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Full Name: Negaduck
Age: Have you ever asked a psychotic killer how old he is?
Occupation: chainsaw wielding homicidal maniac, dictator of the Negaverse, leader of the Fearsome Five
Voice: Jim Cummings


Ahhh. The malevolent Negaduck. Watch the scene in “Justice Ducks” in SHUSH. Just the part where DW says, “Look! A fuzzy wuzzy bunny!” will tell any moron exactly what this guy is like. That’s why he is on my favorites list (and because of his voice, but I’ll get to that later). He represents what everyone would like to do if we could. I know it sounds REALLY corny, but it’s true. Don’t tell me you’ve never wished that there wasn’t a law against mass murder.

And it’s just hilarious when he pulls out a flamethrower or revs up his chainsaw. Larissa was listening to one of my many tapes of cartoons on The MATHCOUNTS Trip from Hades, and all of a sudden blurted out “Chainsaw!” and we both cracked up. I have even found myself rooting for Negs from time to time. I was actually hopping that he and his switch would rid the world of Gizmoduck, Stegmutt, and Neptunia, but darn the luck, DW saved them, anyway. Maybe they should have compromised: trade LP for Morgue and everyone goes home happy.

Negaduck holds the other members of the F5 in a constant state of horror. They know the warning signs. Anytime he laughs (he’s got a terrific laugh), smiles, shows any sign of pleasure, their blood runs cold, aware that they will soon know of his plans for the destruction of some poor, unfortunate creature, and hoping they will live to see another day.

I mentioned on Liquie’s page that most main DWD villains have fairly understandable motives. This is not the case here. Negs kills just for the sake of killing. This guy is obsessed with total annihilation. Some have called him the evil incarnate, which is quite possible, as he has not a remorseful bone in his body. Since he is supposed to be DW’s opposite, and DW has his share of bad points (like his ego, the fact that he can be a real jerk, his tendencies to have hissy fits…), it would only make sense for Negs to have a couple of good points. Ha ha. I guess they already had enough wussy evildoers.

Here are some excellent studies on Negsy's origins:
NEGADUCK: A brief (since he's holding a chainsaw) psychological study by Dr. Beatrice Quack
Negs on Zebraca’s page: Life, the Negaverse Page, and Everything

Here’s the part you were dreading: Neg’s voice. I can sum it all up in two letters: JC. Anymore questions? Fine. His voice drips with pure evil. It just sends shivers down your spine. And his laugh. Well, it’s as evil as Meg’s is insane. Mr. Cummings uses several different styles for this particular character. In the “party time” quote, he changed it about 5 times in a matter of seconds. I love the low growl. I truly believe that, besides Gos and possibly Megs, he has the best lines on the show.

Enough about his voice. If you wanted to hear praise for JC, you’d go to his page. Negaduck is, well, a duck. He wears an outfit different from DW’s only in that the jacket is yellow, the cape and mask black, and the hat and scarf are red. In fact, other than that, they are identical (in appearance and ego).


~There was another Negaduck created when one of Meg’s gadgets zapped DW, but they are not the same.
~In “The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck”, the story claimed that DW and Negs were cousins.

~ “The science of pain. Ooh! Gives me chills!”
~ “That’s taken care of. Now, all of you, EAT HOT DEATH!”
~ “I’m trying to have a little fun. [by killing people, of course] IS THERE A PROBLEM OUT HERE?!?”
~ “I’m off to create more unnecessary pain and suffering.”
~ “At last! Darkwing Duck is gone, gone, gone! (laugh) I’m free to reek unbridled [Or maybe it’s “unrivaled”. It’s hard to tell] havoc without his meddling! It’s party time!”
~ “I feel terrible; stooping to such petty crimes. But you can’t imagine how expensive a thermonuclear warhead is these days.”
~ “What is this?!? I wanna see car wrecks and gun play!”
~ “Spirited, eh? (laugh) I hate that.”
~ “Bonjour, Boneheads! I’m off to wallow in mindless destruction.”

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