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Moonspell: Book Six

Every seven years, the unicorns of Arren must journey to the distant mountain land of Ryudain to replenish their power--and Sheila and her warrior friends are duty-bound to escort them there safely before the next full moon.

but many dangers await them on this trip--including the mysterious terrain, violet rainstorms, a savage tribe who want to sacrifice the unicorns to their angry gods...and the evil sorcerer Mardock. Ready to strike out at Sheila for thwarting his plans for unlimited power, he is determined to use his magic to destroy her--and any chances she has of getting home...

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Chapter 1: In The Tower Room
Chapter 2: The Unicorn's Call
Chapter 3: Dark of the Moon
Chapter 4: The Tomai
Chapter 5: The Summoning
Chapter 6: A Rider Alone
Chapter 7: The Cave By The Sea
Chapter 8: Night of the Half Moon
Chapter 9: The Unicorn's Gift
Chapter 10: Racing to Ryudain
Chapter 11: The House in the Woods
Chapter 12: After The Storm
Chapter 13: The Renewal
Chapter 14: The Last Magic

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