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Sun Blind: Book Two

There's a rumor that a group of unicorns is trapped in the evil King Dynasian's fortress--and Illyria the courageous Unicorn Queen, is determined to find its secret enterance and free them. But dangerous magic lurks everywhere in the mysterious other world of Arren, and for Sheila and the other young women warriors, it could mean capture--or death!

Meanwhile, Sheila's inventor friend Dr. Reit has, at last, made contact. And Sheila, desperate to get home, is torn between helping her new friends in this strange, enchanted land and taking what could be her very last chance to get back home. . .

Secret Of The Unicorn Queen-Back to Main!

Chapter 1: Hunted
Chapter 2: A Battle and a Barn
Chapter 3: Dian's Plan
Chapter 4: In The Marketplace
Chapter 5: The Rebel Leader
Chapter 6: Practice
Chapter 7: Visitors
Chapter 8: A Change of Plan
Chapter 9: Valan's Deal
Chapter 10: Lightning
Chapter 11: The Scrying Pool
Chapter 12: The Siege
Chapter 13: The Fortress