This is not a Threat!!!

Name - Minion

AOL IM Screen Name - MinionHCW

Height - 6' 9"

Weight - 305 lbs.

Alignment - Heel... but fans seem to take to him

Current Stable(s) - Twiztid Myzery (HC f'n W)

Appearance - Has long Rob Zombie-ish dreadlocks, black hair, and a black horseshoe
goatee. Wears a long trench coat that drags about 3 feet behind him to the ring,
when he takes it off reveals Gangrel type boots, with black tights with red drips of
blood all over them as pants, and doesn't wear a shirt. Has a Wrath type build with a
dark complexion. Has gothic markings written all over his face and chest in blood.

Gimmick -  Minion isn't completely right in the head. Due to a past screw job
involving Madness, "The Sanity Assassin" Adam Manson, Marker and the NCW
Heavyweight title, Marker has been on a mission of revenge. In order to do so, he
aligned himself with Adam Manson, who took Marker under his wing and trained
him. The wish for revenge fueled his training, and he became a more high impact
extremist. However, the intense rage also caused Marker to lose his memory, and
Manson took instant advantage. Finished with the molding of his wrestling skills,
Manson now decided to mold Marker's mind, renaming him Minion, and making him
his personal slave.

Set Up Moves

Finishing Moves

        The Hell Plunge - Spinning Brainbuster

        The Necromancer - Belly-to-Back Half-Nelson Choke Suplex

Style - Minion is an Extremist, that utilizes Methodic Power, and High Flying Capabilities