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Swept Away: Book One

When the blue swirling clouds around the portal disappear, Sheila McCarthy finds herself alone–and in the alien desert of Arren. Before she can tell herself this is all a dream, a band of young women woarriors riding unicorns suddenly appears and captures her! They are convinced Sheila is an evil sorceress–but their beautiful, silver-haired Unicorn Queen believes Sheila's magic is good, and saves her life.

Soon Sheila is training to be a warrior too–but there is little time. For the band must ride fast to Campora, the dazzling capital city made of marble, before it's evil King Dynasian and his nefarious wizard Mardock can carry out their aweful plans.

Never has home seemed so very, very far away. . . .

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Chapter 1: Swept Away
Chapter 2: Arrival
Chapter 3: Captured!
Chapter 4: Questions
Chapter 5: The Quest
Chapter 6: Sheila Enlists
Chapter 7: Warrior-In-Training
Chapter 8: Rivalries
Chapter 9: The Rescue
Chapter 10: Illyria's Story
Chapter 11: Campora at Last
Chapter 12: Trapped!
Chapter 13: The Ghost
Chapter 14: Outnumbered
Chapter 15: The Battle
Chapter 16: Sailing Away