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From: Alan DeWalton <>
Date: Thu Oct 28, 1999  6:19 pm
Subject: [TheEagle-L] "Operation Dungeon Storm" [Report: 10-28-99/1]
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"Operation Dungeon Storm" is a regular report based on years of personal research into the subject of underground anomalies. These reports may range anywhere from fact to fantasy, however most of the accounts related here have at least some 'suggested potential' of having been based in objective reality. We will leave the reader to determine for themselves just what implications this information might present on an individual and/or collective basis. - Alan



Over the past few years I've come to learn of the existence of a major underground military-industrial facility southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah... in Little Cottonwood canyon.

As one drives up the canyon, on the left they will pass a switch-back leading up into the granite cliffs on the north side of the road. This is NOT the base, but rather an underground 'vault' maintained by the LDS [Mormon] church. The base is farther up the road, and accessed by two more switch-backs which connect further up the mountain. I know this because I visited the 3rd switchback a couple years ago with a friend [all three have restricted access signs blocking the way], and ran into a security officer. I asked him if they allowed tours of the LDS vault, and he told me "Oh, the place you're looking for is farther down the canyon". This indicates that the underground facility that the 2nd and 3rd switchbacks lead to is NOT the Mormon vault, but most likely a rumored CIA/Marine underground facility. A friend of mine from Colorado was told by a friend of his, a general with a very high security clearance, that this base is a massive underground cloning lab.

There have also been reports of 'gray' and 'reptilian' type of alien activity involved with this base, in canyons to the north, and also within tunnels beneath the downtown Salt Lake City area -- especially the Crossroads Mall area -- where construction workers reportedly broke into an ancient underground system similar to something right out of dungeons and dragons... with tunnel-stalking reptilian humanoids, explorers who have mysteriously disappeared, huge rooms patrolled by men in suits carrying Uzi machine guns, large catacombs and seemingly bottomless shafts, as well as other bizarre claims... but more on that later.

The following photo is of the LDS vault... which in and of itself is...


Here is one incredible [to say the least] account involving this underground facility, given by a man who formerly worked inside the Mormon 'vault', which apparently had an underground passage leading to a massive cavern that was being used as a military [industrial] facility. The former employee reiterates that there was a strict OFF-LIMITS policy in regards to this underground passage directed to the 'vault' workers of this particular church organization, and that some form of underground territorial boundary scenario was/is in effect, effectively separating two different underground areas that were/are maintained by two distinct interests.

The following unusual letter was sent to Paul Shockley, of the C.A.C. organization, and was written by a man who wishes to be identified only as J.R.:

"...A high official of this [LDS] church was recently kicked out of the church as he got too snoopy and asked too many questions. He came to me a few months ago and told me what happened. He said that HIS LIFE HAD BEEN THREATENED if he told anyone of what he had found out. So he told me that if anything happened to him, to release the information he gave me. THIS INFORMATION CONCERNS A GIANT CAVERN BENEATH SALT LAKE CITY AND THE WASATCH MOUNTAIN RANGE. IT GOES NORTH TO IDAHO AND SOUTH CLEAR DOWN PAST THE ARIZONA LINE, WITH OFFSHOOTS WEST INTO NEVADA AND EAST INTO COLORADO.

"This cavern has been common knowledge for over 120 years. Many cases over the years [have] appeared in the newspapers of people and groups of people going into the cavern, but never coming out. Several [who] did find their way out, were hopelessly insane. At least that's what the newspaper said about them.

"At present the Archaeological Dept. of Utah are down in southeastern Utah looking for a certain entrance into this cavern, that [a] fellow by the name of John Brewer of Manti, Utah, discovered around 30 years ago (around 1960). He brought out of the cavern quite a few ancient plates of an unknown language. Some of the plates were gold, some silver, brass, copper and clay. He also saw many strange things he won't talk about, such as what he thought were weapons of crystal.

"His son was TORTURED AND KILLED by some unknown person or persons trying to force the secrets out of him. The church wanted the plates in the worst way - they still do.

"The information I was given by this former member of the Church IS VERY CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME AS [the information that has surfaced concerning] DULCE, NEW MEXICO. Like he told me, "After all, where on earth would be a better contact point for aliens than Utah, with thousands of miles of deserts and places not even on the present day maps. Plus a large and powerful organization with hospitals, schools and universities where aliens could undergo physical changes, educated in our languages and customs, using research labs, some of the best in the United States. A lot of GENETIC EXPERIMENTS AND RESEARCH is also going on here in different laboratories.

"THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS HAVE VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE OF MOST OF THEM, HERE IN UTAH. The fellow who is giving me this information also mentioned that for years now, the Church has been working on a vault-like repository in the mountains behind Salt Lake [East], PART OF THE UPPER CAVERN, to put all records, secret documents, and other valuables for safe keeping (This is the aforementioned Vault in Granite Mountain, on the north slope of Little Cottonwood Canyon). He said for over a period of time he helped on this detail. SEVERAL TIMES HE SAID HE SPOTTED SEVERAL SMALL HUMANOIDS WITH EXTRA-LARGE EYES WATCHING THEM FROM A DISTANCE.

"He said THERE WAS A LOT OF BUILDING GOING ON IN THE LOWER PORTION OF THE CAVERN. He heard motors, dynamos, the high whine of generators and voices. All this he said has been going on for over 15 years that he knew of (or previous to 1975). He said his curiosity got the best of him one day, he slipped away from the work gang he was in and went down to a lower part of the cavern. He came to some BUILDINGS WITH LOTS OF ROOMS. THERE WAS A LOT OF BUILDING AND OTHER ACTIVITY GOING ON. THERE WERE MANY MEN AND WOMEN WORKING ON WORK BENCHES WITH COMPUTERS, AND BUILDING ELECTRONIC UNITS OF SOME KIND [Note: Just a suspicion, but could these "electronic units" have something to do with remote mind control - manipulation implant monitoring!? - Al]. AMONG THESE WORKERS WERE MORE OF THESE SMALL HUMANOIDS WITH BIG BLACK EYES. When he started back, two security officers caught him and escorted him back to the repository vault, where they reported his actions and wanderings into the off-limits area, to his superiors. They in turn put him on a truck and sent him back to town. He was warned to keep his mouth shut about what he saw. They told him what was going on down there was a U.S. government operation and was TOP SECRET.

"If he talked about [what was going on underground] to any one, he would get 20 years in a federal prison or WORSE. He kept asking questions to different members he thought were friends. Someone reported him. In turn he was apostated from the Church, WITH A DEATH THREAT.

"This is the 3rd time in the last 20 years I have heard about this activity, from different friends of mine who are members of this church. I didn't pay too much attention to it until I received the info [on] Dulce, New Mexico... I think its high time to PUT THIS INFO OUT TO THE PUBLIC...

Sincerely, J.R."

[Final comment by Alan... take note that the area in question is right in the middle of some of the most 'notorious' underground bases in the western U.S... Burley, Idaho; Denver International Airport; Dulce, New Mexico; Page, Arizona; and the Mercury test site of Nevada. Also, IF the alleged reptilian/serpent race is involved with this strange scenario, then I would suggest that any denomination desiring to call itself 'Christian' should be in the business of SUBDUING inferior lifeforms such as the reptilians/grays rather then allowing these creatures -- that are apparently slaves of their own predatory and animal instincts -- to subdue THEM instead, via mind control and manipulation... see the third chapter of Genesis and the twelveth chapter of Revelation for more on the prophecied conflicts between the 'seed of the woman' and the 'seed of the serpent'. BTW another seeming confirmation of the existence of a massive cavern beneath the Great Basin was given to me by a military reservist who stated that government geologists had, through some method not specified, discovered a huge cavern and underground lake beneath the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Apparently a large enough earthquake, he was told, could concievably empty the entire contents of the Great Salt Lake into the cavern below... it is apparently that massive. - Al]