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The Enigmatic Adventures of Paul Bennewitz

Paul Bennewitz is probably more responsible than anyone else for bringing the enigmatic Dulce Base controversy to public attention. Whether the scenario taking place at Dulce involves extraterrestrial craft, abductions, and aliens or a more down-to-earth scenario involving antigravity technology, mind control, and genetic experimentation by a fascist military-industrial fraternity [or a combination of the two!?], the fact is that -- as many believe -- there IS SOMETHING going on there, and Paul Bennewitz was caught right in the middle of it. Bennewitz accuses William Moore and Richard Doty of stealing vital evidence from his home during uninvited visits with him. Moore himself "admitted" feeding Bennewitz with "disinformation" and that's where all of Bennewitz's wild claims originated. However SINCE WHEN DO DISINFORMATION AGENTS EXPOSE THEMSELVES AS DECIEVERS!? Was there a specific reason for doing so? Many have become convinced that because of Moore's "admittance" that he/they created the entire story of an underground facility beneath Dulce, the base must NOT exist. But if such a base DID exist then this would be the IDEAL move for the intelligence community to make in order to keep the secret under wraps, i.e. "...since Moore and Doty admitted to making up the whole story and fed this 'disinformation' to Bennewitz, then the Dulce base must NOT exist!" Are we looking at some kind of reverse psychology disinformation at work here!? Moore's claims might hold water IF not for the fact that much of Bennewitz's information could NOT have originated from Moore, et al... and if not for the fact that literally DOZENS of other independent sources [see link above] have ALSO confirmed that something strange IS taking place near this small town in northwestern New Mexico...
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