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Kitty Kaffeine <> wrote:
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 17:56:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Kitty Kaffeine
Subject: Possible Dulce Connection - Please Read

To whom it may concern:

I'm sending this e-mail in hopes that it gets into the right hands.  The chances are most likely minute, but it remains a chance I am willing to take.

A few years ago, I would have been utterly dumbfounded, and most likely not know how to react if I was informed about Dulce at that particular time.  However, several experiences have changed my life. One of these experiences in particular was a dream that was shared with someone that I didn't know.  Two years after having the dream, I found the other person who shared the dream. Honestly, I have thought about the probability of its accuracy and I can find nothing to disprove it. We both, even two years later, cannot explain it.  I, for one, hardly remember my dreams and this one seemed to real, so vivid. Not to mention, both of us recall a conversation that we had during the dream.  Not to mention, the particular setting and plot of the dream were very unusual. I'll be blunt in summarizing.
The dream had to do with an underground facility that had a network of tunnels.  During this particular time, the city above was in a heap of smouldering ruins and surviving humans had fled underground.  There were also reptilian-like humanoids massacring the survivors in cold-blood.  Groups of strangers huddled together in masses at the ends of some of these tunnels.  At first I thought these were sewers, because there was a good amount of standing water that came up roughly to one's shin within the tunnels. I went through a large hatch door, that seemed more like a door to a vault.  From that point on, the tunnels were dry.  I remember vividly that I, while being chased by one of the creatures, ran into a small cavern, like passage that had a light or two suspended on the ceiling, above a large ledge that had metal barrels stacked on their sides and chained down to prevent their movement. I had been shooting at the creature with two hand guns, none of which did much good.  I had paused to change my magazines. At this point and time, the reptilian ran out at me and the barrels above released and crashed into the beast, the many containers weighing down on it. This was when my companion and I first met.
Most everything after that is a blur.  There were several more details that I failed to mention in my brevity.  However, the fact that guns and bullets did little to them was a factor that was reoccuring, and somewhat frightening.
I didn't think much of this dream 4 years ago when I first had it, although it has stayed with me ever since.  I thought nothing of this dream when I first had it.  In fact, my companion and I are still baffled by its content. We knew nothing of Dulce, nothing of Reptilians, or otherwise.  We didn't watch any black and white classic about alligator men in the sewers.  There was nothing that might have brought this on. 
I don't know who will read this. But if you have any other information or similar circumstances regarding anything mentioned in this e-mail (such as similar dreams, cases, etc.), please share it with me. I feel that this is very important.