Full Name: Lord Monty Fiske
Alias: Monkey Fist
Age: mid to late 30s? It’s hard enough to guess the age on cartoon humans, much less cartoon monkey/human hybrids.
Occupation: British nobleman, world-renowned archaeologist, master of Ta Sheng Pek Kwar, genetically mutated villain
Voice: Tom Kane

Lord Monty Fiske

Whatever it is about me that just loves proper British gentlemen and crazed supervillains is absolutely in heaven with this guy. Lord Fiske is the last of a line of English nobility. That being the case, there was no one left to object when he chose to blow the family fortune on genetic mutation and cosmetic surgery that would have shocked and appalled Charles Darwin. And so, Monkey Fist was born.

Somewhere along the line, he clearly had extensive training in Ta Sheng Pek Kwar – Monkey Kung-fu. With his martial arts abilities, new physical attributes, and an army of monkey ninjas, Monkey Fist became a dangerous foe for Kim Possible. Actually, that’s something of a lie. He became a dangerous foe for Ron Stoppable. Ron has a bit of a monkey obsession, too, though in his case it’s a phobia (thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have just discovered that the precise term is “pithikosophobia”). So, it seems only fitting that Monkey Fist would be the one villain that Ron routinely battles solo, and the one villain who actually remembers Ron’s name. It is truly a coincidence that my two favourite characters from the show happen to be arch-nemeses. A fortuitous coincidence, but a coincidence nonetheless.

...and Monkey Fist

Personality-wise, Fiske is generally the most levelheaded villain that Kim goes up against, save Shego. He does have a tendency to lose his cool in particularly heated battle sequences, but he usually does a good job of avoiding such situations. And, alright. He goes a little nutty when he finally finds the object of his obsession (such as a monkey talisman or statuette or something). He is also a relatively clean villain, preferring the “Sneak in, get the talisman, sneak out” method to destroying everything and everyone in his path in the process. And, for a trickster villain (which he clearly is), he isn’t terribly interested in wreaking havoc.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he feels the urge to offer his opponents tea when they show up at his lair, is highly intelligent, and has a terribly sharp, mordantly sarcastic wit. Plus, he’s a baritone. A British baritone. Mmm... Add Mr. Kane to my list of voice actors with delicious voices...

Wit and Witticism from Lord Monty Fiske:

Monkey Fist (to Duff Killigan and Dr. Drakken): Can you two buffoons take this outside?
Duff Killagan: At 30,000 feet?
Monkey Fist: Precisely.

Monkey Fist: It's time.
Duff Killigan: Finally.
Monkey Fist: Pardon me for making you wait a few minutes to dominate the world!

(to Ron Stoppable) “Archfoe? You're more like an arch-bungler.”

Monkey Fist: So, now you know my secret -- which you will take to your graves.
Ron: How can you be so sure? I mean, a lot can happen in the next 60 or 70 years.
[Monkey Fist glares at Ron]
Ron: Oh. Gotcha.

“‘Crazy,’ you say? Like it was ‘crazy’ to spend the family fortune on radical genetic mutation and dangerous experimental surgery? Like it was ‘crazy’ to become a man-monkey who violates every law of nature and science!? [beat] It's a touch unconventional...”

“Doctor, I am guided by the ancient prophesy of the Mystical Monkey Monk....I am not whack.”

“Let's just bring it, shall we?”

Dr. Drakken: Kim Possible?!
Monkey Fist: Why do you always act so surprised?

Kim: Monkey Fist, you're working for Shego, too?
Monkey Fist: Well. I don't get a paycheck if that's what you mean...

“A Lemur?! I never even been to Madagascar!”

Thanks to Smurfy Sailor’s Monkey Fist Gallery for the images.

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