Road Worrier

Daria is over at Jane’s house when their discussion is rather suddenly interrupted by an extremely loud crash. This turns out to be Mystik Spiral (in their first appearance), Trent’s band, practicing. So, Daria and Jane go down to the basement to investigate and end up getting to go to Alternapalooza, an alternative music festival that weekend along with the Spiral.

Sandi, meanwhile, has convinced the rest of the Fashion Club to go with her to the same festival, as they need to explore aspects of all current fashion.

Finally, the big day arrives. Daria, in jeans and a T-shirt (*gasp*), goes with Trent, Jesse, and Jane in their supposedly indestructible van, the Tank (also its first appearance!), while Quinn, outfitted in some horrible polyester Western fringed thing, goes with the three J’s and the Fashion Club in a yellow convertible.

Daria, who’s still way too shy to be sarcastic (or say anything, for that matter) around Trent, starts the day out pretty badly by smashing her head on the roof of the Tank while getting in. This mishap is quickly followed by two others: a bee sting and a grease spot on her butt from an ancient peanut butter sandwich in the Tank. After they go to a restaurant where Daria is offered a job as a waitress, she has to pee in the woods, gets looked at by a perverted squirrel (okay, she was being a little paranoid on this one), trips over a rock, and gets her glasses broken. Then, to top it off, the Tank breaks down, and, while Jesse and Jane look for help, she’s stuck alone with Trent. However, this turns out to be god, as she and Trent start talking, and he decides that she’s pretty cool, after all.

Meanwhile, Helen and Jake are getting a little err…wild in the romantic department, and Quinn and Co., plus Kevin, Brittany, Jodie, and Mack get distracted by an outlet mall.

By the time Jane and Jesse get back from their unsuccessful rescue mission and Jane discovers that she can fix the Tank’s problem with her glue gun, the concert is over. Some totally smashed and stoned guys come along and tell them how great it was, but I think that they actually had a better time on the road than they would’ve had at Alternapalooza.


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