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The Final Test: Book Three

When Mardock, the evil wizard, put a spell on handsome Prince Laric and his courageous warriors, he also invented a magical antidote that could only work during a lunar eclipse. Now, at last, that time is at hand in the enchanted kingdom of Arren. But someone must sneak into the wizard's underground laboratory and seize the magic formula...

That someone is Sheila, but she is being held prisoner in a rat-infested cell! To make matters worse, she has overheard a sinister plan that will destroy forever not only the beautiful unicorns---but the entire Arren world as well! Only Dr. Reit can save her, the unicorns, and Prince Laric... But will he materialize through the portal soon enough? And will he finally be able to bring Sheila back home?

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Chapter 1: Celebration!
Chapter 2: Riding Through The Night
Chapter 3: The Decision
Chapter 4: In Mardock's Chamber
Chapter 5: Death Sentence
Chapter 6: Trapped!
Chapter 7: The Secret Potion
Chapter 8: Laric's Sacrifice
Chapter 9: Preparing
Chapter 10: Festival Of Darkness
Chapter 11: The Great Battle
Chapter 12: The Final Test
Chapter 13: Freedom!
Chapter 14: Changes

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