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The AWMA Black DragonFem
An Association of Women In The Martial Arts!

Women In The Martial Arts!

The AWMA Black DragonFem is an organization of concerned female martial artists working together to assist other women to achieve their highest possible goals in the martial art of their choice. The idea of this organization is to foster awareness of the strength and creativity of women as martial artists, and to act as a support network for those who have need of our help. We are spread all over the globe. We are in many countries, and we want others to realize they are not alone!

There are many of us who daily face the combined obstacles of sex bias and lack of resources in the martial arts. As women in the martial arts, we are continuously reminded that we are but a small representation in a man's art...that we are here only by the permission of the stronger male contingent. We want to change the face of our world...and to teach others to respect us for our strengths and our knowledge. This is no easy task.

We want the world of the martial arts to understand that we are here by no one else's whim...that we are here because we fought long and hard to reach this spot...and we are here to stay.

The dues are reasonable...all you must do to be a member is to donate a few hours of your time each month to help another woman to reach her personal goals in her chosen be available to mentor, assist, tutor, or support others who are still struggling. Membership costs no money, you ask? No money. Just time...and time is far more precious than all the money in the world. Can you handle it?


Many applications arrive every month, and all are filed in the AWMA BDF membership files. After I sent out nearly 1,000 certificates of membership, I found myself swamped by the sheer numbers of women, young people, and even men who wanted to join us in our endeavors!
Please keep in mind that, unless you are qualified to teach karate in some organization or other, or are a certified self defense instructor, you may not qualify for AWMA BDF membership, per se. However, all who have sent in applications will be considered honorary members, whether you are able to fulfill the obligations of teaching, and assisting another woman to reach her goal in the MA of her choice.

Remember...we are all teachers, in one way or another...whether we teach others through our tenacity and good nature, or with our knowledge and our abilities as no one who has sent in an application has been overlooked or forgotten, although I may not have sent out a certificate of membership. I want to thank each and every one of you for your consideration and your good wishes...and keep up the hard work!

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