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Well now it is time to make the "Franky" the Dr. Crankenstien Version of the well known FCG!!!

Here is the stuff you are going to need:
AmountThe Stuff
2 Oscilating Fans (I used Windmere Fans)
1 PVC Piping (Depends on how far out you want the arms)
Fishing Line
1Wig head (I used a Mc Frugals $5.00 skull)
2 Hands I used paper
3 Garbage Bags (You can use Sheer Cloth, or cheesecloth)
1 (Optional) Blacklight
1(Optional) UV Paint (Correct me if wrong)
2 Cans Black spray can (You may also use 1)
1 2x4 approx. 3í (length depends on how you wan the arms to drag)
1 Square piece of board (should be a little bit bigger than base of fan)
Assortment of Nails, Wires

1- I used two "Windmere" fans, these are like 9.00 for both.(Make sure they oscilate)

2- I removed the gaurd thing and blade on ONE of the fans

3- On the other one I just gutted, leaving the cords, the switch,The whole motor and the metal bar thing that makes the whole thing oscilate!(Also tear apart the bottom were you adjust speed..make sure it's unplug~ I created sparks)

4- I also made the "I" out of scrap plywood (this is what holds everything)

5- Okay now the FUN stuff

6- Now with the "Non-gutted" fan. By using a two metal bars or the thing used as a crank or even sticks(I used PVC piping). Attach the two bars two each side of the fans with wires or anything! It should be easy to hook anything up to it since the gaurd isn't their. Tie fishing line to the two sticks.

7- Now with the "gutted" motor. With the metal bar that makes the whole thing oscilate (It should be kinda bent in spots and shaped like this " / ") One end should hook to a gear. Now straighten the whole bar. NOTHING should be screwed to one end of the small metal bar! This should leave one end of metal bar screwed the the gear and the other connected to the other. (I will have pics on my web-page soon.)

8- Okay with the "I". You should nail an extra board on one end so it looks like this "_| " when faced upwards. Now attach the non gutted motor side ways so the front of the fan is facing upward when the " I " is facing upwards.

9- Then with the gutted one you should attach to the other end so that the gear is facing the "_|" end.

10- Now attach string to the gutted side (on the metal bar where the screw hole in).

11- Attach a wig head to gutted fan's string and cover it with cheesecloth or scrim (I used garbage bag this time . Go to Phantasmechanics For the Armature and attaching the wig head. (look under FCG) You will get to see how to make hands.

12- Now hook everything up and watch it go!

"Itís ALIVE"

I will have more on the electrics so all you have to do is flip one switch instead of two!

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