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Knit Seamless Plaid Blanket Pattern

Knitting is especially fun when you knit two different designs at once. This lap quilt pattern is plaid on one side and striped on the other. It is double knit which means you slip stitches and slide to the other end of the needles which will accomplish this. Use 3 contrasting colors for even more design. Advanced Beginner
Finished Measurement
36"x36" Materials
* knitting worsted or chunky weight (Phentex 3 oz balls):

Black: 2 ( color A)
Navy Blue: 4 (color B)
Dk. Green: 3 (color C)
Circ ndles: size 10 1/2
Crochet Hook: size 00/3.5mm or size comfortabe with worsted weight yarn.
Tapestry needle
10 rib st.(count ribs) = 4"
6 rows = 2" (since it is double knit, 2 rows = 1 in counting)
Special Abbreviations
wyif=with throw yarn in front
wyib=with throw yarn in back
slide=slide stitches to other side of circular needles working other color of yarn. Pattern
Knit in multiples of 4 sts, plus 3 CO 147 st with B, slide sts to beg of ndl, attach C at beg of CO.
The secret to this stitch; when you come to a sl 1 wyif or wyib, throw yarn in front or back before you slip the stitch.
Row 1: (C), K1,sl 1 wyif, k1*, p1,k1,sl 1 wyif, k1; rep from *. Turn.
Row 2: (C), P1, sl 1 wyib, p1, * k1,p1,sl 1 wyib, p1; rep from * .Slide.
Row 3: (B), P1, k1, p1, * sl 1 wyib, p1, k1, p1; rep from *. Turn.
Row 4: (B), K1, p1, k1, * sl 1 wyif, k1, p1 k1; rep from *. Slide.
Row 5-6: (C) Rep rows 1&2.
Row 7-8: (B) Rep rows 3&4,
Row 9-10: (A) Rep rows 1&2.
Row 11-12: (B) Rep rows 3&4.
Rep rows 1-12 for pattern.
When afghan meas 32" or desired length. BO tying off (A)and (C) leaving (B) attached to crochet edge.
Note: Each side is worked seperately, then corners stitched together to form a square.
(B) sc aprox 125 sts along edge, 3 sc in corner st to turn, rep this pattern along each edge. sl st in first sc at beg.
Change to circ ndles, pick up 1 st in each sc along one side only.
Work 8 rows of seed st along each side separately, inc 1 st at each row end to form a diagonal, BO
leaving a 12" tail.
Rep edge along other 3 sides.
With tapestry needles, join diagonal edges using tail to form a square.
Optional crochet picot edge can be worked to edge of seed stitch.

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