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Phil was hired by the Secret government as an explosives and excavation engineer for the underground bases of the New World Order, at one point having been involved in one of the many firefights between human and alien forces within the Dulce, Mew Mexico base complex.

After exposing--during a series of lectures--the alien infiltration of over 120 New World Order bases (such as the Dulce base in New Mexico, the Groom Lake Base (Area 51) in Nevada and one beneath the new Denver International Airport (to be used as a transfer center to underground concentration camps in times of chaos), and in addition to revealing a conspiracy to fit rail boxcars with literally millions of shackles, Phil Schneider was murdered, set up to make it look like a suicide. Who was responsible? Agents of the secret government.

Even though there was evidence of foul play---having been strangled to death by piano wire---the "official" conclusion was "suicide."


Castello was a security guard in the underground mega-base beneath Dulce, New Mexico. After he and other "employees" of the organization had learned of the existence of vast underground "concentration" camps and "cryogenic" facilities in the deeper levels where thousands upon thousands of "abductees" from this and other worlds were being held (tortured, used for genetic experiments or as sources for the "liquid protein vats" which feed the winged white dracos, the tall green dracos, and the short gray dracos), Castello---after many of the human and alien members of the "resistance" had died or disappeared in the "Dulce Wars"--decided to defect.

He left the base with damning evidence of illegal treaties with alien forces (the three types of dracs mentioned above, the Germanic "Aryans", the reptilian-human-synthetic tribreds, known as "The Orange:, and others . . .), some of them signed by Reagan and other US presidents who made their secret "covenant with death" to turn over the planet to the draco collective in exchange for certain favors for the Masonic elite.

When Castello arrived home, a "government" van (secret alien-corporate-military-executive government" that is not the representative "congressional" government) was waiting for him, with agents who informed him that his wife and son had been abducted and would not be returned unless Castello turned over the artifacts that he removed form the base.

Castello escaped, never seeing his family again, being a fugitive for several years, until at last report from his co-researcher, Jason Bishop, he was 'rumored' to have died in Costa Rica.


Borland, a researcher who inspired John Grace (AKA Val Valerian) on his path which led to the establishment of the Leading Edge Research Group, had also been working with employees of Reynolds Electric Corp., who has exposed the fact---over the Billy Goodman Radio Talk Show---that several of their co-workers were being held captive in an underground base below the Mercury Test site in Nevada, after having stumbled across a conspiracy involving an alien (reptilian) takeover of US underground installations.

This was also confirmed by a former Wackenhut employee, Michael Riconosciuto, who implied that the entire underground system, linking Nellis AFB, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, with Edwards AFB in California, was no longer under human control, and that many who had learned too much either turned up missing or dead, just like the 5 test site employees whose chopper was shot down as they were trying to leave the base with an aircraft packed with damning evidence on anti-gravity, genetic and underground base atrocities.

Borland was attempting to expose this conspiracy and help the "Mercury workers" in their desperate struggle. Shortly afterwards, Stacy and her brother were murdered in a "gangland style" slaying in Las Vegas.


Cassolaro was in the process of writing a book on "The Octopus", a multi-leveled conspiracy of corporate-military control, much of the technocracy for which is being developed at Area 51. The Wackenhut Security Agency, owned and controlled by retired CIA and NSA fascists, is used as a parameter security force to augment the internal Delta Force security for several alien-infiltrated underground bases. Wackenhut and other tentacles of "The Octopus" was to be heavily implicated in the Cassolaro expose, in large part due to former Wackenhut employee and source for inside dirt on the "Inslaw" scandal, Michael Riconosciuto, who was himself convicted and sent to a federal prison on what he claimed were falsified drug charges.

Cassolaro was found murdered in his home, and his research papers and manuscript for his book were nowhere to be found.


Keith was an outspoken exposer of the multi-leveled conspiracy involving underground bases, black helicopters, New World Order plans, illegal industrial-military treaties with ETS, aerospace anti-gravity secrets preserved by deadly force, kidnapping and genetic engineering, experiments which take place "in the black" (in that the alien-corporate monopolies operate under industrial security clearance levels so deep that even congressional regulators cannot access and oversee them), It is a matter of aerospace, petrochemical, and banking monopolies placing those whom they wish into the executive, senatorial, and judicial branches of government. . . considering themselves to be above the law while imposing the fullness of the letter of the law upon those whom they perceive to be competition to their military-industrial fraternity.

Jim Keith entered a hospital after suffering minor cuts from tripping. He never emerged alive. Many find the events surrounding this death to be highly suspicious, and suspect that foul play was involved.


This 'martyr' is different from others in that his true identity is unknown, save for the initials "J.R." as given in a letter to Paul Shockley in which he describes other nameless martyrs connected with an underground facility near Salt Lake City, Utah.

J.R. revealed that one man had reported a cavern entrance in southern Utah which led to this underground "world", where he found remains of a lost Troglodytic race and ancient artifacts including some sort of crystal-based weapons.

This nameless man was murdered in the process of having his secret beat out of him by mob-types (who have reportedly used these ancient caverns of Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Nevada, etc.., to carry out their furtive practices, which according to Richard Shaver is where the term "mob-underworld" had its origin). And with the industrial-Masonic Palladium connections to some levels of the Mafia, we might imagine that organized crime was also in cahoots with subterranean alien influences long before the Illuminati's treaties of 1933 and onward.

JR. spoke of yet another nameless martyr who was a high-up official in the Mormon Church, and who worked in the Granite Mountain "vault" in little Cottonwood Canyon's north slope (first switchback...although two other switchbacks farther up the canyon lead to another access point used by the military and CIA).

This man, as well as other "vault" workers, were aware of a tunnel that led from the depths of the vault into the heart of the mountain, yet they were forbidden access to this tunnel by "US Government: officials who told the vault workers that it was their patriotic duty to keep silent regarding what lay beyond the tunnel. However, on certain occasions, he and other workers observed "gray" aliens with big dark eyes peering from the darkness of the passage as if to observe their activities.

One day, this church official's curiosity got the best of him and he followed the restricted tunnel until he eventually emerged into a huge cavern filled with all kinds of activity, and construction projects were going on everywhere throughout the cavern system which honeycombed the mountains in a seemingly endless network. Amidst of all this, was the sound of the steady drone of machinery. He walked into one "building" and saw humans and gray aliens working at benches on electronic (mind control, etc..) Equipment.

Two military guards apprehended him and took him back outside, and with a DEATH THREAT warned him not to talk about what he had seen. However J.R. stated that something may have happened to this informant, and this prompted him to expose the story to Paul Shockley and others.

J.R. had also learned that, just as with the Dulce base (to the SE) and the Groom Lake Base (to the SW), thousands of men, women and children have been abducted into the underground labs of Utah, to be used to satisfy the perverted sexual addictions of the 33+ Masons or to become the victims of alien experimentation, or worse . . .

The "word" is that a massive cavern system (like described by Betty Andreasson, after having been taken there by the gray alien "Guazgaa") lies beneath Utah's Great Basin, with underground branches reaching into all surrounding states.

An underground sea-lake large enough to be moved by tidal forces feeds several underground rivers that run below Nevada and California and eventually emerge into the oceans depths through the continental slope (Kokoweef River, for instance). A large number of human colonists, descended from ancient surface dwellers, once lived in relative security in their underground forming communities until the Dracos, Reptiloids, and Grays moving northward form south and Central America invaded from the South and Central America invaded from the south. Thirty-third (33+) Masons, Jesuits and Nazis who were based in re-animated "Atlantean" strongholds below the east coast, (underneath New York's Church of St.. John, the Divine; Boston's First Church of Roxbury; and the Masonic "House of the Temple" in Washington D.C.) Who were/are in collaboration with the Reptilians, invaded from the East and took control of the underground colonies at about the same time World War II was raging above.

Many of the survivors of this underground war were left at the mercy of the merciless cult of the serpent which has sought to control the world below just as they have the world above. This is why you will find that all terminals or passages between the two worlds are controlled by one form of Masonry or another.

Richard Shaver and others (having come under the psychic influence of the "insiders" who pushed them to fanaticism, according to some) tried to interpret the "surface echoes" of these subterraneous events in the best ways they knew how, during the height of the "Shaver Mystery" which filled the pages of AMAZING STORIES magazine for half a decade following WW II. This gave rise to other publications like FATE, FLYING SAUCERS, SEARCH, HIDDEN WORLD and numerous other UFO organizations which were rooted in the Richard Shaver - Ray Palmer - Kenneth Arnold alliance.

Many in fact consider Ray Palmer to be the father of Ufology, however Palmer himself was inspired by Shaver's claims of physical and psychic encounters with both friendly (Tero) and unfriendly (Dero) troglodytic races who were descended from the survivors of Mu and Atlantis, and who were/are at war with each other both under the earth and out in space...

Nothing further has been heard from the mysterious "J.R.".


A professed Air Force intelligence agent who did not wish to be named has stated that in early 1963 John F. Kennedy had met with MJ12 member Gordon Gray and told him emphatically that he would "dismember" the CIA (jointly founded by the Bavarian Illuminist Allan Dulles and the Nazi S.S. General Rinhard Gehlen) if they did not cease dealing in international drug traffic to finance their "joint" military - industrial - alien underground base projects.

Later that year John Kennedy lay dead in Dallas, Texas (on the 33rd parallel) on Nov. (or 11-22 which equals 33), in a triangulated Masonic style slaying, and fasocialist coup d'etat of the US executive government. Louisiana District Attorney (see the Kevin Costner movie "JFK") James Garrison accused the CIA agent Clay Shaw and his military-industrial collaborator Fred L. Crisman of complicity in the assassination. Crisman just happened to have been a "witness" of the infamous Maurey Island UFO incident near Tacoma, Washington where several donut-shaped anti-gravity craft (allegedly the product of Nazi-based military industrial technology) had been observed dumping metallic "slag" over the harbor.

Ray Palmer had commissioned Kenneth Arnold to investigate the incident. A conversation he had with an Air Force officer was bugged, and Arnold himself barely escaped a deadly crash when his private plane mysteriously stalled. Arnold incidentally was the first to coin the media phrase "flying saucers" following his own sighting of a formation of crescent - shaped flying discs near Mt. Rainier, Washington. One reporter investigating the Maurey Island incident died mysteriously, two Army G-2 pilots carrying slag samples to Wright - Patterson AFB in Ohio died when their plane crashed, and strange agents were seen apparently involved in "damage control" following the incident, at the heart of which we find the M.I. agent Crisman, who turned up nearly 15 years later in connection with the JFK assassination.

Shaw, Crisman and others were not convicted, due the fact that David Ferry, Garrison's star witness, was killed only a few days before the trial began. Writer John A. Keel revealed some strange UFO type incidents surrounding the JFK assassination, for instance the sighting of unusual "long haired" men in Dealey Plaza (this was before the Beatles brought the "long hair" fad to America), an Oswald look - alike who was seen at a shooting range near Dallas with a rifle that shot at balls of fire at the target, others who heard "voices" in their heads about the death of JFK prior to the actual event, and so on. According to Geraldo Rivera, nearly 300 premature deaths of witnesses to the assassination have occurred in the intervening years, deaths which defy the laws of statistics and probability. In spite of his known marital indiscretions John F. Kennedy (being only human) may nevertheless have been the most notorious of all of the martyrs of the "underground resistance".

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