Your Guide to a Gothic Lifestyle!
So every week for months you heard WWF commentators say the exact same thing.  What is a Gothic Lifestyle?  Well none of them  had the balls to the research, but I did.  And what I found I am posting.  I hope that soon I can make a quiz for all you little Gothic Fledglings who want to know just how goth you are.  So check back for that.
What is means to be Goth.  Well Goth, short for Gothic is a lifestyle that is intricate and beautiful and romantic.  For a long time the idea of Goth was  considered Evil and Satanic.  Well it in some ways is and some ways it isn't. Allow me to explain,  There is nothing about Goth that says you must believe in God.  And if you don't buy into one cultures idea of God why would you buy into that said cultures idea of a devil.
There are many funny things that go along with the  current Gothic Genra.  Number one dark clothing.  It seems that if you want to be Goth you either have to wear antique clothing or extremely dark colors.  Black is preferable, but you can get away with reds, Dark blues, purples, and other dismal colors, all depending on how you use them.  lots of dark makeup, though it helps to make your skin overly pale, sorta make you look dead, cause Death has alot to do with Goth.  Black Nail polish is a good accent, it just screams "look at me I am goth!"  Traditionaly us goth freaks would wear our hair Pitch black and strait.  However now the popular goth culture allows us to get away from that (thank God I love blond hair men and I would not want to see any member of the brood dyeing thier beauitful hair black) Today feel free to go with normal colors.  Red is a really good choice symbolizes mortality, blood, and it brings out nice pale skin tone.  Unnatural colors are also cool.  Keep with the dark idea, Purples, blues, the like. Also wear lots of metalics.  Silver looks good but some who believe them selves to be vampires might not like that because vampires can not look at the reflection so they will probally opt for gold.
Another very important piece of the Gothic wardrobe is body piercing. It is amazingly goth,  it looks great, and it is so fun to do.  I have my nose pierced and it is the most amazing thing I have done.  What ever kind of body piercing you opt for it okay but remember even more then the piercing you have to have a gothic reason behind it.  To demonstrate this I will give you my gothic reason behind my nose ring.  "Contemporary Scientists believe that you can tell how good the genes a person is born with are by the semetry of thier body,  by putting a hole on only one side of my body I am celebrating the inperfection that is mankind and what brought us to our fatal mortality."  another good and very gothic reason would be a "Higher (or lower, you choose) powers wants me to suffer in pain and torment all the days of this mortal life, and to leave the Mark of Caine, the first vampire, on my skin  to show of the sins of my body."  Okay thats my suggestion to any of you who can't think of anything really really good for yourself.  Anyway another way you can tell turning yourself into a human pin cushion makes you goth is if you enjoy the pain.  Gothic freaks tend to like this idea of feeling pain. Maybe cause the world around them doesn't really feel anything at all.
It is a common belief that gothic people tend to be morbib.  Constantly thinking or death and dispair.  This is good because it is ussualy turned to amazing works of art.  In elaborate drawing or beautiful poetry, music, and other pieces of literature.  When you feel like getting in touch with your gothic creative side you must remember that your art must reflect the turmoils of life.  Do not write about dafodils and ponies (unless you are talking about the death of them) Make it as dark as you see the world.
here is a little selection from a song I wrote.
"I think it's time you turned the page you spent an eternity reading the words and never feeling thier pain."
if you are stuck on ideas just take some of the words I use alot in this gothic lifestyle thing and repeat them in a differnet order.  Like mrobid, dark, Pain, Evil, Cruel, Mortal, suffering, ect you get the idea.
Gothic culture gives you alot of freedom on musical preference.  Tori Amos is fine, but then again he so is Megadeth.  You can listen to rap or maybe even jewel.  However I am sorry children Nsync just don't make this cut.  I do apologize
One things that can help you on your way to making a gothic lifestyle is reading historical texts, the bible, greek Mythology, reniannce poetry you get the idea.
The last thing I would like to say about Gothic is that is something you can use your own imagination.  Just try to turn your focus from the happy things in life to the sad ones and you did it you are goth.
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