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Viewmont High School Band

Welcome to my web page for the Viewmont High School Band.

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Well, I've nearly finished scanning in all of the pictures. All I have left to do after that is resize them, create thumbnails, and put the new pages together. I have a TON of pictures from our Phantom of the Opera Show that will be going in that I got from the Lunt's. In the meantime, if you want to see something else that has had a major influence on the band, for at least my sophomore and junior year, check out my Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo Page. I've got a bunch of pictures and MP3's of rare songs (meaning that I know none of you have heard most of these recordings). Take a look. . . . .please!

This page is designed and maintained by Nathan Bennion and is for the use of all those that have been part of the marching band. All of the graphics were created by myself. The pictures are courtesy of the Lunt's, Fonz, Phil Johnson, and myself. If you have any pictures that you would like to see posted, send them to me.

Well, I am in the process right now of updating my web page. I guess now that I'm back from Honduras and have a little free time I should finish what I started out to do before I left. Mostly I'll just be uploading some new pictures to the web page. I would like to start a "links" page, but I need links first. So if any band alumni out their have pages or email addresses that you would like me to post, just send them to me. That way I can put something together so band members can keep in touch with each other. If anyone has something else they'd like to see on the page or any other type of suggestion, let me know.

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