Once there were two kindgoms... One of the kingdoms was a very unhappy place, and they sadly looked at the neighboring kingdom with envy, and often wondered why their own kingdom could not live in the peace and comfort that the other kingdom experienced on a daily basis.

The unhappy Kingdom was named ME-TOPIA, whereas the peaceful and happy Kingdom was called YOU-TOPIA.


ME-TOPIA had a city named COMPLEX-CITY, and in this city people were always running around and struggling constantly with the worries of everyday life.

However, YOU-TOPIA had a city that was named SIMPLI-CITY, where the people simply trusted their Creator for their needs and went about their jobs with a simple, direct and focused goal in mind... and when that goal was accomplished, they would go on to the next goal... as they, one-by-one, completed a series of goals which they set down on paper early each morning. Also, they found that many of their goals could be completed simulteneously if they grouped them into catagories... so that they would not have to return later and do (and once again prepare for) a related job. They accomplished all the tasks that they could accomplish WHILE they had all the tools to accomplish them... for instance, they would write all the letters they needed to write for that day, or make all of the phone calls needed for that day, or send all the emails that they needed to send for that day... all at ONE SITTING. They found that by organizing and simplifying their lives, they could accomplish much more than if they went about things in a disoriented fashion.


Also, within ME-TOPIA there was a city named ADVER-CITY, which was a place where most everyone thought ONLY of themselves, and as a result they did not get along very well with each other at all.

YOU-TOPIA however had a city by the name of FELI-CITY, which was a place where everyone shared with each other, like cells within the 'life-blood' of a human body flowing together and sharing with each other in order to keep their mutual 'body' alive. And, of course everyone in this city was very happy and content as a result.


In ME-TOPIA, there was also a city named DUPLI-CITY, and that city was in constant confusion, since one could never seem to get a straight answer out of anyone, since all of its residents felt that they would speak only those words that would benefit themselves alone, regardless of the affect that they had on others.

However, YOU-TOPIA had its own city, one by the name of VERA-CITY, and in this city every one of its residents constantly strove to tell the truth in a spirit of meekness and humility, and this city had much more freedom than DUPLI-CITY, since they realized that when they knew the truth, then the truth would set them free.


In ME-TOPIA, there was another city by the name of COMPLI-CITY, and therein were to be found many gangs and even organized crime syndicates that were composed of selfish people who joined forces to take advantage of the weaker inhabitants, and as a result this city could be likened to a nest of parasites, but these parasites did not feed off of those outside of their own city, but they fed off each other. This city could be described, in one sense, as a "spiritual black hole".

In YOU-TOPIA, there was a city by the name of VIRTUO-CITY, where the residents practiced lives of charity and virtue and kindness, and unlike those who lived in COMPLI-CITY, the residents of VIRTUO-CITY shared with each other, invited each other over for dinner on several nights of the week, performed acts of compassion, and basically anything that would make this city a more enjoyable place to live. Unlike their rival city, VIRTUO-CITY could be likened to a "spiritual quasar", a quasar being one of those super-stars which continuously GIVE OUT a tremendous amount of energy and light.


And finally, there was a city within ME-TOPIA that went by the name of GRANDEO-CITY. At the center of this city was a huge castle where a powerful dictator - not a king - lived... one who made all of his subjects his slaves, to serve his every desire. This dictator even got to the point where he commanded his subjects to worship him and pray to him as some kind of a god. But this "god" simply returned their worship with even more burdens and heavier work loads - in the slave camps. Many of the slaves worked from dawn to dusk, building and increasing the dictators' castle and property all the more. This dictator never seemed to be satisfied, and his castle completely overshadowed all of the thatch huts in which 'his' people lived.

In YOU-TOPIA however, there WAS NOT one supreme castle or structure which clouded out all the rest... for everyone lived on an equal footing, and were allowed to develop their own creativity so long as it did not violate the life-space of their neighbors. There were many different expressions and many different styles of houses, since all were free to develop their creativity to its fullest potential without the restrictions of CONFORMITY to all of the others. This city went by the name of DIVER-CITY, and the people living there NEVER became bored, since they had available to them a wide variety of jobs and pass-times, to engage in on a daily basis.


Between these two kingdoms, however, there was a small village, where an "extended family" lived... If you wish, you may meet...

The "TATOR" Family