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The following are highlights paraphrased from Michael Ash's MONTAUK SURVIVORS tape series. The Montauk underground base was reportedly controlled by the Baverian THULE Society, and was part of a Nazi-Alien collaboration which took over the Philadelphia projects from within via the CIA, an agency which in turn was created by Allen Dulles and General Rienhard Gehlen, a Baverian Illuminist and a Bavarian Nazi S.S. general, respectively. Several of the "Montauk Boys" including Stewart Swerdlow -- as described in his book "MONTAUK: THE ALIEN CONNECTION" -- refer to their involvement in OPERATION SOUTHERN CROSS, which was a temporal project involving the sending of agents back in time to help the Allies succeed in the Normandy invasion. Some of these "agents" remember parallel lives in a world where Germany won World War II, and where the USA stood alone as the last bastion of liberty.

So why the Nazi connection to the Montauk project? Either the Nazi's took control FOLLOWING Operation Southern Cross, OR there is a renegade anti-Hitler Nazi/Thule faction that has been in partial or full control from the beginning. If the latter is the case, then this off-split of the Nazi party certainly has not shown any signs that it has defected from the basic teachings of Nazi doctrine.

There is still much mystery in regards to the Nazi influence at Montauk, considering that the original Philadelphia experiments were intended to develop invisibility technology to hide U.S. ships from Nazi fleets. There may even be two time-traveling factions, one existing within the U.S. Navy {i.e. the Pheladelphians} and one controlled by the Bavarian Thule society, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the Naz-Cia infiltrators within the psychiatric, intelligence, industrial and military fraternities {i.e. the Phoenixians, or members of the "Phoenix" or Montauk projects}... The conflict between the Navy and the 'Nazis' goes back hundreds of years, beginning with the U.S. Navy's POLARIS expedition to the Arctic, which was sabotaged by the poisoning of the main crew. It was later revealed that two German occultist spies -- one being the ship's main cook -- had infiltrated the expedition. Just why they were trying to prevent the Navy ship from reaching the Arctic is unknown, unless it had something to do with the claims of Harley Byrd and others that the Germans had an alliance with reptiloid entities which maintained a base in or near the Arctic; then there were the German soldiers hired by the British empire to fight against the U.S. Naval and ground forces during the revolutionary wars; then there was world war I - initiated by the Germans; and world war II - also initiated by the Germans; and following that the secret battles between Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the Nazi Fourth Reich in Antarctica; and finally the intelligence wars between the anti-Gray Navy intel agencies {Com12, the Cabal, and the Dept. of the Navy or D.O.N} and the alien- nazi infiltrated NSA intel agencies {Aquarius, the Black Monks, and MAJI-12}... however the infiltration and counter-infiltration between the two has left whole sectors of the intel community so "out-of-control" that it is difficult to distinguish just where the allegiances lie.

Here then are a number of points referred to by Michael Ash :

--Mach-12 Maglev trains connect all Montauk sister bases around North America

--There were experiments at Montauk involving the duplication of an animal or object by recording its electromagnetic signature and re-broadcasting it via the sage radar so that the duplicate is materialized from the aether. Other non-duplicated thought forms were also produces by Duncan Cameron, for instance, like the 'beast' known as 'junior', a thought form being from Cameron's ego which he used to sabotage the projects in the mid-1980's

--There were two experiments, Dreamsleep and Deepsleep, which involved the control of peoples' minds and even recording their dreams in audio and color

--Mind controllers conceal information and programming by associating the information with or hiding it inside memory forms in traumatic experiences in ones life, or memories which normally a person would not be willing to confront

--Montauk victims often have family members who are involved in military special projects or forces, and/or with some level of the Freemasonic network

--There are allegations that John F. Kennedy was alive in 1984 in the original timeline, that he learned of the Montauk projects and shut them down. In order to prevent this, the Montauk project sent back assassins to kill JFK, then Oswald, then Ruby, and then all of the "witnesses" [involving several trips from 1980's Montauk to the 1960's], and therefore altering our collective perception of reality. Some claim that the time-dimension one is living in is often due to one's "perception", i.e., that different possibilities and event-scenarios exist, yet the more one focuses on one of them the more they begin living in that reality. This may explain why there are claims that JFK is dead ALONG SIDE claims that he is alive living on some island, giving advice to current presidents now and then. Perhaps BOTH realities exist... and the one we FOCUS on is the one that becomes REAL to us. Since the root of reality is consciousness, it is not so much a change of "time" as it is a reprogramming of the collective consciousness, like a computer programmer changing the program for the "hologram" and causing the other "bytes" to "bite" [take the bait] and accept the programmed reality, and fall in line with the new programming. As a man thinkest, so is he

--There are allegations that in our immediate sector of space or the universe, MATTER is far older than the space itself, suggesting that a time-catastrophe of some sort has caused matter to loop back on itself time and again, at least in this localized sector of third dimensional space

--The Delta Force is involved in crash-retrieval operations, security for time-space manipulation projects, for combat scenarios involving multidimensional aliens, and as special forces for the New World Order, which ALREADY EXISTS because all nations are now economically DEPENDENT on the Illuminati's international banking fraternity, and the illusion of division and competition between nations - at least at the lower levels - is maintained to give the illusion that we are free, when in fact we live under an economic global slave system.

--There are three types of Delta Force personnel, the empaths, the shape shifters, and the time forces.

--The Delta Force [who Al Bielek claims possess 'belts' that can be used to make the wearer invisible or even trans-dimensional] reportedly went back in time and took the U.S.S. Eldridge to the Normandy invasion. Interestingly enough, several victims of the Eldridge 'disaster' claimed that after the ship disappeared it reappeared in several other places and times before returning to the Philadelphia harbor... however the allegation that the Eldridge was used to help reenforce the invasion is interesting considering that the Thule Society played a large part in the Montauk or Phoenix Projects, however there are suggestions that there is a conflict between two groups from two different times, who are involved in a "time war" over the Montauk facility and technology. Anyway, the Eldridge allegedly aided in the Normandy invasion, and helped the allies defeat the German forces. The soldiers who saw the Eldridge appear allegedly referred to the ship as "the flying Dutchman", according to Michael Ash. There are stories of soldiers at Normandy who saw the words "Kilroy was here" written on the beach when the first wave of the invasion arrived. This may be nothing more than an interesting folk legend, but, you've gotta wonder.

--Time is not really a line, but a sphere. On the outside of the sphere or bubble are points of "events", and the seeming flow of time is actually movement from one point or event cluster to another on the surface of the "bubble" or "sphere".

--There were references to military attacks in Rigel and Aldebaran, using the Montauk vortex, and other interstellar projects. This is an interesting claim considering that some sources have stated that regressive aliens gave the Montauk project the coordinates of a Nordic world in Altair Aquila. Actually some have stated that this world is jointly inhabited by Greys, who want the planet all for themsleves. The human-alien military forces - controlled from Alpha Draconis, ultimately - at Montauk allegedly created a star- gate and mobilized their forces on that planet and established martial law, possibly turning it into an annex of the Draconian empire. The alleged structure involves Draco agents working with human collaborators [including Ashtar forces] within massive underground complexes below the Gizeh plateau; below the MALTA base [Montauk Alsace-Lorainne Time Archives] base below the western border of Germany; and the Dulce facility of Northwestern New Mexico in North America... and also Montauk. There is reportedly an entire underground empire, according to Al Bielek, where Dracos, Greys and human Black Ops collaborate together... the aliens having full reign within many of the underground military-industrial networks. This may be the network described by a couple who told the editors of UNICUS magazine that they had been members of the Alternative-3 forces, via a super-wealthy family who owned diamond mines and who got them involved. They "defected" after an agent of one of the major space Federations told them that Alternative-3 was actually being run by regressive aliens who were using Terran military forces to carry out many of their agendas, because Terrans have unique metagene psionic abilities and also generations of inbred warrior instinct. The Federation agent told the couple that this Terran fifth column of an alien vanguard has been responsible for numerous atrocities against peaceful forces within this sector of the galaxy. No doubt the fascist forces connected to the Montauk project could be included in this agenda.

--According to Michael Ash, there is major interaction between aliens from Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Sirius-B, and Aldebaran. Aldebaran was originally inhabited by insectoid-grey type beings. Some also associate Aldebaran with fascist Nordic-type Pleiadeans who were associated with the Nazis via the Gizeh or Kamagol-II Ashtar-collective Intelligence. However if this is true it is uncertain whether the insectoids replaced the Nordics or the other way around. There are some like Vladimir Terziski who suggest that the Nazi Aryan pure-bred forces actually colonized Aldebaran by sending them far back through time and setting up their empire via time-space gates. Apparently there are star gates and time gates AND time-star gates where they can send a person to another planet and another TIME period on that planet. Anyway, according to Ash, special forces were sent in to kill a group of insectoid-grey aliens and steal their ship... apparently real time. According to Ash, before one of the aliens died it implanted him with a "virus" that infected the bioship which they stole - a spacecraft that was part mechanical and part living biological entity - causing the ship to "age" and "die' just after it landed on earth. I know it sounds strange, but I guess with time-space travel at your disposal, almost ANYTHING is possible.

--Tall Zeta Reticulan Greys were involved at Montauk. There were also Draco's there, who were actaully in control of most of the projects.

--There are Vegans who are blond haired and red haired. There were also Pleiadians involved. The Pleiadean [Aldebaran?] ancestors intersected with the Scandinavian and Germanic races.

--Time travel vortexes or space-time vortexes or space-time gates were constructed within the Delta-T fortress, which was in a large chamber several storied deep that was shaped like two inverted pyramids. At times, jeeps, military equipment, heavy artilary, etc. could be sent into other dimensions from Montauk.

--The Tet offensive [Vietnam] was another historical event that was allegedly manipulated by Montauk agents. Interestingly though, they did not change history [TIMECOP scenario] but rather established history [12 MONKEYS scenario]. In other words, the Montauk agents KNEW the outcome of the Tet offensive, but went back anyway and warned American troops that the Viet Cong would NOT honor the cease fire, and would attack. Several of these time loops allegedly exist, a type of trans-temporal cause and effect scenario. For instance, if an alien ship were to crash, the Montauk agents could find out the time and pace, and send their people back in time to PREPARE for the crash-retrieval before-hand, explaining why the Delta teams have been known to be "on the scene" before anyone else.

--There are 8 levels at Montauk. Level-4 is by far the largest, and is where the terminals to the sub-global Maglev underground train network can be accessed [and thus a literal connection to Dulce and other "terminals" exists at Montauk].