It Happened One Nut

When the results of a career aptitude test come back, Quinn decides to get a job to earn money for a portfolio for her future neck-modeling career. Because Daria’s test suggests that she would excel as a mortician, Helen becomes concerned about her people-skills (not for the first time). So, she gives her daughter the choice of going to peer counseling or getting a job.

Daria decides on peer counseling, supposing that it will take less of her time. She is, however, very, very wrong. Tiffany ends up being the peer counselor, and if you thought she was slow at math, you should hear her reading out of a “Making Friends” pamphlet!

So, Daria opts out of her second counseling session, and she and Daria decide to cruise the mall and pretend, despite ‘Help Wanted’ signs in every window, that all the jobs are taken. This plan falls through, too, when Jake finds Daria a job at the mall’s new nut stand, It’s a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World.

And who winds up being her co-worker? None other than everyone’s favorite QB, Kevin Thompson.

Many great scenes evidencing Kevin’s extreme stupidity (like that needed confirmation) and both Daria and Quinn’s minimal ability to cope with their new employment ensue. After her first day, Daria tries to quit her job, but Helen will hear nothing of it, so she returns.

Unfortunately, she (or rather, her nutty smell) unwittingly causes Trent to become obsessed with satisfying his newfound craving for peanuts. So he decides to “hit that new nut stand at the mall,” and despite Jane’s efforts, Daria’s presence is given away by the ever-stupid Kevin.

To make it up to Daria (who is incredibly mortified), Jane phones Helen and convinces her to get her daughter out of the job. Meanwhile, Quinn’s job at the mall’s pet shop has soured, and she’s managed to let the owner’s prized boa constrictor get away. So she’s fired, Brittany makes Kevin quit his job for flirting with customers, and everything goes back to normal.

Reviewed by Robin and Larissa

Daria in her Nutty World Costume

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