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Full Name: Lucky Piquel
Age: I don’t know. Who really cares, any way?
Occupation: police detective
Voice: Jim Cummings

Lucky is a cop. A very uptight cop.

He was a fairly normal guy, and liked it that way, until the fateful day that he ran into Bonkers D. Bobcat (also JC). Now, they are partners at the toon department of Hollywood PD.

With the lunatics he has to put up with, it’s a miracle he’s still sane. Although that status is questionable. Between Bonkers, Fallapart Rabbit (Frank Welker), Light (Charlie Adler), Broderick (?), and a whole montage of other toons, he has his hands full.

I don’t really care for the show, I just watch it for JC. But I’ve come to like Lucky. He is sarcastic, pessimistic, nervous, whiny, stressed out, grumpy, stubborn, and an avid workaholic. A lot like me, actually. He reminds me of Daria a little in some of the things he says. An old, fat, male Daria. In spite of his name, he isn’t very, in the way of work. I mean, he’s got Bonkers for a partner!

Much like another JC character we all know and love, no one seems to know how to pronounce his name. He doesn’t usually kill people over it, but he really hates being called Pickle.

He has a fairly normal family life, in contrast with the rest of it. He’s a good husband to Dyl (another bad pun, voiced by April Winchel), and a great father to Marilyn (Sherri Lynn). Here’s another character who is incredibly sweet to his daughter. He doesn’t get to spend much time with her, as he is forever working. Their relationship is a lot like Gos and DW’s, except Marilyn is younger. And she doesn’t tag along on cases. And she usually obeys him. And they don’t compete with each other. Or argue. And they’re a skosh more human. OK, so maybe it’s not. So sue me (well, don’t, but…you know).

~ “I already looked for my inner self. There’s no one in there.”
~ “He’s gonna bring back my ulcer, I know it.”
~ “If I don’t (do something) within 24 hours, I’ll lose my job. And I like my job. I use it to buy food. I like food.”
~ “Only 8 more years to retirement. Just gotta keep tellin’ myself that.”
~ Bonkers: “Have I ever steered you wrong?”
Lucky: “How can you possibly ask that with a straight face?”

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