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The Amazing -- yet Disturbing -- Revelations of the Christian-Patriot

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British Hacker Gary Mckinnon speaks of


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I have thought and prayed often about whether to reveal what I am about to expose, but I have come to trust that the "body of Christ" is growing mature enough to recieve this information and knowlege.

First, I will present a thought, one that I suggest you ponder sincerely, an that thought is THIS...

"Planet Earth is the 'cradle' of physical LIFE, but one does not necessarily remain in the 'cradle' forever..."

Before you continue any further be assured that you are about to encounter information that will change your life and your entire perspective on reality. You are about to pass the barriors of your community and 'see' portions of this world that have been hidden for ages... and not only that, but you will encounter other worlds, other galaxies, and indeed... other UNIVERSES as well...

You will be exposed to the long hidden secrets about...




Isaac Asimov wrote a series of books on the "FOUNDATION"... or to be more exact the mythical 'Foundation' world that gave birth to a massive Federation of THOUSANDS of inhabited/colonized star systems. After thousands of years, according to his FOUNDATION Science Fiction novel series, the original Foundation world had long since become lost to memory, with more than a little help from a highly intelligent secret society who wanted to remain anonymous while they worked on a secret plan to guide-mold-tweak-inspire -- behind the scenes -- the galactic Federation to follow the most productive and beneficial paths that would hopefully lead it into the overall BEST future possible... all based on an amazing mathematical formula developed by one man long ago.

As for the FOUNDATION novel series (which is long past due for being converted into a movie series in my opinion)... the series IS obviously fiction, but this novel series does offer much in the way of insight and wisdom from the life of the author himself, wisdom that may be helpful to our race as we continue to spread out our influence throughout the galaxy using a secret fleet of starships built using alien technology aquired from several years of UFO crash retrievals that have been back-engineered using OUR TAX DOLLARS, yet this information is only for those with a "need to know" military/government/intelligence classification!

For those who consider themselves to be "spiritual warriors" this potentially opens up whole new worlds (and universes!?) for spiritual CONQUEST... with and through the help of Him who has made us MORE THAN CONQUERORS (Romans 8:31-39).

However before you go any further know that NOW that you have access to this information (which the evil one has desperately tried for ages to keep from the children of Adam and Eve), you will probably become a target of the evil one's agenda... HOWEVER if we can simply rest in CHILDLIKE FAITH there is NOTHING that the evil one can do to harm us...

Our power is made PERFECT IN WEAKNESS... we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him that loved us / died for us... and the Holy word declares that where sin abounded GRACE DID MUCH MORE ABOUND!!!

So then, the question you must ask yourself is THIS... We should NOT ask... "Are we strong enough" to be in God's "Special Forces"... but... ARE WE WEAK ENOUGH !? -- Alan deWalton

Whether you are aware of it or not, there IS an actual field of theological research and study called...