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From: Alan DeWalton <>
Date: Thu Oct 28, 1999  7:44 pm
Subject: [TheEagle-L] "Operation Dungeon Storm" [Report: 10-28-99/2]
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"Operation Dungeon Storm" is a regular report based on years of personal research into the subject of underground anomalies. These reports may range anywhere from fact to fantasy, however most of the accounts related here have at least some 'suggested potential' of having been based in objective reality. We will leave the reader to determine for themselves just what implications this information might present on an individual and/or collective basis. - Alan



The following letter appeared in the July, 1964 issue of 'SEARCH' Magazine, and was sent in by a Mr. Ervin M. Scott of (at that time) 536 12th St., Denver, Colorado. Mr. Scott's references to the origin of "dreams" is interesting. There are theories that the brain acts like a biological electrochemical "radio" transceiver at some levels. It is a proven fact that the brain sends very subtle neuro-electrical transmissions into the atmosphere, and that these "brain waves" can be recorded by electro-encephalograph machines.

An even more daring theory is that neurons can interact and affect other particles-waves in the Unified Field and that the brain has the ability to "focus" these waves as a transmitter or a receiver. Of course the success of long-range communication between minds is minimal when compared with radio waves, because of the thick morass of 'psychic static' that must be penetrated and the minimal energy output. Others claim that certain "alien" cultures above, parallel to, and beneath the earth have machines that are capable of electronically augmenting and focusing thought waves for transmitting or receiving. As for "dreams", some believe that they take place when the mind tunes-in to a "deeper" mental states wherein the mind is able to tap into the thought-forms [ectoplasmic dreampools] of a "collective unconscious", explaining the "universal dream symbolism" which has been reported by psychologists.

One symbolic explanation that has been used to explain this process is that of islands that appear to be separate and distinct when seen above water -- symbolic of individual conscious minds, yet the "deeper" one goes below the "surface" the more they connect with other islands at the underlying levels -- symbolic of the increasing levels of the collective unconscious mind(s). Mr. Scott describes his unusual experiences as follows:

"Dear Ray [Palmer]: ...Congratulations on another excellent issue of 'SEARCH' Magazine.

"I was especially interested in your article, 'Faces in Your Dreams.'

"Having had many strange, puzzling dreams over the last few years, I have become quite interested in any clues that might point towards origin and cause of dreams. I recognize a good many as probably having the subconscious as the source. However, there is an occasional dream, that is so vivid and unusual that it causes one to wonder.

"I have no connection one way or the other, on the Shaver Mystery, but, I will briefly describe... dreams that are interesting in relation to that subject.

"On Nov. 30, 1963 while in a light sleep I heard a woman's voice coming as if from a distance and she spoke urgently as follows: 'This is from a stolen farm beneath the Salt Lake flats in Utah. (I was living in Wichita, Kansas at the time.) There was a woman abducted almost three weeks ago in Boston, Mass. and taken underground. Reports indicate that an abbey in North section of the city is being used and that cellars underneath the abbey connect with tunnels leading up from caverns below. This is a continuation of the Evil one's War against Mankind.'

"Another voice broke in, 'Don't believe her. Don't you see this is a lie - a trick? (Then, warningly) Keep quiet about this.'

"I have never been in Utah nor have had no thoughts about or desire to visit, so if this was caused by subconscious, it is certainly puzzling, as is the reference to 'a stolen farm'..."


First Church in Roxbury, an 'example' of one of the earliest religious edifaces in the north section of Boston, which was built in 1804 on the site of a yet more ancient religious structure in John Eliot Square, dating back to 1632.