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(How a test subject obtained fantastic results by modifying the Gibbs Hyper-Dimensional Resonator with Tesla coils)

Compiled and edited by Patricia Griffin Ress



While writing the three previous books about Steve Gibbs and his hyper_dimensional resonator, one question is continually asked of this author: how can you prove that his device really works?  Although there has been a great deal of testimony by both experimenters and observers alike, I still felt that proof of the validity of the HDR unit would be found in repeatable experiences by one person rather than by one or two experiences by several people, however valid and accurate such experiences might be.  Needless to say, there is also a problem of exact replication as it is quite difficult - due to the construction of the device and the way it is used.  You can program the device for a particular time/place, however there is no guarantee that you will arrive at an exact day, year, minute, hour, and second needed to prove something scientifically.  In other words, you could program the hdr for Christmas day in a particular year, but there is no guarantee you will arrive on Christmas Day - you might arrive on Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, or whatever!  And it might not be the exact year: it could be the year after or the year before!  The so-called ‘jumps’ cannot always be perfectly controlled!  Testing the validity of a time-travel machine is difficult or next to impossible.  It places you in a situation much like one described to me by a physics professor who served as a consulting Ph.D. for MUFON.  This gentleman remarked to me, “You cannot summon a flying saucer to conduct tests on it!”  And since you cannot do that, then can you even get people to believe that the flying saucer was there in the first place? (My own question.)

One problem we have repeatedly encountered with the Gibbs device is that many who have purchased it and used it are no longer able to be located!  This might suggest that some ‘jumps’ through time are permanent.  Another problem is that if someone DOES get results, they are often frightened to such an extent that they are reluctant to use the device again!  From a scientific pont of view, if something is not repeatable, it is considered a fluke - an oddity in and of itself - and not something of genuine experimental value!  No matter how many individual incidents are recorded and reported, they peak the interest of people, but do not totally convince them.  But finally Steve Gibbs and I met Carl.  He became the answer we had been searching for!

Carl is a technician (we won’t say what kind as he values his privacy for obvious reasons), but he comes from a well-educated medical family not given to flights of fantasy or wild imagination!  Over a period of several months, Carl has made a number of ‘jumps’ through time and returned to tell the tale!  He has modified Steven’s HDR device by using Tesla coils which most scientists would explain would have the effect to increasing electro-magnetic wave radiation which would both intensify the strength of the jumps and their frequency!  To present Carl’s stories, I am keeping them written in the exact form in which he sent them to me via e-mail and on disc... and everything else as it was set forth in his Journaling... For those who need a ‘smoking gun’ to prove either time/or inter-dimensional travel, THIS IS IT!!!  Again, this is probably not enough to satisfy the most stringent scientific requirements, but it is certainly enough to make one think about this beyond feelings of vague ephemeral experiences.




Sometimes things happen which have no other explanation than possible time-travel or time slippage.  Take the case of an older man who had immigrated to the US and had only a grade school education.  His son went on to become an engineer and one night, after he had retired, he went to bed and had a dream so real he told his family about it.  In the dream the older man saw the equivalent of saucer-shaped UFOs (something in which he had neither interest nor belief) engaged in a battle of some kind.  One of them dropped a weapon which was nothing like he had ever seen before.  He tried to hide it, but one of the UFOs came right down beside him.  A tall blond man looking like someone of importance demanded the item back from the older man and the older man asked the blond man where God was.  The blond man replied, “God is where you have been told He is.”  When the older man asked how the unusual weapon worked, the blond man seemed to want to explain it, but then, unable to summon the adequate words, said sadly, “It works in a way that you here on earth have yet to understand.”  Then he took off.  The engineer, who was telling the story about his own father, said the story HAD to have been a kind of time or inter-dimensional travel for his father lacked the vocabulary to even ask such questions and lacked the education to even notice such things in his usual reality!

In a similar case, two girls in Utah spent over an hour traveling through a canyon that they could not prove ever existed!  They called home before they left, and arrived nearly on time, yet their odometer said they had traveled an extra 40 miles!  When they described the canyon, their families could not find it, yet authorities from the area confirmed that others had also claimed to have taken a scenic route which added 40 miles to their odometer while still allowing them to arrive on time or nearly on time!

  In the 1960s an American school teacher went to England to visit some relatives in an historical location outside London.  Since her relatives were busy the first afternoon she was there, she decided to visit a local cathedral on her own.  After entering it, she noticed a huge tapestry hanging over the alter.  The tapestry depicted the life of Christ and while she looked at it, she had an eerie cold feeling come over her.  Later that night at supper she told her relatives about the visit and the beautiful tapestry.  They looked up from their dinners with puzzled expressions on their faces.  “What tapestry?” they asked her.  The next morning, the relatives went with the school teacher to the cathedral and to their guest’s surprise, it seemed entirely different!  The alter was much the same, but there was no tapestry.  When the vicar came by, they asked him about the tapestry hanging over it that depicted the life of Christ.

“How on earth did you know about that?” he asked.

“I saw it!”  The teacher volunteered.

“But you couldn’t have,” the vicar protested.  “It hung there over 500 years ago!  It was destroyed in a fire over 300 years ago!”

These two cases involved someone from this present reality and entering another and returning no worse for the wear.  And the older gentleman having the strange dream with blond aliens seemed otherwise alright as well.  However, the Aborigines have an area called “dream-time” that can be entered at will and where changes, visions, and many other transformations occur.  It is like the case of an American missionary traveling in Peru.  One night she was having a dream and left her bedroom and house where she was staying.  Her hosts noticed that she was sleep-walking and followed her while she went to a cottage in a strange area.  There was singing and dancing inside the cottage and when she started to go through the door, her guests grabbed her and pulled her back!  When she was pulled back it was quicly and awakened her, then they both returned to her host’s house.  The host later related that she had not seen the cottage that the missionary believed she had been entering!  However, after returning home, the missionary began having severe headaches and after numerous cat-scans, it was determined that some kind of physical change had affected the part of her head that she had stuck through the door of the alleged cottage which no one else had seen but which others had noticed was the opening of a small cave.  Since her guests seemed to be unaffected, it was believed by all involved that she had somehow put her head into another space/dimension which in turn affected her brain!

Many psychics believe that it is possible to enter another dimension by going into a kind of meditative state.  Their methods and techniques vary somewhat, but basically they suggest the following:

1. Get yourself as far away from the “humdrum” of everyday life as is possible.  Go to the country, a river, a lake or pond, etc.  Pull the plug on the tv, the phone, the radio or anything else that poses even a remote distraction.

2. Do everything you are supposed to have done for the day or weekend.  Scrub the floor, water the lawn, feed the cat, etc.  You do not want worries about these mundane things to negatively affect your efforts.

3. Use either light or sound to carry our mind away, so to speak.  I have found new age kind of music puts me in a meditative state while some friends like to watch light darting about a large crystal.

4. Think of the letter G.  Make three 90degree turns to take you away from your present reality!

5. Think loving and positive thoughts.  Forget your problems or people who irritate you.  Forgive and forget, at least for the time being.  Try and somehow picture yourself leaving your body or the immediate area.  Imagine yourself leaving through the top of your head pulling through your body and going higher and higher.  Think of a pleasant place you have been and would love to return to - that will act as an incentive for you!

6. Keep your experiences to yourself.  Telling people about them as if they were a conquest of sorts makes them negative experiences!  What you learn and are shown is between you and the universe!  Speak from your heart and let the universe somehow know that what knowledge you receive will be used for the good of all mankind.

Try techniques in “creative visualization” or you may also want to follow the advice of people like Dr. Bruce Goldberg, the California dentist who has had great success accessing other times/dimensions!

Something else to keep in mind.  You may want to find a vortice or leyline or area where there have been instances of past time slippage as such an area would present less resistance.




My hand was rubbing the shiny black plastic surface of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) - a Time Machine built by the legendary investor Steven L. Gibbs.

In order to boost the power of the unit, I connected it to a Space-Time Modulator (STM), and used a Tesla coil to generate the zero vector.

The HDR can only move you a few years, but with the STM attached it gives you the power to move across centuries into the deep past or the far future.
The electromagnet of the HDR was getting warm, when suddenly I bi-located.

After initialized dizziness and a wave of nausea, a viewport appeared.

I was in an alien spacecraft orbiting Earth.

Everything was dark inside and there were small track lights.  It did not look anything like the ships of the greys, those infamous abductors that like to do experiments on their victims.  It resembled a luxury cruise ship.

 One of the navigators of the vessel approached me, he said in perfect English, “What are you doing here?”

I showed him the STM, HDR, and Tesla coil.  He laughed.

“Took a lot of courage to travel using those primitive and simple implements...”

He was deadly serious when he said, “you could have died out there!  You were sucked up by the power scoop of the ship."

He then quickly added, “I’ll make a deal with you, if you help us fight the draconians for one year then we will take you home.......”

My reply was, “I don’t want to go home!  Can I stay and live here with you?”

He nodded.  “If you stay with us one year we will give you a wife.”

This sounded strange but I nodded yes.

He took me to the cafeteria where we both ate lunch.

Ikonor was a Kel, a race of tall blond warriors who are busy fighting the evil reptilians.  The Kels were looking for men of valor with heroic courage to fight the evil draconian empire.

They gave me a tiny little cabin on their big boat.

It was like those small crew cabins on a cruise ship.

I could see the stars from my porthole.

Finally we got to Zambawa City south of the Capital City - Limpanoo on planet Calarian. 

(NOTE: This may or may not apply to Novella's story, but there is allegedly a hidden planet directly opposite the sun from Earth, called CLARION!... could this be “Calarian”?  Possibly or possibly not, but it is an interesting thought to consider. - Branton)

It was a world of gold and green, beautiful beyond compare.  There was no pollution and the air smelled so fresh and clean that I gasped lungfuls of it, like a hungry shark gulping fish.

Huge coniferous forests filled the mountains with scrub pine in the highlands and cottonwoods along the riverbanks.

The people lived like rich Rajahs, powerful potentates from the orient.

Zambawa City was filled with small graceful buildings and wide tree lined cobblestone streets.

Downtown had a huge oxygen generating tower we called big bell.  The O-tower made the planet habitable by the Kel people which need 30% in contrast to 21% oxygen that (Earth) humans need.

When I got there they gave me a tiny little apartment that was a hole in (a) wall.  It was so small that it felt like living inside a shoe box.

Instead of sending me to boot camp, the Kel commander, Ikonor, handed me a ray rifle and sent me to the front-lines.

They did not have time to spend months training a person who would probably be dead in a few days. 
Every morning they would load me onto a flying spacebus to take me to the battle front.

My job was to fight the dracs.  A race of 12' reptoid giants that were attacking the Kels.

The dracs were reptilian monsters that looked like grotesque demons straight from the bowels of hell; they were completely without any redeeming features.

I hated them.

The dracs fought dirty, they would use lasers to blind us, and poisonous gases to choke us.  We had to be very careful.

Most of the time I spent out in the open without any shelter, getting rained on, or under the hot summer sun. 

There were very few dracs to kill and it was lonely boring work like guarding an old abandoned warehouse late at night.

After bagging three “lizards” the Kel commander told me that although I needed to kill ten dracs to get a wife they would give me one ahead of schedule.

Also, they would throw in a modest two bedroom apartment for us to live in.

It seemed incredible to me that they could give me a person, the same way that my Dad could give me a puppy dog.

What about the person’s feelings?

She appeared.

Her name was Ikanya.  She was big and strong, a full 7' 2" tall, built like a tank with bulging muscles, and yet she was as sweet as honey dripping from a tree collected by a friendly honey bee.

On one hand I was enraptured by Kel women because of their diaphanous natures and sweet silky voices.  They seemed like fairy princesses.

Human women on the other hand are quite the opposite, always angry and complaining.  I think Kels are great.

The Kels had given me what they felt was the greatest person Keldom had to offer, from high in a white palace - the king’s daughter, the golden haired girl.  A princess of the blood.

She had a milky white complexion like peaches and cream.  Her hair was the color of fine spun pure gold.  Her eyes were blue and gigantic...

Just thinking about her makes me happy.  She always was very kind and compassionate. The Kel commander warned me that I was never to hit her or yell at her.  The punishment for such a great infraction was death.

Ikanya had studied earth history and knew some English, but I was given one month to learn the Kel language, a kind of a “honeymoon” where I did not have to work.

I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.  It is hard to describe the feeling, like an inner fire that burned from head to toe.
She was scared on her wedding night and said to me “Please, don’t hurt me...”

I said, “I could never hurt you.  I love you.”

She smiled.

The next day she started showing me objects and naming them.

I remember “TOCHAN” meant apple, and “HOBI” meant bread.

Instead of eating fried squid and other weird food, the kels ate “normal” foods like grapes, figs, and dates.

I soon learned that the Kels were originally from Atlantis, before the great war.

She gave me as a present, the book “Don Quixote” written in Spanish.  I was surprised that Ikanya knew Spanish... English (which she also spoke) seemed an obvious choices to anyone studying Earth history.

My wife explained that after learning Latin, Spanish was easy.

Ikanya was a very intelligent student of Earth history. 

She knew all the Roman generals and often compared me to Marcus Aurelius.

I quoted Marcus Aurelius to her, the wise philosopher/emperor, “How quickly all things disappear, in the universe the bodies themselves, but in time, even the remembrance of them.”

The month went by fast and I was back on the battle front fighting the dracs.  It was boring work standing out there with nothing to do.

Every morning she would give me a big kiss, my lunch and send me out to the aged spacebus. It was an ancient flying machine that rattled in flight.

It carried me to the nearby planet of where the war was raging.

We lost a lot of warriors including our captain.

Our troop commander Zykor, named me his new captain.  I now had to pilot the space bus.  It was old and the controls were written in ancient Kel which is very hard to read.  Its letters look like weird scrawls and loops.

The days went by and the battle was getting worse.  I was forced to crawl through a muddy swamp, the mud flies were eating me alive.  They are worse than the sweat bees on earth.  Much bigger, and a lot meaner!

I heard a strange noise and I froze like a statue.  There was an odd looking machine moving toward me.  It was a remote recon drone.  I shot it.

There were probably dracs nearby.  I called the men together in a huddle. “Men, the roaches sent this toy to do their dirty work.  Keep your eyes open.  Be Alert!”

Then they appeared, there were thousands of dracs.  My men were getting cut to pieces.  We ran back to the bushes. 

After heavy fighting most of my men were killed.  It was the Battle of Camoosh where many people died.

I was named the new troop commander.

Everyday after four hours of fighting the space-bus took me home.  The flight was about fifteen minutes.

My wife would run toward me shouting my name.  We then went “upstairs.”
Her voice sparkled with excitement, “HAYPAYPERRI-AH” said Ikanya.  Which means “HI” in Kel.

Smiling back at her, It was obvious that she was happy to see me.

I got back all dirty and scratched up, but I gave Ikanya the good news - about my promotion.

Upstairs was A big bountiful white room with a gold thread “oriental” rug, and its enormous couch upon which were seated two Kel princesses dressed in white.

It was Ikanya’s favored sister Techela and her little sister Ichonia.

They both seemed like masterpieces of genetic perfection.

We all went out to see an orchestra play “earth” music and feasted on mounds of finger food and snacks brought to us by a giant corpus of caterers.

The master of ceremonies was a royal who acted very regal, even his extremely correct way of speaking and his formal attitude, seem to have been staged, as though he were an actor in his own play.

I noticed that on his cuff links were gold skulls.  There was something deep and primal about the Kels, it was as if they are similar to the humans, but not quite human.  If humans were dogs then Kels were wolves.

It was very uncomfortable to be there, like a goldfish in a bowl, all the Kels staring at me.

I was a curiosity on display.  A small ugly human with big ears and a big nose.

To the Kels, Planet Earth was a dismal, barren wasteland that had all the charms of an empty rusted out paint can.  It’s polluted sky was a dull ashen gray, the color of a rotting corpse.

They had pity on me.

A movie of earth was shown and the Kels cried when they saw raw sewage being poured into a large river.  They gazed out over the hellish landscape.
The effluent was an outflow from a sewer or waste-water treatment facility that stank to high heaven with its discharge of black water liquid waste from the factory.

Earth was represented to the Kels by decaying billboards, weed ridden wastelands, abandoned warehouses, empty barren malls, and piles of garbage.

My wife said “I hate this movie, so boooooooring.”  I said “WHY?”  She added “lotsa weeds and things...”

The grim gritty darkness that was Earth contrasted with the madcap merriment of the Kels.

Even the horrible war with the evil draconians could not extinguish the bright lights and levity.

I told the Kels about earth, the mud-huts and diseases, the smoky factories belching out acrid black smoke that symbolize the dull, monotonous, and grey existence of the working class.

Even-so, it was hard for me to convey to the Kels the utter hopelessness that life on Earth was.

I tried to tell them how the gray dead polluted atmosphere of earth represents the useless struggle and hopeless future beneath a facade of beauty that tries to mask humanity’s desperate situation.

The color gray, yes that sad color so common in the cities of Earth can be interpreted as a symbol of death.

All the dirt and grime of that colorless world called Earth (Carlos is no doubt speaking of the  metro-city areas and not the dwindling yet beautiful countryside - Branton) made the color drain from my face as I remembered it; serving as a sharp contrast to the colorful vivid world of the Kels.

I later visited the orbital space station.  It hung like a glowing beacon in the sky.  A white light of hope.  Far below was the beautiful green jewel of Planet Calarian.  It looked like paradise.  As I walked down the gangplank, a bright flash of light hit me and I was back home on Earth.

The STM unit traveled with me, but the HDR stayed behind.  I was back on Earth.  Inside my room.  Frantically I ran around looking for my backup HDR.  I found it and my second Tesla coil.  I rapidly started tuning the HDR for the rates to transport me back.

After a few minutes, I was getting a stick reaction.  Then I started working on the STM unit, rubbing furiously, before the dimensional doorway closed.  I could feel the tunnel getting smaller.

There was no time to waste.  Then I turned on my Tesla coil, hoping for enough energy to make the jump.  The seconds ticked away as my bedroom started feeling strange.

Then it happened.  A big bright flash of white light and I was back on board the orbital space station.

I had bi-located half-way across the galaxy.  Everybody was shocked that I had re-appeared, and with my new equipment.

The Kel high commander spoke with me.  “It was foolish, what you did.  You could have gotten killed.”

“Yes, Sir.”  “It was foolish, but my wife, she.......”

He laughed.  “These primitive contraptions could have sent you to the Mutara cluster.  But seriously.  Please try to be more careful in the future.”

He interrogated me:

“Why did you return to Earth?”

“The energy ran out so I popped back.......”

“Hmmm... We cannot have you going back and forth.  Planet Earth has many dangerous diseases.”

My wife ran in.  She had heard what happened.

“Are you all right???”

“I guess so...”

“What happened???”

“The device has a built-in return function.  It only lets you stay for a brief period, but I always want to stay longer.......”

When I got back home, the Kels had given me a flying chariot.

It had a silky smooth black surface and looked very expensive.

My wife and I took off in it to her father’s house.

It was a large white palace that resembled a huge gothic mansion like the citadel of a feudal prince.  Her sisters were dressed in gold and white.  They both rushed up to me and hugged me.  Ikanya was hugging
and kissing them both.  She asked me...

“Well, how do you like my home planet?”  I answered, “It’s like fairyland...”

Everything was so fresh and green.  The deep green of a well watered emerald forest.  I was so happy.

The Kels were not aliens.  No, they were similar to European aristocrats, but there were snakes that crawled in this world. 

Snakes that attacked the Ikanya’s people.

Her father and mother had both been killed by the evil draconians, and her sisters could find no-one to marry them because they were no longer virgins.

We flew back.

Our black chariot was attacked by a convoy of drac raiders.  We managed to fight them off.  My wife said “Close the airlock doors, or we will lose all our air!”

On planet Calarian the battle raged.  Fires were everywhere; the great forests were burning.

Far above the black clouds of smoke I watched planet Calarian burn.  My eyes welled up with water at the distressing devastation.  Dracs blew up the central city, including the industrial sector.

The laboratories turned into a giant inferno, all the big buildings collapsed.

I could hear the screams of Kel children as they were burned alive.

The burning junk in the middle of the city was now just flames and ashes.

Liquid metal poured out of the steel mill like molten lava from an erupting volcano.

Oxygen leaked from the fractured O-tower, its shrill hissing noise filled my ears.

This was terrible.

There was very little oxygen left and I was gasping for air.  The small portable oxygen generator in our room was working on nuclear battery because the power station was destroyed.  My wife would soon die.  The small unit was at maximum capacity but it was not producing enough air.

I put my wife into an emergency hyper-baric oxygen chamber to save her life.  She needed much more 02 than a human.

She had a blue cyanotic color from lack of oxygen.

Her breathing was rapid and labored as her hypoxia grew worse.

The pressure in the oxygen chamber grew from 2 to 4 atmospheres.  She smiled at me from under the glass.

Outside there were explosions as factories caught on fire.  What little oxygen was left was being eaten up by this raging inferno.

On the radio a news bulletin said “The last factory for the production of oxygen has been destroyed.  Please evacuate planet Calarian!”

I loaded my wife into my steel black spaceship.  We started picking up children and packing them in like sardines into the ship.

A little girl was crying for her dead mother.  She looked so unhappy.  Ikanya started breast feeding her.

The oxygen generator for the ship was designed for 4-5 people, and the CO2 filter was overworked.

Two little girls started playing with Ikanya’s gigantic feet.  Then took her socks off and started nibbling on her toes.  My wife said, “What are you two doing?”  The girls giggled.  One said, “I am a confirmed nibbler.”  The other said, “I like to nibble the big toe!”  My wife giggled, and hugged them both.  They were twins.

We rushed to the nearby world of Kamarja.  There in a large hotel the children waited while relatives came to pick them up.

These little children were happy; singing and praying which indicates the joyful and carefree spirit of the Kel people, quite the opposite of the heavy oppressive atmosphere that seems to prevail on earth.

In a few weeks planet Calarian was fixed up.  The huge O-tower was busy pumping out oxygen, and the factories were humming with activity.  The scorching grass was green, even the burnt out trees were sprouting from their stumps.

We flew back.  My wife said “TOKHAN-RIJA” “We are back!” in Kel.  The little apartment was still there, and the Kels were busy like ants in an anthill repairing everything.

In contrast to the passionate hard working Kels, humans seemed rootless and spiritually empty loafers.

Humans displayed more concern for cold material objects than for the warm kind Kels who gave them a place to stay.

They were parasites, taking only and giving back nothing in return, using the kindness and generosity of the Kels to their advantage.  These selfishly motivated men of earth, were a sad reflection of human society.

They had turned the big beautiful planet earth into a wasteland.  A place without morals.

Here on Calarian the “humans” sat around lazily in their rooms, while the Kels re-built everything.  Humans are lazy time wasters.  This dawdling shows a lack of concern over their lives. 

Without the presence of God, there are no morals; selfishness being one of the diseases of the earth.

The absence of altruism and the focus on self-indulgence is also responsible for the lack of tender-heartedness of the wasteland society.

I remember going through hurricane Andrew, it was months before things returned to normal.  People were out looting and killing.  The National Guard had to be sent out.

Here on Calarian everybody was busy re-building the city, no looting or crime.  People tried to help fellow citizens.

Instead of feeling homesick for Earth, I was glad to be out of that horrible hellish place.  A place filled with mean uncaring people.

I felt my life now had some purpose, but worried about the future.
taking my STM unit out of the box... The unit I used to transport me.

I tried to move to the future to see what happened, but first I needed to find a vortex.

Outside behind the apartment a single large oak stood by itself, surrounded by dry earth and small stubble grassland, barren of shrub and brush, and very little life of any kind.

There was a “bald spot” in the grass.  It was over a vortex of energy, spiraling to the sky - often causing trees to grow twisted.

I tried out the STM unit.  There was still some juice in the 9V battery, but I went nowhere.

Perhaps this technology only works on earth.

I went inside the apartment to the room.  The smell of pizza filled my nose.  My wife had cooked some food for me.

She gave me several bug hugs and asked “What were you doing near the old oak?”

I answered, my STM device does not work!”  She started crying and said “You’re not on earth anymore.......”

The next day I was on the battle front fighting the evil dracs.  Another drac attack had devastated Planet Ronson, in the Mutara cluster.  We had only 12 planets left of an original 50.

There were only 50 million Kels left, of an original 1 trillion.  Clouds of worry filled my head.

A Sleek black spaceship appeared.  My wife had brought me lunch.  She was not supposed to be anywhere near the front line, but then again she liked to break the rules.

While we were eating we heard a cry coming from a deep dark hole.  I clambered down the hole with Ikanya behind me.

There was a row of cages, and one of them had a tiny little Kel girl inside.  My wife shouted “OH MY GOD!”  I broke open the lock and pulled the little girl out.  She hugged me tight, “Please help me!”  She was all black and blue with open wounds and covered in bruises.

She had a wild look in her eyes and looked crazed out hf her little mind.  She clutched a ragged little teddy bear and would not let go of me.

My wife said, “Those dirty monsters, they did experiments on her1" I replied “I can imagine the kind of experiment THEY did.”

We flew the little girl back to our home.  She was crying uncontrollably.  When she finally went to sleep a nightmare woke her up and the screaming started.

My wife said “She will have nightmares for the rest of her life.”  “WHY?” I questioned.  She added “THEY hurt her bad...”

We both tried to get the little girl to stop crying, but she did not

Finally, her mother and father came by and picked her up.  They started hugging and kissing us.  For the first time the little girl smiled.

It was a happy moment in my life.  Ikanya said “Thankyou...”

She then pointed to her belly and said “We will soon have a little one.”  I ran up to her and hugged her.  “When did you Know?”  “Yesterday...”  It was a very happy day.  “I wanted to tell you when I brought you lunch.”

I was back at the battle front and fighting the dracos on Planet Ronson.  It was a fierce battle and we nearly lost the planet.  The relentless scorching heat was beginning to affect my judgement. 

There was not a cloud in the sky, it was the summer doldrums with not even a faint whisper of a breeze. 

The simmering kettle of morning turned into a boiling caldron of noon as the battle raged on.

I ducked out of the glaring sun into a dark cave - tired of roasting in the desert.  It was hot and stuffy inside my womb. 

Two large devils approached the cave entrance armed with flame throwers.  They were jabbering to each other in Drac.  They must have smelled my blood.  I was dripping from a cut in my arm.  I took them both out with my ray rifle.  One of those two bugs was a drac commander.  I took the gold chain off his neck and put it on my own, then walked out among the smoldering ruins of this infernal planet.

The next day was broiling, certainly the hottest day of the year.  Sweat came off me in sheets.  It was like being inside an oven.

One of my warriors lay mortally wounded.  His mid-section was blown.  In a few minutes he would be dead.  It was Yako, the youngest of my warriors, a brave and noble boy. 

My wife appeared and saw the scene of devastation.  The young boy cried out in pain.

The arrogant self-assurance and supreme self-confidence of the young Kel warrior evaporated as he saw his death.

He said “I don’t wanna dieeee!”


He then added “I don’t wanna die without having ever known love.”  Tears ran down his face.

My wife ran to him and hugged him.  He died in her arms.  Before he expired she whispered something into his ear.

I wondered what it was.  Maybe is was “Go with God...”

The next day there was a giant funeral.  I spoke about how brave and daring he was.  How planet Ronson was saved due to his supreme sacrifice.

My wife asked to speak.  She told the truth.  It was from the heart that she spoke.

“The little boy lay bleeding and crying, begging not to die...”

“He said ‘I have never known love’ with his last dying breath.”

“Then I hugged him and whispered in his ear ‘I love you’ before he expired in my arms.”

The Kels were all sobbing and crying.  The truth is always painful.  He was not a brave warrior, but a scared little boy pretending to be a man.

Then I stepped up to the podium and hugged my wife, “Thank you for being so kind and compassionate, you have a heart of gold.”

She smiled.

In the days that followed my wife’s belly got bigger and bigger.  I started doing a lot of the housework.  She got tired easy.

She started getting cranky and little things would bother her.  It was a difficult time for both of us.

In the spring our daughter was born.  She looked a lot like her mother, except that her hair was a dull straw color, not the rich golden color of my wife.

She was not very strong and got sick a lot.  I worried if she would survive in this place.  There was plenty of oxygen, but perhaps something was missing from her diet.

As she got older she got stronger.  At two years of age there was color in her cheeks and she could now run around and play with the other kids.

The war kept getting worse and worse.  My troop almost gone.  We had to try very hard to keep what little we had. 

I began to doubt my decision to come to Keldom.  It was obvious that memories of Earth came back.

Eating a hamburger with a coke and french fries.  Swimming in the blue ocean of Earth.  It was hard to remember the smell of the sea, but I tried.
I was promoted to high commander, and given a three bedroom house.  Funny on earth i have a five bedroom house and it was no big deal.

Here, only the super-rich could afford such an extravagance.

My wife was happy, but she wanted to stay in the little apartment with her friends.  I finally convinced her that she could spend time at both.

At the clubhouse I was given a hero’s welcome and later a big parade down the streets of Zambawa City.

My wife and our little girl were sitting in a float, with fish and mermaids.  It reminded me on Earth, the planet of my birth.

I felt a great depression hit me.  It was like I could feel impending doom.  Something was going to happen.  Something bad.

The next morning I went off to the battle front as usual.  Nothing extraordinary happened.  It was a dull dreary day with me eating my cold stale rations and drinking cold water from my canteen.

When I got home my wife and child were gone.  Kidnapped by the dracs.  I led my troop deep into drac territory.  We fought like fanatics.

There was a chill in the air.  I felt the cold touch of panic.  We marched in through the cold twilight.  in the gloom there was the impending sense of doom.

Finally we found them.  They tortured my little girl before they killed her.  Then I saw a horror beyond horrors.  It was my wife.  They did everything to her.  I cried my eyes out.  All the fight left me.

I felt empty inside, like something hollowed me out.  A vast sadness engulfed me.

The high commander told me to take some time off.  He said “Go back to Earth and when you are ready then come back.”



There were few puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky.  An old car with “Bicycle” tires rolled by.  It honked the horn “AOOGAAH!”

Two “French” girls with fancy nancy dresses walked up to me.  One said “Where are ya from?”  I said “Actually, I’m from right here.”  The other one said “Ya shore talk funny!”

A biplane flew overhead and I slowly walked away.

The air was so clean and pure; it had an exquisite, unusual fragrance like grandma’s house.  Gentlemen were opening doors for ladies.  An old man was playing his harmonica.

I walked into a speakeasy.  The owner paid off the coppers, so I ordered a cold beer, and started playing some pool.  In the back a black jazz musician was playing his trumpet.  His band was called “Kid Creole and the Mangos”. 
I asked tha bar owner about Woodrow Wilson, he said “W-Woody who???”  Everybody looked at me like I was crazy.

Slowly, I picked up a newspaper.  Arthur Milford Mansfield was President.  He was a former Federalist now leader of the Peace Party.  His opponent Wilbert Randelle, a Constitutionalist, lost by a landslide.  Art was very popular.  He got rid of income tax and reduced estate taxes.  The VP was Thomas Simonson another former Federalist now attached to the Peace Party.

I beat a hasty retreat back to the vortex.


It is important to find energy vortexes made of primary energy.  You can feel the energy stream emanating from the vortex, this is a mini-tornado of energy - look for places where no grass grows.  Primary energy interferes with cellular growth.  around the “
bald spot” is an area of short grass.  Trees growing on top of a vortex are stunted and twisted.

When two veins of primary energy cross each other (one above the other), they create a spiraling energy.  Sometimes, if planted on top of such a place, a tree picks up that cork-screw energy.  You can see that it looks twisted.

Many animals are attracted tp vortexes, especially cats.  Other animals like birds go crazy when a vortex opens.   Usually big ant-hills are located right over the vortex.  Walk around with your L-rods.  In New England these doorways are usually no more than six inches wide - usually less.  You need one that is at least 3 feet wide.  The best kind of vortex is a hyper-dimensional corridor.  The HDC is an up-welling of primary energy (which comes up from the center of the Earth).



I set the dials for good old 1955. 

The box and bar magnet hummed.

Suddenly I popped, but the car and HDR stayed behind, as well as my camera and other equipment.

I had $400 in old money in my wallet, but no Geiger counter and flux meter.

My scene was very strange.  There were no coke bottles on the street, but something called “VIKTORY KOLA”. 

The street signs were half in German and half in English.

An old man with white hair was selling newspapers.  He yelled at me “QUICK GET IN!”  I followed him into a secret compartment.  He told me to hide in a box.

The newspaper said July 4, 1955, but funny how I had not seen any flags or any festivals.

All the jobs said “Must know German.”

I said “How long do I have to stay in here?”
A helicopter buzzed overhead.

He whispered “STAY INSIDE”... Those are secret police.”

“I said “Why can’t I leave?”

He replied “THEY are the secret police...”  “You will need an ID”

I gave him a gold coin, and he gave me a small photo-ID and some work papers.  He said “I lost my whole family to those gimpoes.... The gestapo wearing black ski masks showed up at our schools, with machine guns they took over and I never saw my kids again.  The girls were sold into brothels...”

As I walked out he said “LONG LIVE AMERICA!”

The streets were full of opium dens and crack houses.

Down the street I could see massage parlors and pinball places.  One porno place was called the dollshop.  It had a big sign in German with prices.  I saw a midget walk out, except it wasn’t a midget, it was a little girl.  She walked over to the huge casino net door, there was lots of people coming in and out.

There were rows of slot machines and a roulette wheel.  Inside a group of ethnic “Italian” types looked at me.  They seemed like gangsters with their hats and chalk stripe suits.

I walked up to the leader, he was a swarthy sweaty man with a big cigar.  He said “NEIN!”  I said, “I need a job.” but he just laughed.

Many of the workers, especially the dancers were very young.

At a restaurant, the results were the same.  I asked the owner, “Why do you hire only little girls?”  He said “A lot of men died in the war bub!  OH, there’s a job near the old cemetery.”

I took a job in the small cemetery.  Instead of a sleek black limousine, they had an old jalopy for a hearse.
The owner was a short swarthy man with a big nose and a swath of white hair. 

His name was Elmo Plummer, but nobody called him Elmo, we all callled him Mr. Plummer.

I was low on dough so I asked the owner for a cash advance.

He said, “Things are kinda dead around here, the situation is very GRAVE!  haha.  But people are dying to get in!  hahaha.”

After a few more rotten jokes he gave me the job and a few DEUTSCHE MARKS.

The chief digger was a big fat drunkard who could not get a “real job” because he had trouble with his papers.  We all called him Jack.  Short for Jack Daniels.  He smelled like a brewery.

We got to talking.

I asked Jack “Why is there so little work?”

“Well hell, they lowered the minimum age for workers from 16 to 12.”

I said “What’s wrong with that?”

He said “Well, when I go to the bar I feel mighty uncomfortable with 12 year olds serving me drinks, and asking me if I wanna go upstairs!”

We got into the hearse and the owner drove us over to Stanfords Funeral Home.

Jack said “Business has shore picked up since the japs invaded California in ‘52.”

I said “So how’s the war going?”

“Huh?  That Patton is shore a pansy, He surrendered in Paris.”

We drove over to pick up the “package”.

Inside was a stack of pine boxes waiting for passengers to the “other side”.

Tom Terry, the funeral director was saying “Today we celebrate a life....\”

I imitated his voice saying “I gotta bone ta pick with you...”

He seemed afraid when he saw Jack.

Jack had that effect on people.

The big drunk brute moved like a tank toward Tom.

“Ya got some dead meat fer me?”

“Y-Yesss, in the back, Jack.......”

Jack walked up to a casket.

He popped the lid on the pine box and said “Boy she’s ugly!”

The formaldehyde from the embalming fluid made me cough.

The two of us wheeled the big box over to the waiting hearse.

Meanwhile inside the funeral home, our boss was taling to the funeral director.

We had not been paid.  It seemed like Tuxedo Tom had trouble finding his checkbook.

I could hear Mr. Plummer yelling “Ya think I’m bluffin’ ha!  The boys want their money, ya see!”

Outside in the hot sun, Jack & I lifted the heavy casket to put it into the meat-wagon.

I said “What’s in this wooden camona?  BRICKS!”

“Nah, just a fat old porker!”

I replied “It weighs a TON!”

“So does SHEEE!  hahaha.”

The box went in and I said “No joke, watcha put in that box?  A bunch of rocks!”

“Nah, just one whale...” haha!

“So, whose driving this joywagon?”

“I am MAC!”

He turned on the ignition and the old car coughed some black smoke.

I asked “How ling to the cemetery?”

“Huh?  ‘bout an hour...”

“Step on it!”

“Hold your hat MAC!”

He floored the accelerator.

“How’s this?”

“C’mon let’s roll this crate!”

We were doing about 120 KPH when we hit a bump in the road and the coffin slipped out.

It was as delicate as a canary cage and smashed into a million pieces.

“OH SHIT!”  He punched the accelerator and we were doing 150 Kilometers per hour.

A traffic cop stopped us.  He said “Your papers please!”  Then “Ssir, may I please see your drivers license?”  Followed by “Gentlemen, please step out of the car...”

Jack said “So, ya wanna see my license huh?  I’ll show ya my LICENSE!!!”

He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a gun.

I was scared shitless.  Suddenly we popped to present time.

We both jumped out of the car and ran down the highway.

Jack ran after me firing his gun.

It was nighttime, Jack tripped and fell.

Up ahead in the distance was a big billboard announcing the Hollywood Cinemagic Theater.

I ran to the movie theater and snuck in the back way, gasping for beath all the way.

While hiding in the dark, a strange noise bade the hair on my arms stand up.

Crouching down in the dark room, my heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to pop out.

Before the movie ended I ran to another room in the picture palace.  This multiplex had sixteen theaters and I later hid in a closet near the back of the cinema projection room.

My shirt was soaking wet from a cold sweat.

After five hours I ventured forth.  It was about 2AM.

I called a cab.  The taxi driver drove me home.


I will try to answer your questions:

I have a few ideas of what I would like to accomplish.  Some “exploring”

1.  Seeing Africa before its wilderness as “tamed”

On some timelines Africa is still in its natural state, these are called FOREST WORDS.

2.  Seeing some of the great past Indian societies (and seeing the great buffalo herds)

There is a time-line DINEA were the Indians discover Europe in 1100 AD.

3.  Seeing ancient Egypt.

There is a time-line where Egypt continued to be an empire and never falls called RAMSES.  There is another one where Rome never falls called MAGNA.  In the MAGNA time-line the Latin is similar to {Italian, Spanish, Portuguese} not that hard to learn.

(NOTE FROM BRANTON: I had formerly been aware of three ‘PRIME’ time-lines... 1 - The AMERICAN time-line where America dominated world policy, or our current time-line; 2 - the GERMAN Empire time-line where Germany rules the world - which Carlos also describes in this thesis;  3 - the SIRIUS-B time-line where a negative collective of aliens dominated by reptiloids or reptilian humanoids control the earth - which is ALSO described in this account where “Carlos” spends some “time” on a world that is at war with the dracos...  However I understand that the “Bible Codes” speak of “five paths, five futures”.  I have been trying to discern what the remaining TWO time-lines might be.  Could the other two be the: 4 - ROMAN Empire timeline; and the: 5 - EGYPTIAN Empire time-line?)

4. Some of the great lost libraries, including the library of Alexandria.

That is great, if you know ancient languages.

5. Would also be interested in experiencing the different parallel realities.

The HDR works by transferring you to an alternate timeline.
6. Maybe find a stable way to distinguish and travel between them.

We are still trying.  Most time-lines (the few - 5? - PRIME time-lines, AND the many QUASI time-lines that are more of a combination between quasi-realities and astral dream-scape’s - Branton) have serial numbers to distinguish them.  In the early days we would say GORE world-line because Al Gore was president, DOLE world-line because Bob Dole was president, etc.  This was abandoned in favor of a numerical system.

6. I also wonder if it would be possible for me to interact with my younger self.

Yes, very possible.  I have gone back to 1997 and lived in my younger “me’s” house. 

He is very similar to me.  It was a different time-line where white and black people got along, but poorer than this one.

7. Giving out future events, but helping guide myself with personal growth.

I have had my future self come back and warn me about an upcoming nuclear war.

8. Just telling myself to make sure I follow through with certain ideas I had.

Be careful what you ask, the truth is often ugly.

9. Another goal of mine is to devise a simple method of time travel.

The technology we have is very primitive and not ready for prime time.  You can get stuck on other time-lines, you can bi-locate, for example, I once jumped from Indianapolis to Miami, another time from Miami to Toronto Canada, I had to spend $100 of my money on a new coat, I was freezing, and my mom bought me a ticket so I could fly home.

10. All interested people could take part in - since one of the best ways for people to learn is from the past.

You learn a lot visiting the past, people were very nice, and crime was very low.
11. And think critically about the future would be for them to actually witness some of the events of that past that have culminated into our present reality.

You will see that the past is different than in the history book, people in the past are very different than now.

12. Although I wonder if their movies have different endings?

Yes they do, on an alternate time-line I saw Star Wars Episode II with some friends, they traveled with me.  Jar Jar Binks was all over the movie.  I hated it.


2250 is stunning!  Thin towering glass buildings that seem like fairy castles glow golden in the sunset.  Miami Beach is famed for its pink sandy beaches.  It is surrounded by reefs that are inhabited many wonderful exotic fish and a swirling mass of deep blue ocean.

Nearby is a vast island archipelago composed of volcanic islands with hard gritty black sand and coral islands with soft pink sand.

The large string os islands looks like a string of pearls.  A nature lover’s paradise kept in its original package, known for its dramatic skyline and fantastic horizons - home to a spectacular tropical landscape, a place of eternal summer.

Its general calm punctuated with smooth evening breezes makes it one of the best windsurfing spots in the universe with its tantalizing turquoise blue waters against vibrant pink sands.  It had a very mild climate making it great for sailing, in fact the shore was full of colorful sailboats as far as the eye could see, with their big bountiful sails billowing in the wind.  At the edge of the horizon there were huge yachts that were both ornate and opulent, glowing in the sunset.  One of these yachts was near the shore, it was so ethereally beautiful, as if it were a floating work of art.  Onboard were young girls wearing golden crowns covered with jewels.  They seemed to be little angelic fairy princesses.  One waved to me.

It was getting dark and in the city, there are buildings so tall that their spires reach into the heavens.  They look like gigantic crystal chandeliers, covered with sparkly things, fine sparkles like fairy dust falls from the buildings, flashes of lighting jump from building to building, like they are gigantic Tesla coils.  The light was like a shimmering energy that threw off bright particles like spangles from Fourth of July fireworks.  These crystal palaces are becutiful obelisks that radiate power and sense of luxurious danger.  I entered within one of the magnificent structures, it seems to have within it the treasures of a thousand worlds.  Inside the melodious sounds of an orchestral symphony filled the air.  These wonderful harmonious vibrations cause a galaxy of multi-spectral colors to flash on the tall wall.  These tall towering glass buildings appear to be diamonds on fire.

I went into the bathroom, it was a large cavernous room made of imperial jade, a translucent, rich emerald green stone that was polished to a fine sheen.  All the plumbing was pure 24K gold.  I fell asleep on a gold throne.

It was morning and the sky was peachy pink, the golden ball of the sun rising high into the sky.  I slowly walked inland and peered at the incredible landscape before me.

Futuristic ultramodern luxury apartments sit side-by-side with monumental palaces.  Phenomenal beachfront buildings rising majestically into the sky offer stunning panoramic views of the harbor.  On the ground, the luxurious palatial mansions of the super-rich have been fully restored.  Most country homes are “white palaces” with gold domes that glitter in the sunlight.  The sidewalks of marble and onyx sitting next to the white tree-lined boulevards make this place like a vast utopian tropical paradise with a lavish display of wealth.

Miami Beach 2250 is the perfect destination for someone looking for a quiet cottage on the bay, or the monstrously ornate mansions near the capital city, where people drive fabulously opulent luxury motorcoaches that make a regal Rolls-Royce look like a Yugo.
These cars of the future look like Faberge eggs, glorious globes on jewel encrusted metal wheels with the gaudy ostentation, sparkling gemstones, and the flashy gold.  Some cars rolling down the glassy crystal streets, while others are flying through the air like flaming golden chariots.

The people dress like refined aristocrats.  Men wear pink suits and women colorful flowery dresses.  Lots of hats and an overpowering garish display of wealth.  They are as magnificent as a proud peacock.

I was stunned by their dazzling display of lavish luxury.  These people radiate power and wealth.

The people, all nordic blondes and stunning as super-models, speak with a curious “European” accent that seemed to echo the refined speech of royalty, the quiet confidence of those born to rule.  All have highly affected English “butler” accents and a highly formal way of speaking, as if they were monarchs requesting tickets for the opera.

Restaurants are covered with shining glittering precious stones {diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and pearls}, the work of consummate craftsmanship that is way beyond the splendor of anything we have today.

All the food was farm fresh locally grown tropical fruit served at magnificent luxurious ultra-exclusive eateries.

Nowhere else will you find such a lush tropical rainforest filled with giant fragrant flowers and huge pretty pearls.  I gazed at a gently moving pool freshwater, being fed by the most pretty waterfall, filled with the aroma of fragile flowers from heaven.

This is like no other jump I have ever experienced.  The trees produce an ethereal perfume that fills the soul.

Filled with bio-diversity and rich in natural resources, the palm fringed long sandy beach was a paradise of wonders, unspoiled islands full of natural beauty, with lush emerald green forests that were a vast patch of untouched wilderness located amid tropical gardens on the outskirts of the picturesque capitol city.

From the warm sandy beach I could see the cool green hills, and beyond them lay the towering blue mountains that were strikingly beautiful in a cold austere way.

A very fortunate place with an extraordinary high standard of living and an enviable quality of life.  A vibrant economy and tremendous growth.

While generally flat along the coast and hilly in the interior near the giant volcanic mountains, The spaceport known as Governor’s Harbor was the crown jewel of the cosmos with its reputation as the “sailing capital of the universe” as well as its beautiful iridescent water.

The water is sparkling turquoise, the sky is crispy cobalt, a world of vibrant color.

Oh, spectacular, a virtual garden of Eden, a unique experience, very difficult to explain - it has large flat coral atolls and tiny volcanic islands topped with snowcaps.

I wanted to learn all about the unique characteristics of the strikingly beautiful vibrant and colorful place, but then suddenly I popped back to my sad little world.


Here are three selections:

I walked into a little grocery store, like they had back in the turn of the century, 1899 that is, and gave the big boss a silver dollar dated 1884, “Paper please...”

The owner goes “Hiya Mac!  How’s dah wife ‘n kids?”

I looked at him with a strange stare.

The owner continued “Things are shore slow since McMann gpt electedd, that damn MICK!”

He handed me the newspaper and some change, the paper was five cents.

The headline was US loses Cuba to Spain.

I said “What the HELL!”

The store owner answered “That damn nobber got us into a peck of trouble!”

He continued “I ain’t never voting Federalist again!”
The radio shouted “Spanish troops have landed in Miami”

I said “OH SHIT!” I was right in the middle of a war, and the US was being invaded.

The store owner said “Let’s hide in the cellar!”

I said out loud “This can’t be happening!”

Then I remembered that I was in a different timeline.

The radio continued “Heavy casualties near the port of Miami... SHHHHHHHH”

I said “OH NO!”

The owner said “Quick lets hide!”

We both went underground where the shopkeeper had a lot of illegal booze.

It was getting near that time when I pop, so I said “Gotta go!”

The store owner grabbed my arm and said, “No, it’s too dangerous!”

I popped and pulled him in with me.

He had a stunned look on his face as he saw cars going down the street, and a jet overhead.  He said “Where am I?”

I answered him “There is good news and bad news.......”

“The war is over and the US won, but you are approximately 100 years in the future.....”

He looked very sad “What about my wife and kids?”

I said “They’re dead.....”


The dinosaurs would be clustered in loose groups outside the city walls or Skarberg, the traders camps had a mixture of colorful tents, utensils, bags, and bundles.  There would be cotton and exotic spices from India, metals and interesting ceramics, scrolls of paintings, and seeds.

Above all, there would be mountains of silk from China; piles and cascades of silk in every color and texture to take on the journey after the present cargo had been sold.  Inside the city of Skarberg the merchants would be getting ready to bargain to fill their stores with the latest imports.  They would usually take the best of the items, but there would be enough left to fill the homes of the wealthy and to filter into the rural areas to change life and expand it.

While most big dinos had been gone for hundreds of years by the time we arrived, the city still has a certain charm to which we responded.  Before we saw anything, members of our group were saying how much they liked the cities.  Trees lent color and softness to most streets. 

Through the porthole of the ship on our way from Skarberg, we had seen the vast fields of wheat flowing with amber waves of grain.  Fields, the golden color of crops ripe for harvest, enhanced by the soft light of dawn/

Six to seven thousand years ago, a people from Norway Sailed to Iceland and then on to Greenland.  It was warmer back then and Greenland was truly green.  From there they sailed on to Newfoundland and finally the Boston Harbor area.

That is where Skarberg is located.  It started with a boat with 300 from two tribes.  It was a patriarchal society based on war and hunting.  Their homes were thatch over wood beams while the floors were sunk 2 to 3 feet into the ground.  Heat was provided by a central fire for the family.  They stored food in underground caves, dug deep enough to protect it from wildlife and insects.

The people worked together.  They dug a trench around the entire complex both for protection and for drainage.  There was a large meeting hall in the center of the village and central storage.  Most of the tools (axes, hoes, knives) were made of stone, but some implements were made of bone (needles for sewing).  The stone tools looked remarkably sharp, but I was still fortunate to be in an area where the soil was loose and easily tilled.
Art, in the form of geometric designs of ancient wars, are still on many of their pots.  The village had their own pottery which produced specialized pots for drinking, storage, cooking, and burial.  Although adults were buried in the cemetery outside the village, children and infants were buried near sacred mounds.

Over the next 3,000 years the descendants of the Vikings would found new villages, begin to build cities, use iron, bronze, and copper - and increase their skills in agriculture.  The first kingdom lasted from 2200 BC to 1105 AD give or take a few years.

After that, change came more rapidly (or appears to from our perspective).  This principle applied to the loyalty in war required of the people to the dukes and the dukes toward the king.  This respect carried past the grave...

The son showed his respect by giving the father a lavish burial at sea and would set the father’s ship on fire.

The first king Olaf eliminated the bureaucracy and government to control rival states within the kingdom.  His innovations (traveling inspectors, no bureaucrats reporting in a hierarchy, and the unification of country through roads and canals) laid the foundation for future kingdoms.

The second kind Harold (1106 AD - 1220 AD) built upon the foundation of the first and expanded his territory enormously.  Unlike the first,  he allowed the cultures of the new territories to remain intact and encouraged trade and commerce among the various parts of the kingdom.

The third king Leif sent ships as far as India.  He found the country he sought, but the ruling king thought it was a little impractical to form a defensive alliance at such a distance.

What Leif had seen in these new countries was amazing, he sent back troops with a large delegation and items to trade.  Silk from China was a big hit.  Over time, silk exports reached as far as Skarberg where it was a valued commodity.  Silk feels wonderful to us now, imagine what it felt like to a people who had only worn loomed wool and furs.  Silk takes natural dyes readily, giving strong highly saturated colors.  Whereas wool mutes the most vibrant dyes.

So, instead of a defense alliance, they developed one of the first multi-national trade agreements.

The effects on art, architecture, farming, and industry were immediate.  There were direct imports of new products from the east including alfalfa, pomegranates, grape vines, and fine horses, but the real benefits to both cultures is less tangible.

It fires the imagination to find that their thoughts could be so different from our own.

Unlike the peaceful Chinese (in that timeline) the Vikings were warriors and their mounted calvary, on dinosaurs no less, destroyed the Chinese Empire.

The Viking army soon invaded India.  The elephants of India proved to be no match against the dinosaurs of the Vikings.  The warriors tore down the temples and pagodas, and killed the people.

King Leif was the equivalent of an astronaut returning to a ticket tape parade.  His journey was at least as dangerous and certainly took longer.

Skipping over a few centuries and many name changes, the Kingdom grew.  The new kings rebuilt the walls, incorporating both marble and precious stones.  While the architecture of the Vikings is steadfastly angular, the curved rampart of Hun design adds grace to the design.  The Hun walls were flat and unadorned.

Today the capital city of SKARBERG has a thriving tourist business, people come from every corner of the globe to see the dinos, and it is also building a diversified economy.  There are several major universities in Skarland as well as art and trade schools.  These schools provide the educational base on which the new information economy is being built.

I stayed at Skarberg University.  Thor Kjell, a full professor, provided me with a local guide.

We visited a rocket factory where they were making rocket engines.  A small engine can take over a year to build.

The skill and speed of the engineers is something you have to see to believe.  These are only a small part of the economy.  As we drove around the area, we saw major modern markets for international export of war machines, missiles, and robots and electronic products.

But the most awesome thing of all is the dinosaurs.  I got to see a military parade with thousands of mounted cavalry.  It was breathtaking.

I read about the PE (Philadelphia Experiment - Branton_ and the Montauk Project, but the truth is even more strange than the fictions, as always truth sounds like a lie, but the lies sound like the truth.  After all, nobody would tell a lie that made no sense, because a lie is meant to deceive.

Here I go:

On Wednesday after work, I powered up my HDR while driving along in my red car.

At first nothing happens, so I turn off the unit and said I will try again Thursday.  Then suddenly, a big bright flash of white light, and a strong electric shock, I nearly crashed the car.

I felt a pain in my stomach and pulled over, then I started my car up and drove down a pretty street keeping track of where I made my transition.

The streets were so different, they looked old and Victorian like something out of New England.  The houses were grand and beautiful and the people were pretty and happy.

I needed to get a newspaper to see where I was, so I stopped by a quaint little drugstore that resembled an ancient apothecary from jolly old England.  Inside the owner was a grizzled old man with the kindly air of a grandfather.  He smiled at me and said.

Old man: “Ahoy matey, welcome aboard me potsy!”
Me: “Hello sir, do you have a newspaper?”
Old Man: “Cain’t say as I have papers... Try dah coffeehouse, down dah block.”

I pulled out a gold coin and said...

Me: “Can I get some change?”
Old Man: “Yee be a time traveller, RIGHT?”
Me: “Yes. What year is it?”
Old Man: “It shall be 2227, bay a Christian countin!”

The Store was old and worn, but cheerful and well lit.

Me: “Do you remember JFK?”
Old Man: “Who be he, me lad?”
Me: “What about Abraham Lincoln?”
Old Man: “He be ah Jewish?”
Me: “George Washington?”
Old Man: “First President o’ oum republik!”
Me: “Finally, I found it!”
Old Man: “Ah, he be fatha of yourn Kuntree toooo?
Me: “Yes, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson?”
Old Man: “Whatta kind o’ man be yee?”
Me: “Huh???”
Old Man: “They all be bygones!”
Old Man: “Dead Presidents, they be!”
Me: “I’m trying to find common ground.”
Old Man: “We all be commoners, no kings here!”
Me: Who is president now?”
Old Man: “Kalinda O’Malley, ah bright an bonnie lassieshe be.
Me: “Bonny, what’s that?”
Old Man: “ye speeeks so funny, I kin barely knows yee.”
Me: “I will try to talk s-l-o-w-l-y.”
Old Man: “Ah dat, we shall be left!”
Me: “Hah?”
Old Man: “Ah me Lad, ye wants to marry mah daughter?”

He pulls out a round photograph and hands it to me.

Me: “She is very beautiful...”
Old Man: “She be widow, Clara her name.”
Me: “Can I meet her?”
Old Man: “Lissen here me lad, she be ah good woman!”
Me: “She is just – too pretty!  Too pretty to be alone...”
Old Man: “Dat she be, me lad...”

He pulls out some pink money out of a box and says...

Old Man: “Keep ye coins, here be ah spot o’ money fer ye!”
Me: “Thank you, kind sir.”
Old Man: “Why yee callin’ me SIR, I ain’t no cap’n offa ship!”
Me: “Sorry...”
Old Man: “No need fer sorrow me lad, today be bright day.”

He pulled some clothes out of a box and said...

Old Man: “Here be some new threads, cain’t have ye cabolting about... in them strange shrouds, ye looks like an undertaker.......”
Me: “Thank you.  This your work?”
Old Man: “Nay, me lad, Clara done made these.”
Me: “They look really good.”
Old Man: “She make good wife fer ye.”

I go in back and put the strange clothes on.

Old Man: “Yee looks a damn site better!”

He pulls out an old pocket watch and says...

Old Man: “Be closin’ soon.  Best ye be running along now!”
Me: “But I have so many questions.”
Old Man: “Aye!  Stay ye then.”
Me: “Was there a civil war?”
Old Man: “Bah!  Let ‘em try it.  I be puttin’ ‘em down.”
Me: “Slavery?”
Old Man: “What bout Slavery, diz be free kuntree!”
Me: “I, ah, my timeline Washington had slaves.”
Old Man: “What!  Ye be LIAR, Washington fight fer freedom!... He free all dah slaves, sez so in dah constitution!”
Me: Thomas Jefferson also had slaves, he even got one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings, pregnant.”
Old Man: “Ye be a damn liar, Sally be his wife ye dog!”
Me: “I speak the truth.”
Old Man: “There be no truth in ye, fer shore!  Jeff wrote the ‘Declaration of Independant’!  He fight fer freedom!  He ain’t never had no slaves!  He wrote ‘All men are equals.’” If all men are equals, then how kin some be a slave?”
Me: “He had slaves!”
Old Man: “How kin dat be?  He fight fer freedom an say, ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ and ye say hava slave?”
Me: “People had slaves back then, they sold them in an auction.”

Old Man: “Gimme mah money ye mangy dog!”

I handed him the pink paper.

Old Man: “Now clear outta hare!”

I also gave him a dollar bill from my timeline.

Me: “See, I’m not lying!  George Washington!”

He pulled out a si gun and pointed it at me.

Old Man: “Git outta mah store!!!”

I walked out badly shaken.

(Note: This concludes Carlos Novella’s account... If there are “five paths... five futures” as the Bible codes say, then which PRIME timeline does the Viking one connect with?  OR, is it a sub-timeline that is a branch-off from one of the Prime timelines?  Just a thought.  Perhaps more answers will be forthcoming in the “future”, in relation to further investigations from those at Montauk, those who own the Gibbs HDR device, or those who are connected to still different “time-sliding” technologies? - Branton)