [TheEagle-L] re:Contrails and Chemicals
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 03:44:36 -0000

Am almost in shock after what I saw today. I wrote a few days ago about my first witnessing of the contrails phenomenon and have been watchful since. I must say that while I spent he first 2 months of the year on the island of Oahu which is covered with military bases, I never saw these things.--Maybe I just wasn't out at the right times or the trade winds blew them away OR maybe there just weren't any; but that's when I started hearing the reports on the Art Bell Show/and from William Thomas. "Back Home, Again, in Indiana" it's another story. Today what started out as a bright, clear, sunny, sky-blue day ended up with an almost totally overcast sky with the sun trying to shine through the "smog?" -- long, wide strips of contrails criss-crossed by other wide and narrow ones with a large area in the middle filled with numerous wispy dirty-looking streaks which seemed to be trailing closer and closer to earth. (Sure wish I could really paint a picture. Maybe my imagination but I think the sky would have looked pretty strange even if I didn't know about the phenomenon.) Psycological perhaps but I had a scratchy throat, draining sinuses, and generally didn't feel well while out driving for over an hour and watching the sky. (I do have allergies and asthma and something sure brought on those symptoms today.) I'm beginning to get just a bit spooked OR paranoid.--What the h--- is really going on, anyway?

From: jd brisbin
Subject: [TheEagle-L] Contrails over Texas.
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:21:53 -0800 (PST)

Hello all,

For those in and around central Texas, Beware the con-trails!!! I have constantly spotted the planes over North Austin and around Lake Travis!! Right after I noticed the first ones, I got really sick, so did my little boy & I had to take him to the hospital, Where all they did was give him Gatorade & told us there was nothing they could do because he had the "flu".. The last ones I saw where this past Tuesday over Lake Travis around Lakeway nearing sunset. There were approximately 4-6 military jets flying in several Criss-cross patterns several miles apart. Since then a few of my co-workers who live near the lake have become ill.. Coincidence? I think not..but then again.. you have to make your own conclusions..