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Subject: Spirit journey to the underground Dulce base. in New Mexico. EVENTS coming : watch October 27 and watch November 22. * Staged UFO threat and imminent invasion ?
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 00:14:19 -0700
This guy was on Coast to Coast AM (Oct. 10th).
Aliens, Demons & Souls
Author Zeph Daniel ( a Satanic Abuse survivor, returned to the show, sharing his unusual life experiences as well as detailing the nature of alien and demonic interactions. The purpose behind Satanic Ritual Abuse is to "dislodge the soul" from a child, so that a demonic entity can enter and grow up in that person, he explained.

It was in the year 2000 that Daniel said he finally found God and was able to completely overcome the mind control that was still operating upon him. He began having journeys in "spirit" where he was shown things such as a "crystal city" on the moon, a base where human souls are held in high tech devices. He also said he learned that most alien abductions and interactions are actually a cover story for "demonic oppression."

A new "internal invasion" is planned by the demonic entities he stated, which will take place in the dream state and will involve half the planet, experiencing what is thought of as alien abduction. The purpose is to get permission for people to be taken, said Daniel, who added that as a "spiritual warrior" he will fight this process. He also described an associate's spirit journey to the underground Dulce base in New Mexico, where thousands of souls were being held captive. This person, he said, was able to minister to the spirits and allowed them to escape, leaving behind their bodies as empty containers.
Excerpts from web site :
I ask brother Spotted Hawk to write a report on his journey to the Dulce Base in northern New Mexico… he stood in this tabernacle, and a door was opened from it to the underground prision chambers in Dulce… he has reported that several souls have been liberated, leaving only husks behind.
The controllers of the earth maintain a crystal city on the moon—and they call themselves the COUNCIL…they are of no particular age. This group oversees the earth, and has a scripted plan for a NEW AGE OF MAN, where man will worship THE COUNCIL.

Some of you who have seen this council know them as the “COUNCIL OF ELOHIM,” a misnomer.
Many prophets are saying October is the beginning of the great JUDGMENTS…

Well, ........individuals, against their will, will be visited in dreams, and in altered REALITIES… around the globe. This is the first INVASION. Permission will be extracted from the weak, from those not in a relationship with God, and they will eventually be taken or killed collectively. I call it the Death Season, others say it’s the Day of the Lord… I think we just have a semantical difference.

I will give you a couple of dates, without qualifying them, for dates are useless if qualified… I am led to say this:
watch October 27, watch November 22.
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From: Nathan Spotted Hawk
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 1:29 AM
Subject: There Is No Delay

Blessings my Eternal Brother In The Holy Name of Yahushua Messiah! Your Interview with Sherry ROCKS!! HALAL U YAH!!
There Is NO DELAY...It IS ALL IN Yah Veh Elohim's Perfect Timing.
AS Father Has Already Placed Me There To Stand In The Gap By His Holy Spirit..A Physical Calling is as HE Will' where our physical bodies are located is of no there is No Time or Distance In Spirit..Amen!
Father Placed me in Dulce last night as I slept..He Sent me to Minister to Thousands that were trapped in cages, when I arrived there were screams of pain and an Instant I was moving faster than the speed of light..Which was the Speed of Love and Compassion! As I sped along unseen by the evil, I Touched Each One and They Were Healed By The Blood Of Yahushua, and I Worded Them To Shout and Praise Yahushua Messiah aloud in the presence of their tormentors. It Was Marvelous! JOY! Broke Out Amongst them ALL For Deliverance Had Come..And As They Shouted Praise To Our Most High Elohim YAHUSHUA! The Ground Shook With The Power Of Elohim Breaking Their cages apart and The demons died and the captives were being FREED...This is Our Calling ..This is The Work Elohim has Called Us To Do..HALAL U YAH!
Then I was high over Madrid and Saw The Most High ELOHIM Beaming Power From The Heavens Into The Earth, Like Unto A Continuous Lightening Bolt Centered On The Tabernacle that You Had Builded Unto Him..This Now Never Ceases..But Is Continuous Until HIS Kingdom Is Manifested Openly..The Power was Spread Out In The FOUR DIRECTIONS again As Lightening With A Purpose It Grounded Into the subterranean caves where the evil felt safe in darkness and Destroyed them All there. Halal U YAH!!
Then I Stood with You On The Mountain Within The Tabernacle as alien craft rose above the Wave and headed in Our direction as in a frontal attack and With A WORD...YAHUSHUA!!! They Were Destroyed and Uncreated...WE LIFTED HANDS IN HALAL..For YAHUSHUA FOUGHT FOR US!...Captivity is Now Captive Under Yahushua Messiah's Blood...Healing Now Spreads Forth Upon the Earth From HIS Holy Tabernacle Of Healing and Shalom, As Yah Veh Elohim Willed It To Be...Amen!
Dear Brother Zeph, These Things I know to Be True and On Going As HE Calls And Sends Us to Do HIS Greater Works..I just felt like sharing what Great Things the LORD is Doing.
I LOVE You My Brother...I Always Have and Always Will In Yahushua Messiah.
I Pray Without Ceasing..That You and Trish ARE BLESSED, HEALED And PROTECTED Under The Blood Of Yahushua Messiah..Always.... Amen.

Agape and Shalom

Excerpts from web site :
The government is and has been conditioning the existence of aliens through Hollywood, science fiction, cartoons and other sources.
These aliens are not extra terrestrial, they are terrestrial and subterranean. They live within our earth and parts of our sky.  
In the days of Noah the fallen angels were mixing/breeding with the daughters of men (such as what the greys are doing now to humans, read about the Dulce Base).
There are groups of fallen angels competing for global dominance and control within the Third Faction of the New World Order.
-Reptilians (Earth based), Lizards. The ones notably in charge of establishing a one world government through our political leaders. Shape shift into human form and also use humans as hosts to possess and work through.

-Draco-Reptilians from Orion, the ones really running the show while the others do their bidding. It is the Dracos who are the rulers over the greys and the reptilians. (there are some who believe the Nordic humanoids are Reptilians in disguise). The draco's are shape-shifters, they are annunaki - lizard, they are the ones coming on Planet X (Rahab). The Draconians are red dragons. Lucifer himself lost his once held beauty and was turned into an ugly red dragon. The Reptilians (lizards), greys, and others are all classes of what we call aliens, but were once beautiful angels.
The coming planet X is more draconians/annunaki/shape-shifting lizards/humanoid Giants to help Satan dominate and rule the world during the tribulation period.

The Draconians are the dominant race of the (Enki) and the Nordics and other humanoid groups are the dominant races of the (Enlil).

What gets confusing is that humanoid races joined with the Dracos, so the humanoids are in both groups.

Lucifer ....He rules from Orion and is a winged Draconian. He is not omniscient, or omnipresent, thus needs his minions to cover a lot of territory on the earth to keep up with what's going on in what we call reconnaisance and spying. Are UFO's real? Yes, they have vehicles to travel in, but these are not Aliens from galaxies in other universes, but from our own solar system and own outer space.
  Fallen Angel Hybrids and Reptilian Draconians Masquerading as Ascended Masters, our Creators, and Beings of Light, they will deceive the world and prepare the heralding of their master...the Antichrist.
*  read The Dulce Base book at it's all there..
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

October Surprise?
Is Bush Going to Stage a Fake UFO Threat?
by Sherry Shriner

There's been a lot of sightings lately all over the country of black triangular shaped objects in the sky. Some accompanied by fighter jets, some not.

Is this the October surprise?

With the Rothschilds and Faction 2 of the NWO controlling the money supply, and wanting Kerry elected over Bush, I don't think he'll be able to pull off a stock market or economy crash to declare a national emergency and martial law.

With the NESARA freaks and Omegans allegedly keeping Bush from implementing any more 911 type terror attacks, he can't use that either.

Seems his hands are tied?

Not really, he always has Areas 51, 52, and 54 to come up with a way to declare martial law around the other factions of the NWO.

What's up his sleeve? Stage a planned UFO threat and imminent invasion.

We know it's coming soon enough. A real one when the Antichrist rises to power. But Bush is desperate to stay in power..Now..and the only way he can suspend elections if he feels underconfident in being able to manipulate them is to create some kind of national emergency to declare martial law or suspend elections.

Enter UFOs.

The funny thing is, most sci-fi watchers can remember the black triangular objects as a new fleet of high tech planes our military came out with years ago. It used to be featured on the Sci-Fi channel.

The joint human/alien base at Los Alamos, New Mexico among other things, serves as an underground garage for the UFO fleets our government has built via black technology from illegal trade agreements with the aliens (committing treason against the U.S. Constitution) and backward engineering of crashed alien UFOs.

Area 51 has been the test flight center of these government and military created and owned UFO fleets.

The skies have been lighting up at night with strange objects and colorful lights. Watch for an increase of activity and the media starting to take notice. If this is Bush's 'suspend elections strategy' then it will start becoming more dominant in the media.

Bush is desperate. Is it time to pull the American UFO card? Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Notable Reptilians: George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Richard Cheney....
Reptilian Watch :
"...they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men." Dan 2:43
Aliens Will Overthrow America

Your 'Church' (i.e. 'Churchianity' as opposed to 'Christianity') Cannot Save You!


Which church is the

The fact is that in EVERY denomination you will find those who believe in pharasitical CHURCH-ianity, and also those who practice apostolic CHRIST-ianity. So it does not necessarily depend on which DENOMINATION one belongs to (unless of course it is an Anti-Biblical denomination), but rather it depends on one's PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP to their CREATOR... For after all is said and done, the TRUE CHURCH is IN THE HEART...