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The Dark Gods: Book Five

While joining a royal procession through Prince Laric's land, Sheila and her warrior friends discover evil afoot near the border--in the form of a handsome but sinister kind who will stop at nothing to gain control of the kingdom...and the precious unicorns

Calling upon the world's ancient forces, King Kumuru enchants the warriors--and forces Queen Illyria through a fog-shrouded portal! Only Sheila is immune to his dark powers, but even she cannot break his evil spell. Somehow, she must destroy the ruby amulet that is the source of his power--but how?

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Chapter 1: Homesick
Chapter 2: Night Terrors
Chapter 3: Menace of the Stone Circle
Chapter 4: Dianís Story
Chapter 5: The Circle
Chapter 6: Kumuru!
Chapter 7: Desperate Plans
Chapter 8: Perilous Journey
Chapter 9: Erech-ban
Chapter 10: Into the Palace
Chapter 11: An Old Enemy Returns
Chapter 12: Plots and Counterplots
Chapter 13: Prisoners
Chapter 14: Battle is Joined
Chapter 15: The Final Battle

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