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Jesus Christ's IQ

--Sermon by Dr. Bob Benchoff, October 31, 2002 updated February 11, 2004, May 18, 2008, February 20, 2010, November 28, 2011.

Part 1 of 3:

Note: Less for the purpose of being authoritative, the following is proposed for the purpose of being explanatory for edification as to the potential of possibilities in general for you personally, within the human context with regard to what makes a human a human, including delimiting aspirations of humans although not to limit humans from same.

Jesus Christ has the highest IQ ever recorded.

The recording of this will be revealed, but first and foremost consider what this highest IQ person thought was most important.

Honor thy Father in heaven.

(Note: Click here, for new mathematical proof of the existence of God.).

Jesus Christ invited people to be one with himself and the Father in heaven to the extent that there could be no worldly distinction.

To the Father in heaven Jesus Christ said hallowed be thy name.

Jesus Christ taught that you can believe the Father because of the name, the title, the position as the seat of power, and/or you could believe the Father because of the good works.

Within the context of this Sermon, you can believe Jesus Christ because of his title of holding the highest IQ that anyone has ever held.

Jesus Christ also has good works, and with heavenly powers could summon a legion of angels, but did not. Surely Christ could make a board longer, and in today's world could make a computer dance, but Christ is not about showing-off. Christ is primarily about working within the human scale of capabilities, including using those human abilities to leverage profound heavenly powers.

Christ is about using the virtually insignificant (according to human understanding) and weakest to overcome righteously.

Christ does not have a normal body with a gigantic head and gigantic brain inside. Christ does have priorities and logic.

Because Christ thinks oneness with everlasting, almighty, good God is important, and has kept that focus, Christ was able to develop from child to adult, simultaneously developing from the level of childhood intelligence to the highest ultimate level of human being intelligence possible.

This is measurable according to the biblical teachings that as a child of 12, Jesus met with doctors who were amazed at his ability to converse on advanced concepts.

By comparing the mental age with the chronological age, the IQ is determined by a standardized test. Such tests were not popularized until 1916 AD. But since standardization is the key to that concept, clearly fixed test points can be set from the given. As such we can set high and low IQ parameters for Jesus Christ, and derive an acceptable solution.

Modern tests differentiate minute details, such as from one year of age to the next. We do not have those details, but do have that a child of 12, which can also be generally stated as 1/2 adult. A preliminary low estimate so far would then be the given age times 2, or 100 x 2 = 200 IQ.

But Jesus interacted with the smartest people. Adults generally have a range of about 70 IQ to 130 IQ, with the smartest people of a representative community perhaps having an IQ of about 130 to 150. So we are looking at 300 IQ for a low estimate.

A high estimate includes more subjectivity, given the comparison of modern thought with ancient. This includes areas such as schooling, belief systems, mores, and experience handed-down through the generations. So in other words, if people are taught illogic, it is that much more difficult for them to reveal logic.

For example, many consider Galileo smart (although he struggled with his own ideas), yet figuratively if he was around today, he might be put into grade school (any modern 12 year old knows a helicopter doesn't look like his illustration).

Update sentence 2/20/2010: Of course this is not about "acquired knowledge vs. IQ" as a person commented; rather that IQ is a living dynamic and a person can understand an IQ may lower if part of a brain is removed, and an IQ can rise, instead of hate choose love (see other ICCDBB Sermons on growing, on increasing wisdom via love, on higher levels of intelligence being a Christian community collective rather than selfishly personal, and also reference the ICCDBB Main Site pics page on helping scouts, including the game chess proven to raise IQ); Galileo was known for intelligence the community then didn't understand, and that is not the fault of Galileo nor of any Christian leader today.

IQ is to measure intelligence, not behavior or teaching patterns, therefore a high appraisal is figured at 300 as noted above, times subjective guesstimate 1.5 = 450 IQ.

Incidentally, 2 people of 100 IQ each, together do not equal 200 IQ, but working as one can perhaps achieve nearly 150 IQ per a normal bell curve distribution, although 105 or maybe 110 are more likely figures.

So Jesus Christ's IQ is 300 within this author's ability to reasonably measure, although Jesus Christ's IQ may be as high as 450 (as measured for 12 AD).

Furthermore, it may be supposed that being on the right logical path later as an adult, Jesus Christ's IQ, if otherwise humanly measurable, may have been and/or may have increased throughout his years.

However, given oneness with the eternal Father, human reasoning in light of absolute truths are relatively subjective as a whole.

In conclusion, the finding is that Jesus Christ's IQ measured 300, although higher estimates exist.

And we need to keep in mind the focus on good God in order to increase personal IQ. Furthermore, we need to work in unity to optimize collective IQ for all.


Part 2 of 3:

Living things have an IQ, inorganic lifeless things do not have an IQ, until now; that is, until now humans have not had need to measure such amounts of IQ.

A virus, considered on the borderline of life forms, is largely inactive yet times a virus absorbs matter and energy and knows how to reproduce. A single celled ameba is alive and knows more, about changing shape and gathering food as it swims about more freely. An insect has a tiny brain, yet it's mind is capable of flight that has made humans jealous. It is a tiny brain. You have a big brain, perhaps a billion times greater than those of some insects.

Some insects are too small to be seen with the naked eye, yet they scurry about searching for food and for the right mates. They think many thoughts that humans think, yet humans have higher faith in the Lord thinking abilities with pertinent applications (reference PCS and Bible Testament of Holy GodMath of Jesus Christ site at, click here. Humans have this thinking ability advantage over insects, fish, and animals.

Yet also consider this 2nd Testament Bible Book of Luke Chapter 19 verse 40 with Jesus declaring that if his followers should withhold their truth the stones would speak it. So there is a pattern, for instance if you don't lead, somebody else does. If you are not enlightening others for the glory of the Lord, replacements are available, even the rocks, pebbles, particles of dust, and each molecular wave.

Consider how scientists have already tapped into the human brain and record the footprint of mental activity. Scientists have also [as directly as reasonable, currently, that is with great scientific reliability through proven methodologies (from above)] investigated the thinking that animals and insects do. Scientists map mental activities within them and observe their physical results, such as brainwaves tied to wings flapping or to leg motions.

A brainwave of energy is tied to communication. Of lower order we can gather data and observe a signal, while typically of higher order we can observe words.

If a rock can cry out, then it is tied to an IQ. Stones hardly have any significant IQ worth measuring [in historic terms], yet if you collect all those bits of IQs from all the rocks and molecules and all that God has created, then, well you can figure it out.

In other words, if you say something important, the wind whistling through the rocks might happen to state the same principle; since chance and luck happen to them all (Ecclesiastes 9/11). In New York 9/11/2001 the broken rocks were a record of what happened, even before some scientists knew, even before they studied the debris and discovered what happened. They knew and told others what the rocks had declared to them.

The rocks and the electrons and the waves each hold an IQ. Some IQs are transient, some are long lived.

To have an IQ is tied to life. To have an IQ is a lively thing: dead bodies don't think as much as living people (for edification this sentence is not discussing afterlife spirit).

There is life everywhere you look, if you look wisely, as GodMath teaches: Love x Knowledge = Wisdom. Love therefore is a key to higher IQ, it is also a threshold point in Faith, as with Baptism. These are the keys to IQ.

With Baptism you may not necessarily be instantly as smart as God, though leaps of faith exist, yet with the Baptism tradition of faith key, you unlock the way to higher IQ.

Baptism is as with you using your own key / freewill offering (offer yourself, and continue to offer that you now have greed for IQ, rather giving IQ freely: tithe IQ.

Baptism is as your key, opening the door is as the receiving of the Holy Spirit, walking inside is as to [become in awe, dazzled by beauty and the dangerous power your higher IQ can rapidly increasingly control], and climbing in through the window uninvited, per se, is as to meet the force overwhelming.

Higher faith is tied to IQ, also destruction is tied to IQ. The priority is higher faith increasingly lest IQ fight IQ within yourself. IQ minus IQ leaves naught.

Leaves are for the healing of nations, casting bread on many waters, the residue is preserved and no IQ bit or portion is lost from the properly faithful.

The sum of all IQ and intelligence can be stated in One Name and One Position, Jesus Christ and Savior.

Follow IQ to lead IQ for the higher purpose, as Jesus Christ does.


Part 3 of 3:

GodMath unraveled some of the teachings of Jesus Christ to the extent of the limit of what we can know within relativity, and what can be known beyond to the unraveled extent, not only per guessing, yet rather because of certain things that we have come to know, for instance we know that we people can increase our knowledge via unraveling the unknown mysteries of the bountiful Kingdom Of Heaven.

Because of this expansion and growth, benefits can come in the gifts of Heaven forms of intelligence, awareness, knowledge, with knowledge with love wisdom, mental activities and hence activities, powerful action from the Holy Word, increase in IQ, uplifting spirit for all people so properly motivated, and so on. So it can be important at times to unravel not only the future yet also the past (reference Jesus Christ teaching concerning the Sabbath) and present to better understand people and entities then and now concerning practical applications now, yet also to understand matters such as the rate of unraveling the secret gifts from Jesus Christ (reference GodMath Chart 1).

Affiliate A Check Exact, a for profit company, has some interesting free illustrations and pics including of all of the so-reported as if current so-called Known Universe. For the affiliate site click here.

The Known Universe is shown as a ball, virtually comprehensively, yet be mindful that there is only one best way concerning measuring and raising IQ, a linear including curvilinear way as depicted, into which measurements fit.

We can know much about a bicycle for instance, such as how to ride to travel somewhere, how to handle bumps and negotiate turns, and we can measure speed, distance, and amount hauled, even though we might not yet necessarily know what is inside the unseen parts, such as the type of lubricant whether grease or oil, whether there are extra racks with small rollers such as cars have, and such as the current amount of dust that got inside to contaminate. As with a bicycle, in similar pattern we can analyze the Bible and IQ, yet concerning highest IQ God has so much more to offer.

And be mindful that Jesus Christ taught as an example, for you to follow, Jesus Christ performed leadership, for you to follow that you become better able to be as the best leader, and Jesus Christ has had the highest IQ in similar pattern for you.

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