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Foggy Window Effect

He is here to help!

The foggy Glass effect is very useful. It can take a plain lantern with a flicker flame bulb and give it a realistic effect. It can also make details unclear and leave more up to the imagination.

Water Salt Based Solution - This will give a frosted look to glass and plexi glass.

You should only do this process to glass that you plan on keeping fogged. Since this is a salt based effect it will wash off. However it is not easy and you may find yourself with a razor blade cleaning it off the glass.

The Recipe:

  1. Small coffee can of water
  2. 1 cup of Epsom Salt* (more salt, thicker fog)

Mix the water and salt together, let the salt dissolve into the water.

Now apply the solution to the glass you want to fog. The target glass will just look wet but when it dry's all the salt will stay and the water will evaporate. Repeat the process for better results. * Epsom salt can be bought at your local drug store

Foggy Windows "Dry method" -

Can be used to fog large windows in your house or props.

A Dark room with the window fogged using some dummy props and dim lighting looks great!

How to do it:

Rolled Plastic, sometimes called visqueen used to cover things from the weather or under bark in a yard. Can be bought at your local home improvement or hardware store.

Cut out the plastic to fit your window and mount it. It's simple and can be taken down in seconds for fast clean up.

Note: This method is not safe inside a commercial attraction, if this plastic catches fire it could emit toxic gases. Contact your fire marshal for details

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