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Walk on Water

--Sermon by Dr. Bob Benchoff, July 29, 2002

Updated July 10, 2009, see bottom of page.

You can surprise your boss with a great idea. If your boss thinks your idea is great, your idea will be useful, respectable, interesting and admirable. If your idea is great it will likely replace routine costs with something highly profitable that is so reliable and fun that people will be after you to learn what you know because they want to be great too. Walking on water is easy for someone of great faith.

What if you think your ideas are, maybe, not so great? If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains. I tell you that you already have great ideas, you just have to use them.

Jesus Christ gave you page after page of good ideas to use. Most of the passages in United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution are founded on Biblical principles. And that just scratches the surface. Technological breakthroughs and specific great and marvelous ideas follow the teachings of Christ; they revere the principles of Christ's teachings.

Scientists involved with these technological breakthroughs and the other great thinkers are entered into the glory. They can have a momentary puff of knowledge, or they can build on Christ's principles according to their faith in Christ.

If you just dig into Christ's teachings first, then you can build on that faith and lay a permanent foundation on which others can rely.

Surprize your boss in a good way. Do the impossible for your boss, show your boss the way, walk on water.


Water baptism marks the beginning of spiritual life as a Christian ready to accept the Holy Spirit.

Water baptism denotes the difference in a person, the point at which the person chooses only good.

As I, for instance, fall short of always choosing wisely and choosing good, I am a sinner. I try to sin less each day. I try to do good.

When you choose to do good, there is less room for anything else. Good habits are formed as your body grows toward righteousness.

As a flower seed receives water, and then pushes out roots, stems, and leaves, so too a baptised person begins life in the Word.

While baptism is generally agreed as focusing on Christ, religions vary greatly on certain aspects of baptism.

Pentacostals, for instance, seem very casual in their worship services, as if they are throwing a parties for Christ. However they are very strict about immersion baptism. They don't consider it a baptism unless the person has been completely submerged in water.

Some religions baptise babies mostly, and other religions baptise older people.

The baby baptism theory, is to immediately (within a few weeks of being born) baptise the baby to protect the baby throughout life and to best enable growth in Christ's way.

The non-baby baptism theory is to wait until a person has reached decision making age, such as preteen or adulthood, before performing the baptism.

I was raised in the Presbyterian faith, a sect of the Protestant group. We learned of the symbolic baptism of babies with the sprinkling on of a few drops of Holy Water [water that has been blessed by the Reverend].

Devoutly religious Presbyterian parents immediately have their children catechised when puberty is reached. I'm sure parents of many other religions act similarly. When I reached puberty, I felt more like processed baggage, than like any personal relationship with God, and wasn't convinced God exists and I became an athiest for a score of years.

I think it is very cute that Catholics call baby "baptism" Christening. I think they're on to something good.

Christ was baptized when he was an adult. Christ's teachings in 3 Nephi 11.18-26 are very explicit, citing the importance of repentence and desire, and the oneness of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; with immersion and coming out of water.

Verse 22 is important for religions and cults to read so there are "no disputations".


Helen Keller's usage of water launched the first system of communications for people blind and deaf. [Note: Chiropractic was first used to heal deafness.]

To give sight, Jesus Christ spit on a person's blind eyes and laid on hands (Mark 8.23). Can you imagine being blind, and then when being able to see, the first that you see is Jesus Christ (Matthew 5.8)?

Jesus Christ walked on water (Mark 6.48).

Jesus Christ wants you to be pure, Jesus Christ wants you to walk on water (Matthew 14.29). Jesus Christ holds great and good power, and you hold the power to say no or yes asking for help from Jesus Christ (Matthew 14.28), not to tempt the Lord (Matthew 4.7), nor to believe every spirit, but to hold fast to the one true God by testing the spirits to see if it is of God (1 John 5.06).

Jesus walked to Jacob's Well. Jesus asked for a drink of water. The lady asked about ideologic dealings. Jesus responded "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, 'Give me a drink,' you would have asked him and he would have given you living water." (John 4.10).

People of desert countries call water the lifeblood of the nation. Christians can call living water the lifeblood of Christianity.

Moses led his people and while in the desert, thirsty, faithfully prayed and hit his staff on a rock that produced the victory of flowing water (1 John 5.4).

Before Christ walked on the water, Moses divided the water and led his people to freedom by walking through the sea.

After Christ walked on the water, through your steadfast faithful prayer, you can expect An Even More Excellent Way, click:An Even More Excellent Way


No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.--1 Timothy 5.23.

Christ came to save the lost and the Father seeks true worshipers, who worship him in spirit and in truth.

There are three witnesses, the Spirit, the water, and the blood, and these three agree (1 John 5.8).

Before baptism you were lost (although the angels of babies always behold the face of our Father in heaven) and with acceptance of baptism you are saved.

With faithful prayer, your respect of being lost except by God's grace is your permission and asking that God enter your heart.

As your spirit mingles with the Holy Spirit, your spirit learns of the Holy Spirit (The Logic of Emotions) as you accept Jesus Christ.

Although you are certainly not limited to the following crutches, as you grow in Christ you may want to use these symbols as guidepost signs to help you advance:

Do things so blessed that others will look at your great and wonderful works and they will give glory to God!


Updated July 10, 2009

How did Jesus Christ walk on water?:

Jesus was the son of Joseph and Mary, yet uniquely from above (and the Chosen become heir) could think to love perfectly, to have pure thinking: God.

When washing away dust as a person does, whether with tears or other, such is typically counted as toward the physical body with removal of worldly contamination though not toward sin all is pure to the pure.

So that was the physical side of our Lord, it is counted as such Biblically speaking. So Jesus Christ the son of man could be bathed in water, and could also be Baptized, immersed in water and in the Holy Spirit, One of the Great Us of Genesis.

So Jesus Christ could go into the water completely, when toward the body as man. Yet on the other hand when the situation was right there was no immersion into water. There is a season for immersion and a season for not, that is rather a season for floating and much more than the greatest of prophets ever.

The water would vomit and throw-up Jesus Christ in his pure state of spirit in due season: Jesus walked on water.

From the start of the Bible is the story of water, how deep water cleanses and purifies.

Yet in the right circumstance, less toward bodily functions toward applications and rather for highest glorifying of the Father in Heaven, the water had no hold on Lord Jesus, since He was already clean. Theoretically if Jesus Christ was then to submerge, the water would have needed to cavitate, evaporate, or otherwise get out of the way, since as the Bible explains the nature of water is to cleanse: the water would have had to look elsewhere to do cleansing.

Yet of pressure the water sought it's lowest most humble level under Jesus Christ, working together with Jesus Christ to cleanse the world.

Therefore at that time, Jesus Christ could hardly sink, he floated similar to walking on medium-hard-medium-soft salt.

Now if a person claims there was a sandbar or similar, it also can agree with this Biblically focused theory in evidence (sandbars can stay or move very quickly). Even so, water similarly can hold fast or move very quickly.

A high pressure hose can lift people off their feet, and such may have been involved also; there was a storm so their could have been rising currents.

Yet rather from the faith traceability point of view rather than from such as counted as trivia worldly points, all these things work together for good in Jesus Christ.

In a similar perspective you can inflate a balloon, but if you put it under water it deflates. The clean spirit of Jesus Christ in season and ripe could hardly deflate.


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