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From: "Alan DeWalton" <>
Date: Thu Oct 14, 1999  7:04 pm
Subject: [TheEagle-L] Re: "Operation Dungeon Storm" [Report: 10-14-99/4]
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One thing I failed to mention in regards to Souza's experiences,
which I personally listened to on tape, was that when he was
taken to the Death Valley base he encountered several massive
underground caverns and different alien species who were part
of a vast non-interventionist Federaton of worlds. In fact many
of the chambers contained their own unique gravitational, atmospheric,
and environmental conditions in order to accomodate various visiting
Federation dignitaries. He entered one of the areas which had a
luminous glowing atmosphere and following his contact [he believes
it was a result of encountering this environment] all of his hair
fell out for a time. However, based on certain reports I've
come across, I have to wonder just how 'secure' [from malevolent
underground bases species] this facility actually is. Does anyone
out there have any further details that would help us to understand
the current situation there!?


>From: Alan DeWalton <>
>Subject: [TheEagle-L] "Operation Dungeon Storm" [Report: 10-14-99/4]
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>"Operation Dungeon Storm" is a regular report based on years of personal
>research into the subject of underground anomalies. These reports may
>range anywhere from fact to fantasy, however most of the accounts related
>here have at least some 'suggested potential' of having been based in
>objective reality. We will leave the reader to determine for themselves
>just what implications this information might present on an individual
>and/or collective basis. - Alan
>[Note: Here is yet another source who claims to have personal knowledge of
>a massive underground network beneath Death Valley. Souza's visit to the
>'base' happened well over a decade ago, and much may have happened there
>since then. An interesting thing to ponder though, this base is according
>to some sources well over 4,000 years old... that means if the early
>inhabitants of the base possessed interstellar technology as suggested, and
>especially if they had hyperspace technology, they might have concievably
>colonized quite a number of worlds. Also, many contactees have been told
>that their human ET friends trace their lines back to a Federation which
>began in the Lyra system, that is before the Dracos attacked them and sent
>them scattering throughout the galaxy. Other human-like ETs have told
>their contacts that they have traced their genetic lines back to earth
>itself! Now we have the following Brazilian contactee claiming that he was
>taken to this ANCIENT base underneath Death Valley by... believe it or
>not... people from VEGA LYRA. Is it possible that the Lyrans originally
>came from earth!? Could Jefferson Souza's experience provide us with the
>"missing link" in regards to the interconnecting histories of the SOL and
>VEGA systems!? Did "ancient astronauts" leave planet earth in times past,
>setting their sites on the final frontier, leaving their "cradle" for the
>unknown expanses beyond? Perhaps the answer to this ancient mystery lies
>within the web of ancient tunnels and caverns that lie beneath the parched
>desert of Death Valley, California. Any takers??? - Alan]
> One 'contactee', incidentally, has stated that a large 'space port' does
>in fact exist in a network of caverns deep below present-day Death Valley.
> In reference to this we will quote from a 'synopsis' of
>the experiences of Brazilian 'contactee' Jefferson Souza, as it appeared in
>a catalog put out by the UFO LIBRARY (11684 Ventura Blvd. #708., Studio
>City, CA 91604). Many of the individuals referred to in this catalog,
>which offers taped interviews or lectures describing their encounters, are
>either 'contactees' who have had friendly encounters with the so-called
>'Nordic' or human-like beings who pilot many of the 'alien' craft; or who
>have been 'abducted' by the more manipulating and predatory 'Gray' or
>'saurian' entities. Quoting from their description of Mr. Souza's
> "Reaction to the first sighting of a UFO is unpredictable. Jeff
>Souza had his first contact in 1979 when he was only 13. The memory of it
>was tucked away in the recesses of his mind. Twenty alien contacts during
>the next 10 years never fullyrestored the image. But those years were
>filled with excitementthat would result in one of the most inspirational
>stories ofalien contact ever recorded.
> "The young Brazilian was possessed of intelligence andintuition.
>He studied and managed to complete one semester ofmedical school before
>giving up his formal education.
> "In contact with two races of extraterrestrials, Jeff has met them
>in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. But where they occurred is
>unimportant when compared to the depth and cope of what he learned.
> "The gentle VEGANS and the business-like UMMITES taught Souza more
>than he could ever imagine about technology and life on all planets. He
>was transported aboard a spaceship by LIGHT (anti-gravity rays? - Branton)
>and taken to other planets and (other) parts of the world. On one such
>trip he suffered an unusual reaction - all his hair fell out. His watch
>broke at every contact.
> "Jeff Souza has been questioned by experts in the field ofalien
>contact. He has been clinically regressed through hypnotism to the time of
>his first contact but the answers came only in Portuguese. At that age,
>Jeff could not speak English.
> "The details he has learned are awe inspiring. Answers
>toquestions about time, space, matter, energy, life and spirituality easily
>rolled from his tongue. All prompted by the alien contacts of his past and
> "His interview and the recorded details of his many
>LEARN ABOUT THE SEVEN RACES (possibly humanoid and/or saurian - Branton),
> "There is a final precaution from his contacts - we must alllearn
>the lessons given to Jeff Souza because we are destroyingour planet and if
>we don't change, not even the friendly alienswill be able to save us."

[ UPDATE 2020: If we are to accept the fact (based on Paiute legends/traditions) that a Greek/Phoenician "like" civilization discovered and colonized the vast underground systems and networks beneath Death Valley and the Panamint mountains of California, and while there they developed space craft that could leave planet earth... it would be logical to assume that they (the "Havmusuvs") did NOT abandon their subterranean stronghold(s), but rather EXTENDED their influence to other star systems, while maintaining their underground network or "subterranean world" as a powerful "base" of operations. After developing these interstellar ships, they no doubt COLONIZED nearby star systems, including possibly Vega and the Lyra sectors (which would explain WHY the "contactee" Jefferson Souza was taken into the vast cavern networks beneath Death Valley and the Panamint range, where he met THE VEGANS/LYRANS). If the "Havmusuvs" colonized Lyra using the spacecraft that the Paiutes say they developed, it would be easy to conclude that the Lyrans would, even to this day, have a strong presence/connection to their ancient home/base beneath Death Valley and the Panamint mountain range. Of course many "New Age" (so called) psychic "channelers" say that EARTH was colonized by the Vegans, yet such "channeled" information has often proven to be unreliable, and there are many cases which suggest that these occultists are, in many cases, channeling REPTILIAN deceivers that are intent on confusing human perceptions of other worlds, and so on. The reptilians -- having allied themselves with the Luciferian astral-parasites who have promised them supernatural powers... against their human nemesis -- are essentially God-haters, so it would be within their nature to try to get every human to believe that there is NO God who CREATED LIFE ON PLANET EARTH, but rather everything is the result of "evolution" and that physical life came from other star systems like Vega Lyra... and so, the Biblical account of a Divine creator who designed human DNA (which is much more sophisticated than any computer program on earth) is merely a fairy tale. Perhaps the most deadly truth that the reptiloids are trying to covet-up however is the Biblical claim that humankind was created to be SUPERIOR to the reptilian races. The "serpent race" WAS created to be at the pinnacle of the entire animal kingdom, according the Holy Bible, HOWEVER according to the same source the HUMAN race was created to be even above the SERPENT RACE. This is apparently something that the serpent race (many of whom are 'incarnated' by fallen angelic entities and astral parasites) can NOT allow the human race to believe! ]