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"Just look what we've found!" shrieked Robert. Isn't this

"On the seabed?"

"Yes!... but they don't want to know it."

"Why not?"

"Because the implications are... shall I say... DANGEROUS!"


Didn't you know? Hasn't anybody told you?

It's about our planet's true age! Dangerous information."

Oh, come on...what's threatening about that????

Well, if you really want to know... it mattered very much to
two guys not far from here. Just last Tuesday they got into a real
ding dong about this.

Jack was insisting that a great disaster had occurred right across
America... and, in fact, all over the world. And the scars it left
behind do certainly look very old... except, said Jack, they're

"You idiot!" protested Rusty. "All these things - beaches, coral,
and what else, formed slowly over millions of years."

"Can you prove that?" grinned Jack.

"It's a cinch," beamed Rusty. "Magnetic reversals prove it.
So many of them have occurred. And each one of them so slowly."


"Magnetic reversals?" sniffed Jack. What on earth are you talking

"Well," said Rusty, "if you didn't know, a magnetic reversal is a
'flip', in which the North pole is transformed into a South pole
and the South pole becomes a North pole."

"You say that's happened many times?" quizzed Jack."Okay,
where's your evidence?"

"The evidence is frozen into the rocks," responded Rusty,
"especially those under the sea."

Jack squinted at Rusty. "Oh yeah?"

"Sure. And each reversal could take millions of years. So there!"


If you're finding this hard to track, then let me explain what
Rusty was trying to say.

Here's the theory. When lava cools down, it freezes into itself
information about the direction and strength of the earth’s
magnetic field at the time. 

The earth’s rocks have frozen into them the record of “MANY
REVERSALS” of the earth’s field – in which the earth’s polarity
has changed from north to south and back again.

It is generally believed that such reversals could not take
place in less than hundreds of thousands, or even millions of

As Rusty was describing this, Jack's niece Barbara, who is a
science major, came onto the deck. Politeness is not her strong
point, but her science is pretty good.

She glared at Rusty. "Did you wash down in the last shower?"
she taunted him.

"Don't you know there are on earth countless local magnetic
fields? Don't you know these LOCAL magnetic fields can strongly
influence and affect measurements in any given locality?"

There was silence. Sensing she had the floor, Barb pressed her

"That's not all, you old horse. It can happen fast."

Barbara looked straight at Rusty. And she went on to explain
that two scientists, Robert S. Coe and Michael Prevot, found a
thin lava layer... and when they closely examined it...

Guess what? It had 90 degrees of reversal recorded continuously
in it.

BUT... surprise... surprise...


Calculations showed that the layer had to cool down within a
matter of 15 days or less.  (It was probably more like only 3 to
7 days.)

Their discovery was sensational. In fact, their paper is filled
with statements like “astonishingly fast change in the earth’s
magnetic field” and “truly strains the imagination”. (Earth and
Planetary Science Letters, April, 1989)

Since then Coe has found similar data which indicates an even
faster change than the one first reported.  It was in a different
rock stratum.

Coe commented that others in his field “don’t want to believe
it.” (Ex Nihilo, vol.15, no.3, June-August, 1993, pp.21,22) 

But he and Prevot had checked their results in several different
ways and covered all angles. 

So the response of other scientists in the same field was one of
cautious acceptance.  There was a cautious review in Nature which
accepted their work, but rather reluctantly.


However, there is something else you should know.

We are being told that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge shows evidence of
long term reversals.

But you want the truth, right? So here it comes.

This "long term reversals" claim is clearly a mistake. The truth
is that on the bottom of the ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,
areas of stronger and weaker magnetism were found – not

As an instrument was dragged across the area, the signals showed
a wave pattern of stronger – weaker – stronger – weaker, and so

The conclusion was: “It is clear that the simple model of
uniformly magnetized crustal blocks of alternating polarity does
not represent reality.” (J.H. Hall and P.T. Robinson, “Deep
Crustal Drilling in the North Atlantic Ocean”, Science, vol. 204,
May 11, 1979, p. 578)

Did you get that? The popular slow magnetic reversals theory is
absolutely wrong.


Magnetic reversals in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? Absolutely not!
Nice neat lines of alternating polarity? No!

May I say this again? There are no magnetic reversals on the
ocean floor. There are only areas of weaker magnetism. That's all.


Are you ready for this? The solid evidence - whether we like it or
not - brings us face to face with a mighty cataclysm in the past.

Not only that, at least 600 ancient legends speak of it.

In fact, did you know that the record of this cataclysm is the
most widespread racial memory of mankind?

Our ancestors happened to call this event the Great Flood.

In fact, when you tie together all the varied strands of geological
evidence, you can pretty well reconstruct what happened.

So here is the chain of events:

1. As a passing outside force (postulated as an ice comet)
approached earth, the increase in gravitational pull caused it to
shatter in space. Most of its fragments were sucked in around the
poles. Hitting a spinning object like the earth, this
suddenly-dumped load threw the earth off axis, causing it to

2. The same force that tipped the earth over, generated high speed
ultra-vibrations within the earth. With huge amounts of
water and heat enceased under the crust, the pressure build-up
became enormous. And the earth's crust exploded.

3. As cracks opened up, the land both sides slid away a little
and the basalt rose in the middle.

4. The rising caused a series of parallel cracks.

5. Water entering the cracks cooled and solidified the basalt
layer into a stronger magnetic field.

You see, basalt, if it is hot, does not store a stronger magnetic
signature, whereas if it is cooled off it stores a stronger
magnetic signature.

So now, when our scientists come to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, all
they are measuring is where the cracks are – with alternating
stronger and weaker magnetism.

That's right. There’s no magnetic reversal. In fact, there is no
place where a north-seeking compass will point north, then south,
by the rocks down there.

No place. Not anywhere.

Why has the scientific elite gone wrong on this? Simply because
they have not been taking into account such a global catastrophe
as the Great Flood and what it would do to the earth’s lower crust.

That's the simple truth. That's why this phenomenon remains a
puzzle to them.

You understand, these "magnetic" phenomena did NOT take ages to
form. This single event was just a few thousand years ago.

But wait a minute, you ask, What about beaches, with all their
millions of sand grains? And coral reefs? And the massive Grand
Canyon? How much time did they take to form?

If you are as inquisitive as the rest of us, you'll want to know
the truth, right?

You won't want to miss this incredible true story.

Yes, my teams have been busy. And now you can have at your finger
tips a wealth of down-to-earth inside secrets of this world
that most professionals are still ignorant of.

Here comes the truth... what "dangerous" secret is being officially
covered up? And when you discover WHY it is being suppressed, you
will know why it is DANGEROUS.

All right, here it is. Here's where you can go here to discover more:

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Jonathan Gray

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