The Many Titles of Minion


12/21/98 - Defeated DragonzFyre for the GWA Hardcore Title

12/28/98 - Lost title to DragonzFyre the following week

02/07/99 - Defeated The Kindred (Erik Manson/Decon Frost) For the NCW Tag Team Titles (w/Hitman)

03/14/99 - Lost to Bloodreign (Adam Manson/Kion)

10/03/99 - Defeated "Ravishing" Dale Rude for the RDWF US Title... Fed closed taht day

10/03/99 - Defeated Jake Thunder for the HCW TV Title

10/07/99 - Took place of Matt "The Insane Wonder" Collins for the HCW Tag Team Title (w/Adam Manson)