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Hello! As the hostess, I would like to personally welcome you to my homepage. Out of all the millions of web pages that are available on the Internet these days, you chose to visit mine! Why do I have the feeling you must be a VERY intelligent person? *smile* To me, you have the power of making winter just a little warmer and midterms just a little bit more bearable... ... ... ... You don't buy that, do you? Well, good thing I'm not majoring in business... *smile* Just kidding... Do make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy what you see.

the language of identity

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the art of words

[more of my own poetry]

Please do not hesitate to email me with any of your comments or suggestions. I would love to know what you really think of my personal home page, so be honest... hmmmmm... Wait! Can I take that back? Just lie and flatter me. I'll think you're the sweetest thing on legs? *another smile*

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