Is America being tormented because the President has told lies ["only about sex," which is not illegal--but "merely immoral"] while people argue that because the stock market is booming [a unknown source of wealth in the 16th century] that we should either not punish him or censure him? I would say so. And this quatrain is saying that we have prostituted the sacred law of God for the stock market. We prostituted ourselves.

This economic system has allowed us to create the Whore Babylon-- the worldwide commercial empire that has supplanted God's law but will be destroyed by a beast that will assume control over the entire earth. Since Asia's economic collapse there is no doubt that the United States and Western Europe control the world's commerce--an economic "Babylon" that has brought suffering and instability to the world outside Western enclaves of calm. But is there a military coalition that could "burn her with fire?"

The coalition that has a motive and an opportunity to destroy the West is the communist [or global socialist] bloc now masquerading as a collection of broken-down newly democratic states. KGB archivist Anatoliy Golitsyn describes the communist long-term strategy in his book New Lies for Old written in 1984, before the ascendency of Gorbachev:

Lenin and [his Minister of State] Chicherin were not the only sources of inspiration of the revival of strategic disinformation. The ancient Chinese treatise on strategy and deception, Sun Tzu's The Art of War [was] translated into Russian in 1950 (shortly after the communist victory in China). ...the preparation of a semblance of democratization in order to for the communists outside the bloc in realization of the major strategies....the introduction of controlled political opposition, which will provide the basically totalitarian regimes with a convincing impression of a fundamental change and a semblance of democracy....The preparation of a false opposition, during the introduction of controlled democratization in the communist regimes, for the purpose of creating a favorable condition for unity of action with the social democrats, the free trade unions and with the Catholics against NATO and the US military-industrial complex. [emphasis added] (Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies For Old).

Current events belie the notion that the communist bloc is not united. Russia and China have embarked upon what the call a "strategic partnership" and those two nations have frustrated Western attempts to resolve crises in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq [two states allied with both Russia and the Soviet Union] despite billions in International Monetary Fund money to Russia and military technology transfers to China under the aegis of Bill Clinton. Yevgeny Primakov [Russia's current prime minister] was Gorbachev's Foreign Minister and prior to that had been the KGB handler for Hussein and Syria's Hafez Assad.

Russia still considers America to be her primary enemy, as illustrated by ex-GRU [Soviet / Russian military intelligence] office Stanislav Lunev (1998 at 22):

As a GRU officer, my main mission was to prepare for war. I can tell you that for the Soviet Union and for the Russian Federation, America was and is the main expected wartime adversary. Other countries count only as a means to attack America [emphasis in original text].

In late 1998 Russia and Belarus are negotiating a merger that would revive two of the European pieces of the former Soviet Union ("Belarus’ president"):

Russian President Boris Yeltsin and [Belarussian President Alexander] Lukashenko agreed . . . to put the proposed merger up for a public discussion by mid-1999. Withouht waiting for popular approval, they will also move next year to introduce a single currency and harmonize taxes . . . [a]n admirer of the Soviet Union, [Lukashenko] has long pushed for uniting his nation of 10 million people with Russia’s 147 million people.

China is the other center of gravity in the communist world. China's Communist Party never surrendered its mononpoly on power and has acted increasingly hostile towards the United States, a hostility that has included the threat of nuclear attack on the U.S., as Geoff Metcalf noted in his June 1, 1998 article "Enter the Dragon:"

China IS a threat. Former U.S. Secretary of the Navy James Webb noted, ‘Few in Asia missed the significance of China's recent warning that American naval vessels should not sail through the international waters of the Taiwan Strait, and the Clinton administration's compliance with that warning.’ That was the same time that a Chinese military official threatened to lob a nuke at Los Angeles.

This aggressive stance is mirrored by a crackdown on domestic dissent scheduled to run through 1999 as reported in the December 24, 1998 internet edition of the South China Morning Post: "President Jiang Zemin has signalled that Beijing will sustain a crackdown on dissent throughout next year. In his second hardline speech in six days, Mr Jiang vowed to crush any challenges to Communist Party rule and preserve "social stability."

This behavior is either ignored or written off as the price of reform by the mainstream press. The actions of China are more rational when viewed in light of Golitsyn’s (1995 at 35) assertion that the Sino-Soviet split of the 1960's was a disinformation campaign and that Chinese and Russian policy is coordinated:

Communist China is not a strategic partner but a concealed strategic enemy of the United States. China will join in the Soviet offensive to bring about ‘restructuring’ in the United States and worldwide [note: ‘restructuring’ in Russian is perestroika].

Russia and China are already sharing military and economic intelligence (Lunev 1998 at 12) and I expect Russia and China to further obstruct the West geopolitically. The communists thereby avoid the stigma of inciting World War III by using so-called frontline states as Iraq and North Korea to provoke the United States into firing the first shot of the war.

With the United States military increasingly downsized since "the end of the Cold War" and scattered abroad without a strategic vision in such places as Bosnia, the Persian Gulf and Korea the American military machine is woefully unprepared for a renewal of Cold War style tensions and would be unable to recreate the conditions that led to victory in the Gulf War. A military confrontation would prove disastrous to the U.S.

Strategcially, the United States would be outmaneuvered before forces were deployed as Russia and China would be united against the United States. With long lines of communication from American ports to the potential theaters of battle, adversaries in the Eastern Hemisphere would have the initiative, forcing the United States and her allies to react to communist moves.

Should a conflict escalate into a nuclear showdown with Russia, the United States will be in grave danger. The United States does not pursue a strategy of fighting and winning a nuclear war. United States strategic doctrine is called Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD]. MAD’s logic asserts that Russia and the United States are mutually deterred from nuclear war because:

The primary function of military forces [including nuclear weapons] is to destroy an enemy’s warfighting capability. By possessing more nuclear weapons that are needed to destroy an enemy’s industrial base and remaining nuclear weapons after the enemy has attacked, and by making those weapons survivable then the enemy can be effectively destroyed. This is known as an Assured Destruction [AD] capability. When both sides possess an AD capability, the condition is called MAD.

However, MAD is not based on military capability alone. MAD also assumes that a potential enemy of America’s:

Believes in America’s military capability to absorb a first strike; believes that America’s political leadership has the will to destroy civilian targets [killing millions] after a first strike; and that the enemy [in this case, Russia] will be unwilling to accept a large number of civilian casualties.

America’s political leadership is in the midst of a crisis of confidence. A relatively benign operation-- "Desert Fox"-- resulted in widespread questioning of the President’s moral authoirty and motives in the wake of the impeachment crisis. This is a dynamic that potential adversaries can take advantage of in the near future, inducing a leadership vaccum in the United States. Even in the absence of the turmoil in Washington, President Clinton does not inspire the fear of retaliation in foreign adversaries as did Ronald Reagan. Whether the United States wouldlaunch a second strike is immaterial. What is important is Russian perceptions of American political leadership and there are reasons to doubt the unity of American political will.

Russia certainly seems willing to absorb a large level of damage. Stansilav Lunev (1998 at 31) contrasts the Russian and American views of war:

Americans belive war should be sterile, because it has never hit their home soil since the Civil War of 130 years ago, and even then, only in the southeastern part of the country. russia has been rampaged for centuries by every would-be conqueror . . . [t]his is a feeling Americans do not know. The way you get an enemy to submit is by bringing the war to his people.

This leaves only one question: can Russia deliver a first strike so devestating that America will face a choice of surrender or national suicide? See the Supplemental Essay "Russian Nuclear Warfighting Capability" for my assessment that Russia can win a nuclear war against the United States.

The terms of America's surrender may be the accession of the United States to United Nations treaties and conventions. With America's industrial and capital base shattered the trillions in sovereign debt accumulated over the last twenty years will turn the United States into a pauper nation. The debt owed to citizens may be repudiated entirely. The debt owed to the international bankers cannot be defaulted upon. Instead, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will reorganize the federal government's budget just as it has done in Third World nations. American political choices will be severely constrained by the conditions placed on the government by the international lending institutions.

Full compliance with U.N. law--even over the Constitution may seem harmless enough and many will be fooled by the propaganda of mass media that argue that U.N. law is the code of behavior for "civilized nations." After all, wouldn't it be fair for the United States to abide by the treaties that it signed and enforces against others? CNN will be a major outlet of propaganda. But compliance with these treaties and conventions will set the stage for tribulation although America may get the velvet glove treatment in the immediate post-war period.

This is not to say that there will not be trouble. Citizens remaining in the cities will be disarmed and have the caches of food and water confiscated. Martial law may be imposed. The legal framework for the imposition of martial law already exists in the Federal Register under the federal government’s "Continuity of Government" program and awaits implementation [see Appendix: List of Executive Orders Comprising Martial Law].

I expect the crisis to be framed in a fashion that many Republicans may be blamed for what happened-- possibly because of impeachment proceedings against the President and/or a hawkish position in one the overseas crises that sparks the Third World War. Republicans will be blamed in the media for the crisis that leads to war and for 12 years of trickle down economics that resulted in America losing her financial sovereignty. Patriots [those likely to call for resistance] will be identified and arrested as potential terrorists as the political right is destroyed in the United States. The political right has been the haven for Christians in America [as the pejorative "religious right" implies]. In other words, Christians will lose most of their political voice and protection. These will be accepted as the price of peace.

I find it interesting that CNN is running a documentary series on the Cold War at this time, particularly in light of Ted Turner's $1 billion donation to the United Nations. I expect Turner's series to lionize Mikhail Gorbachev as the only honest broker between East and West so that Gorbachev may be the Secretary-General of a new, more powerful U.N. that will be the solitary sovereign government on planet Earth.

Between now [early December 1998] and July 1999 we should expect the following sequence of events:

The United States is drawn into one or more politico-military crises that will put her at odds with a recommunized Russia. The crises will culminate in a nuclear attack on the United States. Weakened militarily, America will either surrender or will negotiate terms to bring America into a world government which will be headed by Mikhail Gorbachev. Martial law may be imposed. This general sequence of events may have been foreseen by Nostradamus (C1Q91):

The gods will make it appear to the humans,

That they will be the authors of a great conflict,

Sword and lance [fly] before heaven is observed as serene,

So that on the left hand there will be great affliction.

The imagery of swords and lances flying or in heaven conjures up scenes of missiles flying and the first line of quatrain hints at alien manipulation. Two questions remain: is the "left hand" referring to the "left hand" of a map [which would be the U.S.], the political left [which implies Russia] or does it allude to the world government in a conflict with Islam [keep reading!]? Sadly enough, it could point to all these possibilities simultaneously.

Shortly after the conclusion of WW III the Greys will reveal themselves and will claim to be the creators of mankind but under threat from a second alien race. This second alien race will not be the Greys. Ufology and current "popular culture" holds the Greys as a race of the future [with some speculation that they may be from the future]. The Greys will offer many technological innovations that will solve many problems in return for our cooperation. The second alien race will be biologically oriented as opposed to the Greys hyper-technological outlook. The contrasts between the Greys and the "undisclosed enemy in outer space" will be sharply defined, as we will see.

But in the spring of 1999 we will see a secular/atheist world government allied with technologically advanced aliens that will challenge many people's belief systems. How does C10Q75 and the emergence of a Sino-Islamic superstate fit into this sequence of events?

IV. Dialectical Materialism as the Engine of Future History

The people of the world must led into accepting falsehood as truth for Satan to win his final victory. Extermination of Christians as a rational choice is necessary if Satan is to be worshipped as God-- his ultimate goal. Islam is the vehicle that will lead rational people to destroy Christinaity and Judaism. The dynamic that will bring forth another war is dialectic.

Hegel posited the dialectic as the method for reason to resolve the contradictions created by language [and the nature of man separated from God] into a universal idea that would perfect creation. Karl Marx took the dialectic and applied it to the material plane of existence. For Marx every idea found an expression in the material plane. This idea is called the thesis. Inherent in the idea of a thesis is its exact opposite, or antithesis. Through conflict the thesis and antithesis resolve their mutual contradictions until creation is perfected in a synthesis in the material plane: for Marx that perfection is communism although as we will see that may not be the case. So we see in what will be called World War III the resolutions of several contradictions:

East vs. West
Totalitarianism vs. Individualism
State monopoly vs. capitalistic monopoly
Global socialism vs. global capitalism

I hope you notice at this point that if we dispense of the ideological terms that we are used to thinking in ["communism" instead of "global socialism"; "free market" for global capitalism] then what World War III will create is a merger-- a merger of monopoly government [global socialism] and monopolistic [or oligopolistic] capital. The commercial west is not an engine of small business and free enterprise. The predatory tactics of Microsoft and the mergermania of such giants as Mobil and Exxon are the paradigm of global capitalism.

One problem the global capitalism suffers from is excess capacity. Too many companies are producing goods and prices are falling as a result. Asia and Latin America were lent vast sums of money to build unneeded factories. When those nations' export markets dried up their economies collapsed. Following a strategy used in America's Great Depression the rich are waiting to buy up the factories on the cheap. If international bankers are going to utilize modern Asian factories with cheap labor then how does the American economy fit into their plans?

A destruction of the American industrial base solves many problems for world finance. For the rest of us, World War III offers nothing more than the merger of Big Business and Big Government into a fist that will crush the individual.

However, the victory of fascism may be presented with the velvet glove. British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Clinton have both called for a "Third Way": freedom of the market tempered with strong government regulation to preserve social justice. Given the widely advertised failures of both the "free market" [actually distortions caused by global capitalism] and "communism" [actually an attempt at global socialism] many people will flock to a big business-big government system overseen by the United Nations. A synthesis of big government and big busness is fascism and that is what people will demand.

But notice that not all contradictions are resolved. At least two major contradictions still exist: religion vs. atheism and North vs. South. As I delve deeper into the subject at hand you no doubt will be able to pull others out. Unresolved contradications within a global state imply another conflict--a civil war. The foundational subjects of the conflict [rich vs. poor and competing god images] demand a new frame of reference for the conflict to be waged. In the absence of an event that shatters humanity's perceptions and expectations a war along religious lines does not seem likely as traditional military means of conflict cannot provide the stark distinctions necessary to polarize the confict to a sufficient degree to create a final synthesis.

V. Alien Conflict: Satan's Endgame

The following quatrain (C9Q31) by Nostradamus indicates the Greys will reveal themselves in the spring:

The trembling of the earth at Montara,

The tin islands of St. George half sunk:

Drowsy with peace, war will awaken,

In the temple abysses ripped open at Easter [or spring].

My interpretation is that in the spring of 1999 the world will be settling down from World War III. Under a world government the population will be lulled in beliving that world peace is at hand. The "tin islands of St. George" may be offshore oil platforms; Hogue (710) aruges that the reference may be to the Scilly Islands off Cornwall. These are markers for the events of a new war and the openening of the abysses.

An abyss is defined in Webster's New American Dictionary(1995 at 3) as "the bottomless pit in old accounts of the universe." Does Nostradamus foresee the Greys emerging out of the abyss as their underground caverns and complexes are ripped open by earthquakes? If the Greys are seen to emerge from the ground, that may signal a nearly complete confession by the world government of the alliance between our rulers and the Greys. Admissions will give the appearance of forthrightness, yet the alliance between the Greys and Reptilians will not be alluded to.

Islamic states will chafe under environmental strains created by several nautral disasters and environmental disasters triggered by WW III. The emergence of the Greys and their story of engineering evolution will create a fierce backlash from fundamentalist religions. Unable to receive satisfaction from the world government they will begin World War IV invading Europe and committing acts of terrorism against the West. And this will occur in rapid order after the conclusion of the Third World War (Nostrdamus: C1Q4):

In the whole world there will be one monarch,

Whose life and peace will not be for long,

Then the fishing bark will be lost,

It will be ruled to its greater detriment.

Another clue is dropped in C1Q40:

The false trumpet concealing madness,

Will cause Byzantium a change of laws:

From Egypt there will go forth one who wants withdrawn,

The Edict that makes money and metal standards unstable.

The "false trumpet" refers to both the Archangel Gabriel [the Trumpeteer] who delivered the Koran to Mohammed and the Seventh Trumpet of Revelation 11:15 which announces the Trimuph of Christ's Kingdom. "Byzantium" was the name of Constantinople [now Instanbul] in modern Turkey. Turkey's population is mostly Islamic, but Turkey has a western-style secular state and Islamic parties are banned from active political roles in the government. With this background we can see that error will result in Turkey's switch to Islamic fundamentalism while an Egyptian leader will seek relief from IMF and World Bank restrictions. A Middle Eastern Warrior-Prophet will arrive on the scene and lead the jihad. See Supplemental Essay #2: Who is the Middle East Antichrist? For my thoughts on this topic.

After WW III the taboo on the use of weapons of mass destruction will have been lifted, so it is logical to expect the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on both sides. An alien race will descend from the skies and claim to be representatives of God or will argue that they seeded the planet and are returning to take what is rightfully theirs [as reported in some abductee reports highlighted in the "Omega File"]. This second extraterrestrial race will ally themselves with an Antichrist from an Islamic state. This will provide an added impetus to the Islamic cause and will coalesce the alliance of Southern nations against the North. China and Latin America should be expected to join the Islamic cause at this point as they rally around their pagan gods.

I believe the "pagan gods" will be reptilian in nature. Aside from the reports of a reptilian race that has lived underground for ages--the 1989 "lizardman" scare in South Carolina and "The Shaver Mystery"--there is other evidence pointing to an alliance between Islam and a repitilian race:

The serpent or the dragon are the most commonly evoked images of Satan and his fallen angels. The story of Islam's origins is of the Prophet Mohammed transcribing knowledge from the Angel Gabriel, "the avenging angel of the Christian and Islamic apocalypse (Hogue at 114)." The Koran was received by Mohammed in a cave. We know that the demons were cast into the earth after the war in heaven. Remember the book "The Satanic Verses" which so angered the Shiite Moslems that they put a price on author Salman Rushdie's head? What are they afraid of? Moslems deny the divinity of Christ and do not adhere to the Mosaic law, yet they claim to be people "of the Book" and thus natural allies with Christians and Jews. Like Christians and Jews they have a doctrine of a messiah that will return to judge the world at the end of time. In popular culture Moslems are a handy villain. In the motion picture "The Siege" a series of terrorist attacks by Moslems is used as the justification for the imposition of martial law. Popular culture has also inclucated a fear and loathing of lizards in such movies as "Jurassic Park" [and its sequel, the intriguingly entitled "The Lost World"] and "Godzilla". The movie "Enemy Mine" was premised on an interstallar war between humans and a reptilian race called "Draks," [Rhodes’ repitlian invaders from Alpha Draconis?] which were portrayed by African-American actors in costume.

These films are messages created by governments or God to warn us of the future. Much like the iceberg that sank the "unsinkable" Titanic [a movie metaphor if I ever saw one] most of what happens in the world takes place below the surface-- out of plain sight. Themes and ideas surface from the subconscious and take form in increasingly concrete forms in an attempt to find an expression on the material plane.

So what do we make of this? A reptilian-like [or otherwise recognizably terrestrial in opposition to the Greys] alien race will ally itself with the Moslems and prosecute a war against the fascist secular-atheist world government. The reptilians and their allies will chafe at modern industrial society, setting up a past / future ["future" being represented by the NWO/Greys] dichotomy. Asians will likely identify with the aliens as "lucky dragons" and many Latin Americans will see the return of Quetzalcoaõtl, the plumed serpent god of the Mezoamerican civilizations. War will return to all parts of the world as fundamental concepts of God come into conflict.

In the West massive upheaval will tear the fabric of society apart. If there are climatological and environmental disruptions triggered by World War III or if Rhodes’ assertion of a "network of human-reptilian crossbred infiltrates within various levels of the surface culture" is confirmed then there will be a strong motivation for society to round up undesirables. If both environmental turmoil and an alien "fifth column" come to pass then we may see a call for "euthanization" of the alien collaborators to avoid the drain of resources to "the enemy."

An outbreak of race wars will probably start against non-whites as racial minorities become convinced that the NWO/Grey coalition is racist because of the alignment of aliens and human races. A not-unheard attack against white society is that "the white man is the devil." Many will latch on to sentiments such as these. In response segments of the white population will demand that non-whites be interned or exterminated [depending on the scope of the threat] after racial minorities rise up in the cities and stream into the suburbs creating widespread havoc.

People will see the military is unable to maintain order. United Nations "peacekeepers" would then intervene in the United States turning America into a Somalia or Bosnia. Much of the "New World Order" literature outlines United Nations military equipment in the United States to assist a militarized police force in carrying out operations (see Keith, 1997: Black Helicopters II: The Endgame Strategy [documented sightings of foreign military equipment from local newspapers]).