Name: Aaron Gaspar
Location: Jarvis, Ontario
Birthday/Age: July 11, 1982; 17.
School: Hagersville Secondary School
Number of siblings: Older brother... he's a cock
Number of pets: One Dog, Eboney
Last CD you listened to: "Vs."  - Pearl Jam
Last thing you watched on TV: Dragonball Z
Favorite thing to watch on TV:  WCW Nitro... it's funny how pathetic WCW actually is
Shoe size: 12
Favorite color(s):  Red, Black, and White
Favorite food: Mircowaved Mini Pizza's
Favorite season: Summer, no school, spend time with friends


What kind of car do you want? A Chevy S10 lowrider truck... customized
What do you use your computer for? Killing time
Where did you last buy something to eat? High School Cafeteria
Where did you last dine (sit down and eat)? Burgerking
Do you drink? Religiously, gettin' Trashed tomorrow!!!
Do you smoke? Yes, duMaurier Lights... but when I can, I get John Player Special
Do you do drugs? I sell/Smoke dope
Have you ever had sex? no.... but I'm fixin' to soon


How many phones are in your room? Soon to be.... 1
Do you have any inflatable furniture? No
Do you have a TV in your room? Yes. Doesn't work... but it's there
Do you allow your siblings in your room? I suppose
How many CD's do you own?  around 60
Do you have a stereo in your room? Yes.
What did you ask for for your last birthday? Cold hard cash
Does your room look like a 5 year olds room? Nope.... I put all my toys away last year!


Do you believe in God? No.
Do you believe in religion? Not really.
Is meat murder? Oh yes... Eating the flesh of another creature of this earth is.... who am I kidding.. I loves my steak!
Do you believe in others?  Believe... yes, I mean... I know that their there... Depend on... that's a different story
Do you believe in yourself? hmmmm....


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, rate your self esteem: 6
Have you ever walked up to someone you don't know and talk to them? Yes... sober.. no
Have you ever asked your crush out? yes
Are you afraid to talk loudly? HELL NO!!!!!


Have you ever been in love? Yes.
What do you look for in a girlfriend? Somebody I can talk to, someone who's a friend too. Not ashamed of me being a little "sappy" sometimes, and a nice smile and somebody you don't have to talk to, to be able to share a few minutes of a comfortable silence together.
Have you ever had your heart broken? Oi... have I ever
Do you currently have a gf? Yes I do. Finally, somebody that is willing to get to know me. And the lucky winner is.... Leslie Horwood


Do you play video games? I did until my Playstation was stolen
When was the last time you went to the mall? September... school shopping
Where's your favorite hang out? The "Happy Tree"
Do you swim often? Actually... no, I have a pool, but I don't use it.


Can you name all your friends? no
Who is your #1 Best Friend? That's really a hard question to answer, it's to hard just to pick one, but I'd have to say either Aaron Miller, or Amy Parkins
Who makes you laugh the most? Mary Jane
Who makes you smile? Leslie Horwood
Who do you understand the most: People who talk reeeeaaally slow
Who do you hate? Theives. Disrespectful pieces of shit. Especially purse theives... fucker's just need to die.
Do you know anybody that doesn't shower? Yup
Who was the last person you met? Megan Nelson's Little sister
Your most embarrassing situation: I'm sorry... must have been in some of the brain cells that I've killed
The last time you cried: no comment
The last time you were mad at someone: Aaron Miller, for telling the girl he likes that I liked Joelle, and that girl just happens to be one of Joelle's best friends
The last time you thought you were nuts: The Weekend before school.... ah, Mushrooms
Your greatest achievement: Learning how to play "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica all the way through on my guitar
Your greatest failure: women
What do you most look forward to when you grow up? Being on stage in front of Millions of people singing along to a song that I wrote
What is your favorite song? "Stuck" by Limp Bizkit


Addicted to: Smoking
Worst Habit: Smoking
Last time I wore a skirt or dress: Grade 10 drama play... don't ask
Longest consecutive amount of time spent meditating: actually.... 37 minutes
Things you will never hear me say:
"KoRn sucks"
"Just say No"
"Lets not make fun of people now"
Things I have blown up: A Soft boiled egg... ouch
Things I would like to blow up: Backstreet Boys... Factory Shoe urgh... fucking Factory Shoe... the store of Satan's spawn.... DIE SHOE STORE DIE!!!!!
Favorite Fast Food: McDonald's Crispy Chicken sandwich... Mmmmm
Religion: Athiest.
Favorite Beatle: Ringo Starr
Favorite Brady: Marsha
People I think would make the perfect gay couple: Leonardo DiCraprio and Johnathan Taylor Thomas
Favorite Letters: f, u, k, o, o, f,
Favorite numbers: 420, 69, 60, 7
Bad Actor: Keanu Reeves... although Devils Advocate and The Matrix both Rocked!!!!
Number of first cousins I have: Too many
Number of second cousins I have: *shrug*
Favorite French Phrase: I dunno...
Favorite German Phrase: Verlieren ist nicht akzeptabel! Only German I know.... Adam says it alot


Have You Ever Mutilated Yourself: nope
How Do You Control Your Anger: Play guitar until I can't stand anymore
A Word You Hate: Pig
Fave Word To Say: Ah
Names You Like: Jen, Tybalt, Joelle, Megan
Have Any T-Shirts With Phrases On Them: "Tiger's Eat their young"
A Trend You Hate: Those pants girls wear that cut off right below the knee
A Word You Invented That Everyone Uses: Prison Bitch.... not really a word... just a nickname that stuck with someone for 2 years and counting
Last Dream Was About: Teletubbies, comming at me from all angles, talking that baby talk *shudders*
Why Do People Use Drugs: To escape the realities... and to eventually put my kids through college
Why Do People Drink: To get Nobbed
Why Ask Why: I dunno... but stop
Nicknames: Drug Dealer, Pusher Man, Hot Ass! Aaron.
Straight, Gay, or Bi: Very Straight
Best Advice Ever Given To You: "If you can't do it yourself... I guess she ain't worth it"
Coolest Experience In Life: Going to see the Tea Party on 5 grams of Mushrooms... I scored with some chick in the crowd... 5 feet from the lead singer/guitarist
Smartest Thing You've Ever Done: Made it to the toilet after a night of drinking
Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done: Puked in somebodies tent
The Name Of Your First True Love: unknown
You Hate: Fuckin' Cops, and stink feet
Do You Put The Ice In First Or The Drink? Ice.
One Pillow Or Two: Two... always two
The Weather Outside Is: Dark and cool.
Pancakes Or French Toast: French toast
Wear Lipstick: not yet
Best Beauty Advice: beauty?
What You Collect: Money... try to at least
Want To Get Married: Yeah, maybe
Want Kids: Yes.
Piercings And Where: not yet
Future Goals: Become famous... one way or another
Like Anime: sometimes I S'pose
Celebrity crushes: Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Buffy )
Write poetry: no, but my friend does
What You Sleep In: Black tank top, and Red plaid pants (These are ment for PJ's... people who wear them ourside are morons )
What You Think Of Chain Letters: Delete
What Words And Phrases You Overuse: "Dandy", "Whore"
The Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: ?????
Your Bedtime: Bwahahahaha
Where You Shop: Stores
Astrological Sign: Cancer
You Would Like To Meet: Adam, Ivy and Angel,  ... they're all good friends
Dead Person You would Like To Meet: Brandon Lee
When You Would Like To Die: I don't care
How You Would Like To Die: Crowd Surfing!!!!
Do You Believe In Aliens: yeah... they come from Mexico
Do You Believe In Ghosts: Yes
If You Could Become Anyone In The World: Some one that lives near Angel
If You Could Go To Any Time: 1965 make a killing in the stock market.... invent stuff... and be at the 1st Woodstock
If You Could Go Anywhere In The World: Holland
Least Fave Food: Buttercups
Funniest Person I Know: Tom,  Glen when he's drunk though
Fave Vacationing Spot: I don't vacation... but I love when my parents do!
Fave Subject: I hate school
Fave Late Night Talk-Show Host: Conan O'Brien
Fave Female Singer: Mariah Carrey... never heard her sing, but DAMN!
Fave Male Singer: Fred Durst
Fave Drummer: David from KoRn
Fave Guitarist: Munky, Dave Mustaine, Wes Borland, Kirk Hammet, Eddie Van Halen
Fave Bassist: My friend Nick Myer
Fave W.B. Character: Brain
Fave Disney Character: None. They all suck.
Fave Animal: Spider Monkey... funny lil' bastards
Fave Day: Wednesday
Fave Month: December
Fave Part Of The Newspaper: The Comics.
Fave Holiday: Victoria Day
Toothpaste: Toothpaste?
Fave Thing To Wear: Baggy jeans and black t-shirts.
Fave Flower: Tullips
Fave Online symbol: they all kinda bug me actually
Fave Alcoholic Beverage: Jim Bean, Southern Comfort, Molson Canadian
Fave MTV VJ: I don't believe in MTV
Fave Thing To Do On A Friday Night: Drink, Smoke Dope, try to get lai---- meet the girl of my dreams
Fave TV station: It's very rarely that I watch TV
Fave Radio Station(s): 97.7 htz fm
Shampoo/Conditioner: Outragous
Fave Thing To Do Alone: think
Fave Stuffed Animal: None.
Fave Card Game: Strip Poker.
Fave Flavor Of Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Fave Thing To Do For A Friend Who Needs Cheering Up: Make them laugh, maybe play guitar
Fave Hat/Cap: My New York Yankee's hat
Fave Disney Movie: None. They all suck.
Have You Ever Been To Disneyland/World: When I was like 6.
Fave Talk Show: Conan O'Brien
Fave Candy: Berries
Fave Soda: Dr. Pepper
Fave Body Part On/In You: Urinary passage... damn it feels sooo good to piss sometimes
Fave Body Part Of The Opposite Sex: May sound pig headed... the Legs, thighs mostly
Fave Thing To Do in Summer: Drink, Smoke Dope
Fave Thing To Do In Fall: Drink, Smoke Dope
Fave Thing To Do In Winter: Drink, Keep Warm, Smoke Dope
Fave Thing To Do On The Weekends: Drink, and yup, you guessed it, Smoke Dope
Rate Your Top 10 Priorities:
1. Selling Dope
2. Smoking Dope
3. Wrestling.
4. Practicing guitar
5. Getting all my credits
6. Getting Hammered
7. Getting some Ass!!!
8. Getting away from home
9. Having Fun
10. My Truck


picture made by Joel The Cat