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Solitude Lake

Trail Facts

This is an easy but enjoyable hike. The trailhead is located at the Silver Lake parking lot near Brighton. A boardwalk travels around the shore of Silver Lake. From the Forest Service building at the parking lot, the trail to Solitude Lake follows the boardwalk to the right. Follow the boardwalk around toward the other side of the lake. After about .4 mile, a trail forks off to the right. A very short distance along this path brings you to another junction. The trail to the left leads to Twin Lakes. Follow the trail that continues in a straight path toward Solitude Lake. The elevation gain at this point is only about 80 feet. The trail remains relatively level as it curves around a ridge and into the Solitude Ski Area climbing only about 20 to 40 feet in .75 mile. When you begin to pass Solitude's ski runs and ski lifts you are getting very close. The final .25 mile gets steeper as it climbs about 200 feet to the lake. The lake itself isn't very big, but is nestled in a small bowl that provides for a very scenic setting. Little time and effort is required for this hike, which makes for a nice, short outing at nearly any time of day.

**If hiking to Solitude Lake is too short for you, continue hiking from the lake along a ski lift service road. This takes you to the top of the bowl surrounding the lake where you can then descend to Twin Lakes on the other side.